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Reedin Kites Enhanced Customer Experience By Choosing BSS Commerce As Theme Developer

Industry: Sports
Location: Netherlands

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is intensifying the importance of eCommerce stores. Shopify is becoming the go-to platform for any-sized business. In response to the increasing demand for online stores, merchants need to optimize customers’ site performance, provide a smooth shopping experience, and scale the business effortlessly. One of the prime examples of enhancing the user experience is Reddin Kites. In many ways, Reedin Kites chose BSS Commerce as a Shopify theme development partner to bring a new appearance to their Shopify store.

Did we succeed in meeting the expectations of the kitesurfing brand? Scroll down to learn more about the project we have done with their Shopify theme customization!

🔎 About Reedin Kites

Reedin Kites is a kite brand that provides customers with high-end kitesurfing equipment to be designed. Reedin Kites was founded in January 2020 by Pro kiteboarder Kevin Langeree and Designer Damien Girardin. Two co-founders have fused their talents to develop the perfect kite gear to give riders a unique kiteboarding experience and push them to relish every session.

Retaining the spirit of kitesurfing and pursuing the highest quality, Reedin Kites is qualified to set itself apart from its competitors. Although Reedin Kites was considered a small brand initially, it continuously tried its best to expand its presence globally. Besides its brick-and-mortar retail, the kite brand also sells in multiple eCommerce stores across countries like the USA, Australia, Spain, etc. To go further and kickstart their digital venture, Reedin Kites came to us to build a stunning online store and provide a smooth customer experience.

👉 Reedin Kites’ expectations

Reedin Kites came to BSS Commerce with new design mockups that need us to implement themes and customized solutions. All they needed was to take the site to the Shopify platform, a more robust version with all its advantages, and preserve the desired design.

Along the way, they also expected a responsive design that could handle complex customer requests and product additions, as well as a robust administration system for product and content management throughout these pages:

  • Homepage
  • Product page
  • Collection page
  • Blog page

👉 Key Objectives

After all the prerequisite requirements were precise, our developer team started with a fruitful collaboration on the research and theme development on the Shopify platform. From concept to delivering a new Shopify website, the objective was to create an immersive and engaging experience for customers purchasing surfing products. After analyzing, our Project Assistant needed to find the matching solutions to build on the Shopify platform. Building and customizing a Shopify theme has been quite challenging. Thus, we dug deep into all the Shopify default features to find a way to meet customization requirements. The appropriate solutions to overhaul the eCommerce website are:

  • To manage a bespoke eCommerce website, including a new high-performance site design.
  • Provide best-in-class theme performance across all pages and a seamless shopping experience.
  • Deliver customized technical solutions and continuous maintenance.
  • Fix arising bugs and solve any issues, if any.

💡 How BSS Commerce helped Reedin Kites

In this Shopify development project, our expert team provided top-tier project management at all development phases:

  • Shopify theme development and customization.
  • UX/ UI design.
  • The use of the Shogun app to create a menu as a design.
  • Ongoing support & customization.
  • Testing by ISTQB QAs.

Bearing in mind all vital requirements, we gathered all the necessary information to build a customized Shopify theme of transcendent quality. Being a Shopify partner for website optimization and development, BSS Commerce conducts a rigorous process to research the design and implement new layouts on the homepage and collection page. The aim is to uncover any website design, content, and usability flaws. Those solutions involved shuffling the navigation and creating a menu and collection page that would facilitate a seamless customer journey.

✅ Result

Reedin Kites’ website project: Countless hours of research and development have brought us a well-deserved result. Our customer is delighted with the new interface appearance of the website. We have splendidly created a Shopify theme development that functions smoothly while delivering a pixel-perfect design from scratch. We’ve created a responsive drag-and-drop interface and a rich-featured collection page to improve site performance for the kite-focused business.

It is also worth noting that the Kites brand online store has been significantly scaled. The interface of the new Shopify website provides more scenarios for customers’ behaviors and updates any premium product, such as Super Model Kite, surfboard, wave boards, etc., to customers.

Menu design

Blog page

✍️ A key takeaway and the new challenge ahead

During the implementation, we follow the roadmap and consult the customer’s solution fully agreed upon to reach the final solutions in a reasonable time.

Aside from the solution we came up with to improve the Reedin Kites Shopify website, we also have to define the milestone to be achieved in the project and continuously discuss it carefully with the customer to reach the final solution.

In addition, BSS Commerce is sure to offer the client a full range of state-of-the-art solutions with all the desired functionalities while staying on a relatively modest budget to produce the best performance.

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