Top 10+ Magento 2 Import Export Products Extensions Should Not Be Missed in 2022

by Van Nguyen

On the way to our series about the best Magento 2 Import Export Products extensions, this roundup post will provide you with the best-fit Magento 2 Import Export Products Extension for your website to save time and human resources of product management.

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Choose the best-fit Magento 2 Import Export Products Extensions for your store

Magento 2 Import Export Product Reviews by BSS Commerce – $79


Import Export Product Reviews is a Magento-only functionality that allows you to import and export product reviews from your store’s backend using a CSV file. By presenting existing customers’ feedback on the new store, this is a useful tool for maintaining the impression.

The Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews extension allows store owners to effortlessly import and export all product reviews using a CSV file.

This CSV file contains a wealth of useful information, including customer names, review titles, review details, product SKUs, and rating options, among other things. As a result, while importing, store owners can assign reviews to each consumer, each product, and determine review status.

Features of this Magento 2 Import Export Products extension:

  • Import review data for many products at one time: ratings, review titles and description,…
  • Offer a CSV sample file for users to download and follow to finish information freely
  • Export product reviews of a Magento 2 site into a CSV file
  • Support multiple Magento 2 stores

Magento 2 Import Export CMS Page by BSS Commerce – $79


Import Export CMS Page in Magento 2 is a valuable function that allows administrators to import a large number of CMS pages at once using a CSV file. The addon makes admin work easier by allowing them to quickly import and export a huge number of CMS pages. 

Admins only need to create a CSV file that has all of the required information about CMS pages, such as title, page layout, meta keywords, meta description, identification, content, and so on.

Then they make Import settings like the default function, validate the CSV file, and start importing CMS pages to websites.

Features of this Magento 2 Import Export CMS Page:

  • Import multiple CMS pages to Magento 2 websites via a CSV file.
  • Allow downloading the sample CSV file right in the Import settings.
  • Import all information of CMS page: title, content heading, URL key, layout and so on.
  • Export CMS Page into a CSV file with one click.

Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes by BSS Commerce – $149


Import Export Product Attributes is a Magento extension that allows administrators to swiftly import and export bulk product attributes using a CSV file.

Admin must prepare this CSV file with the relevant product attribute information, then import it with a single click. Furthermore, the plugin makes it simple to export all accessible attributes to a CSV file.

The Magento 2 Import/Export Product Attributes extension is frequently used by store owners who want to migrate their Magento 2 websites to a new platform or migrate from another platform to Magento 2.

Features of this Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes:

  • Easily import multiple product attributes at one time via a CSV file
  • Provide the sample import CSV file for users to download and follow
  • Validate the import CSV file before importing
  • Display messages to notify errors when importing
  • Export all product attributes at once or each product attribute set into a CSV file by one click

Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites by BSS Commerce – $99


Admins can import and export URL rewrites data via a CSV file directly from the Magento 2 backend in just a few minutes.

The Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites extension allows admins to swiftly import multiple URL Rewrites using a CSV file that contains the necessary URL rewrite data. This module also allows you to easily export all of the possible URL rewrites to a CSV file. As a result, instead of doing everything manually, the admin can save a lot of time and work.

Features of this Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites:

  • Quickly import URL rewrites via a CSV file
  • Offer the sample CSV file to help administrators conveniently finish data and reduce errors.
  • Validate the CSV file before importing and show messages about import results
  • Easily export available URL rewrites into a CSV file format also
  • Support importing and exporting 301 and 302 redirect types

Magento 2 Import Export Wishlist Item by BSS Commerce – $79

All administrators can use Magento 2 Import Export Wishlist Item to import numerous products to the wishlist using a CSV file. Furthermore, exporting wishlist items to a CSV file by product SKU or customer email becomes exceedingly straightforward and easy, allowing administrators to save a significant amount of time and work. 

Features of Magento 2 Import Export URL Rewrites:

  • Perfectly import products to wishlist in bulk via a CSV file
  • Offer the most standard sample CSV file for admin to enter wishlist item data
  • Import all related wishlist data: products SKU & quantity, users information, store views and so on
  • Supports all types of wishlist items
  • Easily export all products in the wishlist via a CSV file just by one click
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists

Magento 2 Product Import Export Extension by Magebees – $99

This Magento 2 Product Import Export extension with a very proper price is full of necessary features to make Magento mass product import and export. Admin can easily import and export products via a CSV file with one click.

