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Smartphone users increase day by day

Before finding out incredible PWA statistics, let’s take a look at this number. The number of people using smartphones is rapidly increasing. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users in 2021 is 6.378 billion people in the world. This is over 80% of the total global population. And this number has no signal to stop. So, this is surely a huge advantage for PWA technology!



Source: Statista

What is PWA?

Firstly, you should understand the overview of PWA. PWA (Progressive Web App) is an “app-like” website. It behaves and looks the same as a mobile app. PWA is built on JavaScript frameworks. Although it was only introduced in 2015, now PWA is very popular in the technology world. 


With the bright future of PWA, numerous merchants move their stores to adapt to this trend. That’s why PWA solutions were born to help them develop store performance, UX, and even conversion rates. 


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PWA benefits

Believe it or not, PWA has proven its important standing in the eCommerce market. That’s because of the undeniable advantages of this technology. 

Simply, the PWA benefits can be listed right here:

  • Speedy: PWA can respond quickly to customers interactions with fast and smooth transitions. The loading time of PWA is at least 2-3X faster than web stores. 
  • Reliable: Customers can load instantaneously even in poor network conditions. Moreover, PWA can allow users to keep on browsing without an internet connection. Because PWA caches and the app can store it right on the device for later.
  • Engaging Experience: PWA works like an app to increase user experience, customer journey. 
  • Low data: PWA can save space because of low data consumption and no need to download. 
  • Security: Following HTTPS protocols, PWA ensures users to be secure. And, PWA also gets benefits from all of the modern security features which are built into web browsers. 

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PWA statistics of outstanding brand’s success


Because of its benefits, there are tons of companies that are using PWA for their business. And, so does the giants such as Uber, Twitter, Starbuck, etc. Now, we will supply you with the latest listing PWA examples below. 


Lyft – an American company that owns a mobile application to offer vehicles for hire, motorized scooters, a bicycle-sharing system, rental cars, and food delivery. This American company will help your business from affordable transportation solutions to effortless expensing.



  • Users take 14% more rides than browser
  • 40% more “Install PWA” clicks vs “Download app”
  • Users on older devices take 11% more rides than native.

Thomas Kent


Thomas Kent is a clock company with fabulous products as known as the heart of the house.



  • 79% higher revenue from organic traffic
  • 77% higher conversion rate
  • 54% faster page load time
  • 45% higher organic search monthly traffic
  • 57% lower bounce rate
  • 8% higher page and sessions ratio

Rooted Objects


It is an Indian fashion brand for independent, luxury, and streetwear designers.



  • 162% higher conversion rate
  • 25% faster page load
  • 95.35% checkout abandonment dropped
  • 44% increase in revenue

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Impressive PWA statistics you must know

Having known about the definition, benefits, successful examples of PWA, now it’s time for noticing some PWA statistics!

Improve engagement

  • The average bounce rate is 42.86% lower than a similar mobile website
  • Mobile sessions are increased by nearly 80% on average
  • Page views increase by nearly 134%
  • Overall engagement is 137% higher
  • Think with Google has a report prove that the average customer will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And, the average load time of PWA is only about 2.75s, approximately 8 times faster than a mobile landing page.
  • The weighted average of PWA apps decrease by 80-90%
  • Less space is required. For example, PWA Tinder is just 2.8MB whereas its Android app is about 30MB. It is the same with the Twitter Lite case. The PWA Twitter is only 600KB vs 23.5MB of native Android app.  

Conversion rate

With the report of Google Developers, the average PWA increases conversions by 52%. Besides, a PWA site can have conversions more than doubled.

For example, Lancome increased its conversion rates through push notifications after building PWA (from 8% to 12%); Book My Show improves has an 80% increase in conversion rates; etc.


The important thing a business must care about is price. Luckily, PWAs require a lower cost than a native app (both development and maintenance). It saves up to 75% of the costs.

After finishing building an app, it’s just the beginning of the journey. Your business has to pay for ongoing maintenance and running your app smoothly. According to various case studies, PWAs need 33% fewer maintenance costs than native apps. This result can be explained that because your business only has to maintain a single web app, not different apps across different app stores. 


In an analysis of Emergen Research, the global PWA market is estimated to reach a value of 10.44 billion USD by 2027. Think With Google also states that PWAs are the future of the mobile web. So, refusing this on-trend technology is such a shame with your business!

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