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How to Create Magento 2 JavaScript Template?

Magento 2 JavaScript Template is known as a standard template to help developers to quickly make HTML code that is repeated many times while only data is different. Therefore, creating a template will help developers to write code snippets quicker, save more time than before.

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In this post, I will show you a Magento 2 JavaScript tutorial: the best way to create a JavaScript template. Follow the steps below and quickly create a template for your own.

Step 1: In your .phtml file, prepare necessary data to add into Javascript template

The data sample can be as below:


$productData = [


            "name"=>"Tshirt Red Armani",



            "name"=>"Tshirt Blue Armani",



            "name"=>"Tshirt Yellow Armani",



$jsonProductData = $this->helper('Magento\Framework\Json\Helper\Data')->jsonEncode($productData);


*Note: Input data must be JSON type.

Then you write a JavaScript code to add the prepared data into your Javascript template.

Step 2: Write JavaScript code to get data from jstemplate.js file as below:

<script type = "text / x-magento-init">
            "Bss_JsTemplate / js / jstemplate":
                "Data": <?php echo $ jsonProductData; ?>

</ script>

In this code snippet, “Bss_JsTemplate / js / jstemplate” is corresponding to “vendor_module / folder_js / js_file”

Step 3: Insert this script into your .phtml file

<script id="product-template" type="text/x-magento-template">

    <% _.each(data, function(value, key) { %>


        <li> Product <%-value %>  : <%- key %></li>


    <% }); %>


In this script, I use the .each () loop to retrieve data from the JavaScript file and use <ul>, <li>  tags to build a template.

Step 4: Add two HTML elements as buttons and a <div> tag. When you click this button, you can see data in the following <div> tag:

<button id=”getInfo”>Get  Info</button>

<div id =”product” style=”display: none;”></div>

Step 5: Create a jstemplate.js file

In the web/js folder, you create the jstemplate.js file and use the code below:

define ([
    "mage / template"
], function ($, template) {
    "use strict";
    return function (config) {
        var product;
        $ .each (config.Data, function () {
            var productTemplate = template ('# product-template');
            product = productTemplate ({
                date: {
                    sku: this ['sku'],
                    name: this ['name'],
                    price: this ['price']


            $ ('# product'). append (product);
        $ ("# getInfo"). click (function () {
            $ ("# product"). toggle ();


Finally, you should remember to flush cache and then check the result.


You will see a “button”. When you click this button, data will be shown as below:

When you click this button for the second time, data will be hidden.

How to create Magento 2 JavaScript Template?

By following all 5 above steps in this Magento 2 JavaScript tutorial, you absolutely create a Magento 2 Javascript template on your own. Please Like, Share or Comment your thought if you have any issues. We are willing to discuss with you.

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