To import products, admins need to download the CSV file and complete all necessary information about products, then validate this file and import it into websites.

For export, the admin can have different filters to export their wanted data such as store views, attribute set names, product type, and so on.

Features of this Magento 2 import export products extension:

  • Import-export all Magento product types
  • Import-export all types of custom options
  • Magento 2 Import-related products, Cross-sell, and Up-sell products. (Export also)
  • Import-export multiple product images
  • Import-export products with category IDs or category names. The module also creates a new category to assign products if the category in the CSV file does not exist.  
  • Import-export Tier price for products
  • Give many options to export products


Magento Product Import Extension by Magebees comes to customers with quick free support, free update, and 30-day money back. This can be a good extension for your work to save time and costs also.

Magento 2 Product Import Export by Magesales – $99

Like Magento 2 Product Import Extension by Magebees, this module developed by Magesales also has the necessary functions to easily implement Magento mass product import and export into websites. Especially, it supports importing and exporting product reviews and tier prices as well as group prices.

Features of this Import Export Magento 2 extension:

  • Import-export products via a CSV file
  • Support all product types and all custom options
  • Support product images import-export 
  • Magento 2 Import Related products, Cross-sell and Up-sell products with positions
  • Import-export product reviews
  • Support tier prices and group prices
  • Support multiple stores and multiple languages
magento mass product import -magesales

Magento 2 product import export extension

Policy: Free lifetime support, Free lifetime update, and $39 Installation fee.

Magento 2 Custom Bulk Product Import + Export with Tier Pricing / Custom Options / Configurable and Bundle Product by Commerce  – $79.99

This is a very special Magento 2 Product Import Export extension because its configuration or the way to run functions is a little bit different from other modules. It has clear sections for Import and export with detailed steps and instructions. Also, this extension gives customers information about import and export speed so that they have a clearer view of their work.

Features of this Magento 2 import export products extension:

  • Import-export any product types and custom options.
  • Import-export tier pricing, customer group pricing, and pricing for configurable products (super attribute pricing).
  • Import-export images, multiple images, and gallery images.
  • Import-export product categories.
  • Support multiple stores.
  • Quick import and import with 36,000 products per hour.
magento 2 product import extension-settings

Magento 2 Product Import Export extension

However, this Magento 2 Product Import Export extension is not provided with a free lifetime update because you have to pay fees for 1 year and 2 years update. Also, you also pay $25 more if you want to receive an installation service for the provider.

Import and Export for Magento 2 by Amasty – $699

Import and Export Premium for Magento 2 developed by Amasty is a one-stop shop for easy store data transfer, stock data updates on a regular basis, and seamless integration with ERP/CRM systems and third-party sources like marketplaces. The plugin offers an infrastructure for importing and exporting Magento’s most important entities.

This package covers a Magento 2 Import Export Products extension with standard features for your Magento website. 

Features of this Magento 2 import export products extension:

  • Create profiles for transferring product data regularly or for a one-time migration.
  • Automate import and export processes.
  • Use a variety of file types, such as Google Sheets.
  • Detect errors in import files and show sample files.
  • Set performance choices to boost the migration process and prevent server overload.

Magento 2 Import Export Products Extension by Vnecoms – $99

Vendor Mass Product Import/Export is a Vnecoms Marketplace extension plugin that allows a vendor to generate or change items in mass using a spreadsheet.


Key features:

  • Use CSV/ XLS/ XLSX file to import/ export.
  • Add in-process products to queue to avoid corrupted importing
  • Upload and manage product images.                                                                                                                        


The above-mentioned Magento 2 Import Export Products extensions are the top solutions for every Magento 2 store. They help solve complicated and time-wasting tasks when you want to migrate or move to new websites. Therefore, store owners can get a lot of benefits from using these Magento 2 extensions such as human resources, time, costs, and so on.

Furthermore, BSS Commerce offers FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Multi-platform eCommerce solutions and web development services providers globally. With experienced and certified developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. 

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