Why B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price App is Best choice for you

Various options to protect store

Offer you 8 ways to change your store to a private place, from basic to advanced like force login, hide pride/ products.

Integrate with other app

Integrate seamlessly with B2B/ Wholesale solution, Product Labels Badge, Dealer Store Locator app to enhance B2B experience for your store.

Greate support

Receive a fast response whether you’re troubleshooting issues or looking for business advice. No time zone barrier.

Shopify B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price App

Shopify B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price App lets you promote special content/ pages for logged in users only

Force login to access page

Create rules to show Shopify login form or custom message that guides guest visitors to login to access to specific pages/ products or entire store.

Subscribe newsletters to access page

Easily increase subscribers for your store by requiring visitors to leave their email address to view certain pages. Apply rules for specific products and customer tags.

Shopify hide product with specific conditions

In case you want to show certain products for targeted customers only, Shopify B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price App can do it

Hide products from any pages

Shopify B2B Login helps you hide products on any pages you want, e.g Homepage, Search or Google. Restrict customers by tags.

Show products for certain customer groups

Allow customers’ tags to view hidden products.

Secret Link / Private Passcode

Special link for targeted customers

Insert unique tokens to the end of the page URL. For example /collections/?token=123. Just customers having this link can access to your page. Rules can be applied for special products and based on customer tags.

Private Passcode for pages/ content

Create single passcode or multiple one to protect your pages/ content. Allow access to collections, products, URLs by only specific customer tags.

Activate/ Deactivate Default Registration Form

Shopify B2B Login/ Lock & Hide Price app lets you to disable Shopify default registration form to create a news form with more fields. It is fully integrated with our Shopify B2B wholesale solution app that helps you create unlimted B2B registration forms and fields.

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