Why A Shopify Store Locator App?

Sell on Multiple Channels

The consumer prefers Omnichannel solutions. So, a store locator will market all potential purchasers from your online and physical stores.

Make Stores Searchable

Allow customers to search for your stores using specific parameters such as store name or location. Show any field on map or menu block as you wish.

Collect Users’ Preferences

A map provides information about what and where clients are commonly searching for. So, take advantage of these insights and tap into unexplored market potential.

Essential Features For Shopify Dealer & Store Locator

Store Management

Unlimited Number Of Store

1 or 10,000 stores, no matter how many you have, we always have a suitable plan.

Bulk Import, Export Store Info

Quickly bulk import/ export store information by CSV file. Add or edit specific store information in a breeze.

Auto Detect Locations When Import/ Export

No more manual detecting store address. Auto detect location/ address on map upon importing store information.

Map Features

Map Widget Popup

Config Map widget popup in whatever positions on whatever pages you like on your website, both mobile and desktop.

Distance Calculations

Get instant distance and directions from a location to any stores.

Custom Field

Add unique store information in some cases, let’s say, opening hour, featuring products, payment method, or anything it might be.

Choose best-fit pricing plans for your business needs


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