Top 10+ B2B2C eCommerce Examples of Website in 2024

Know of B2B2C eCommerce, yet you are still curious for some examples? In that case, here is our list of Top 10 B2B2C eCommerce examples to look for.

Top 10 B2B2C eCommerce examples

1. Even Financial


Even Financial is a B2B2C ecommerce startup established in 2015, which gradually changed how financial services engage with potential customers.

Revolutionary, Even is the leading engine for searching, comparing or simply receiving recommendations for financial services. The company drives the consumer touchpoint into ROI-driven acquisition by creating stable API connections with many financial partners like Smart Wallet, American Express, SoFi, TransUnion, HSBC and the like.

They also provide full compliance and protections for customers via several transaction types like savings, credit cards, loans, etc.

2. DriveWealth


Founded in 2012 via its proprietary investing platform, DriveWealth is a registered carrying and self-clearing broker that provides cloud-based, API-driven brokerage solutions to broker-dealers, advisors, and online investors worldwide.

DriveWealth provides access to the United States’ capital markets and a variety of digital offerings that help both new and existing financial firms succeed.

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Established in 1973, Worldline has more than 40 years of experience as a European provider of payments and transactional services. Worldline is one of top successful B2B2C ECommerce examples that we do appreciate a lot. The company provides next-gen services of transaction transformation, allowing its clients to provide their customers with seamless and creative solutions in the capital industry.

WorldLine provides a massive range of services, ranging from payment processing, the terminal solution, to e-transactional services.

4. AZA


AZA Finance is a market maker in every primary African currency and connects frontier markets and the rest of the world by business payments and exchange corridors.

Been around from 2013 up till now, AZA is a financial service provider with over $1 billion in value. After a year’s launch in 2013, Transactions increased by 300 percent after TransferZero and the introduction of its B2B product BFX. AZA has widened its range of products, customizing offerings for different consumer groups due to its rapid growth.

AZA can dramatically reduce the expense and increase the speed of business payments to and from frontier markets by using cutting-edge technologies in flagship brands, TransferZero and BFX. TransferZero is the popular B2B2C product, which uses our comprehensive API to provide wholesale and retail currency purchasing and settlement.

5. Celcoin


Next on our list of the best B2B2C ECommerce examples is Celcoin. Founded in 2016, Celcoin is Brazil’s largest Open Finance portal, allowing businesses to easily and quickly access the financial system with services previously only available to central banks.

Celcoin offers transaction and open banking API that transforms merchants’ smartphones into multi-service payment terminals for small businesses. With Celcoin, merchants can conveniently collect bill payments, sell recharges, make internet orders, buy transit fares, and many more.

After two years in operation, Celcoin has 16,000 active agents across Brazil, processing 2 million transactions for more than 1 million end-users per month. Currently, they are partnering with 20 banks, 8 publicly traded companies and dozens of fintech startups.

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6. Vetsource


Vetsource is an information company that focuses on vet owners’ and veterinarians’ healthcare management services via cloud-based technology.

Vetsource’s digital, marketing, and data capabilities are fully integrated into practice management processes for suppliers, veterinarians and pet owners to produce positive clinical and financial outcomes.

Vetsource now serves over 17,000 veterinary practitioners in the United States, with over 8,100 practices contracting with the organization to distribute pet drugs and nutritional foods to households on behalf of the veterinarians.

7. Recorrido Latin America SpA


Recorrido is a B2B2C company that provides bus tickets online for consumers as a SaaS provider. They also work as a reference site map for travelers. Bus operators who are already using sales software (either online or at terminals) are integrated via APIs.

8. AID:Tech


One of top well-known B2B2C ECommerce Examples is a tech company coming from Ireland. Established in 2016, AID:Tech has developed and deployed proven solutions for governments, corporates and NGOs by utilizing decentralized digital identity and blockchain technologies. Their technology research enables advances in the management and dissemination of data. They partner up with well-known organizations like Citibank,

Mastercard, and the IMF to quickly identify digital problems transparently and efficiently, limiting fraud and corruption worldwide.

9. Umotif


The uMotif network has been collecting data to promote new insights since 2012. They control some of the world’s most significant virtual studies thanks to our academic, clinical, RWE, registry, and observational science experience.

Leading researchers, CROs, biotechs, medical devices, and pharmaceutical firms use their engaging technologies to develop systems applied in treatment environments and at any stage of the testing process.

10. Edquity


Standing at the end of our top B2B2C ECommerce Examples list is Edquity. Edquity is the first college-specific emergency aid network. They employ evidence-based technologies to guarantee that emergency assistance reaches the students who need it the most.

Edquity has distributed more than $13 million on behalf of its partners. They also have raised more than $1 million in philanthropic donations. Moreover, Edquity has raised over $4 million in funds from creative venture and charitable investors and is on track to benefit global partners.

These are just some of the B2B2C eCommerce examples that have grown up successfully and gained lots of traction. If you are interested in adopting the B2B2C model for your own ecommerce store, you should take a look at those above companies.

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