Top 3+ Magento PIM System for Effective Product Management

This article will assist you in comparing and evaluating the best Magento PIM system applications in a timely manner.

PIM or Product Information Management (not to be confused with personal information managers, another “PIM” acronym) is a software system that helps marketers build and control product content through digital platforms.

PIMs are still marketed individually, but they’re increasingly being used as a component of broader PXM (product experience management) software bundles.

1. Pimcore

All of the marketing, distribution, and technical product information is centralized and harmonized with Pimcore’s open-source product information management (PIM) platform.

Uniquely, Pimcore is optimized for quick incorporation and is incredibly helpful for store owners to acquire, maintain, and distribute any form of digital data. With various features such as data modeling, data quality and workflow management, Pimcore should be one of the best choices for Magento PIM system integration.

Visit Pimcore to learn more about their system.

2. InRiver

InRiver is a cloud-based Product Information Management system that focuses on the end customer. It’s built & optimized for marketers who want to feature products on market with reliable and impressive syncing descriptions across various channels.

inRiver allows you to:

  • Easily access product data feeds from external sources; monitor the inbound information and connectors, and easily access product data feeds from external sources.
  • Build rich, reliable, and converting product stories by working together as a team.
  • Any sales platform can be used to publish the product material (marketplace, print, in-store, distribution channels, data pools, etc.)
  • Plan, refine, and syndicate content for each channel separately.

That said, some of the noticeable features from InRiver are:

  • Image recognition: allows users to generate product attributes such as colors, descriptions, and labeling automatically.
  • 3D immersive product preview images: Let users create them at ease for better product perspectives.
  • API integration: seamlessly integrate and exploit current visual assets across all channels. Confirmed support for Magento platforms.

Visit the InRiver website for more information regards Magento PIM system integration.

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3. Akeneo

Akeneo provides a strong, scalable, and adaptable Product Information Management approach as the pioneer in open source Product Experience Management solutions. It’s highly compatible with Magento and other ecommerce platforms.

Akeneo PIM system offers a comprehensive range of enterprise-level features and technologies to assist you and your team in delivering the engaging consumer services that today’s consumers demand.

The application is optimized for API integration, which is great for custom development.

Check out Akeneo’s full list of features on their official website.

4. Widen Collective

The Widen Collective is a 2-in-1 application, which works as cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) and personal information management (PIM) solution.

The tool’s infinite Portals function is a wonderful feature that helps developers to build and distribute a subset of properties with maximum control and versatility.

Other honorable features to be mentioned including catalog management, automated file conversions are great bits of help in reducing busywork. Not to mention, the Widen Collective has a robust search feature set that includes fast search, predictive search, and faceted search for maximum convenience.

Contact Widen Collective to ask for Magento integration as well as a custom demo. 

Those are Top 3 most popular Product Information Management system for Magento commerce platform that are highly recommended by BSS Commerce. Hope those information is helpful to you. 

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