B2B Shipping & Payment Methods for Customer Group

The default Magento 2 might have many customization options in terms of shipping and payment, yet it still lacks some quality-of-life features for better wholesale. Take a look to learn why you need these two features: Magento 2 shipping & payment methods and custom shipping methods.

Magento 2 Custom Shipping Methods

Why is the Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method recommended for B2B?


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By default, Magento 2 open-source does not allow you to customize shipping methods for customers from different regions. It can be a real nuisance if your business is primarily aimed at wholesalers.

Due to the massive amount of products in each order, shipping becomes a complex & costly problem for sellers and buyers in B2B. To reduce costs, the store owner needs to search for an appropriate delivery service and set up a clear shipping method display to report its correct shipping cost.

As the right solution, the Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method is an extra feature that allows the admin website to customize the shipping method to better suit a specific customer audience.

The overview of Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method feature


Designed for the convenience of custom shipping methods, the Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method module by BSS Commerce allows the website admin to create an unlimited number of custom shipping methods.

Moreover, to correctly calculate the B2B orders, custom shipping methods are fully featured to help you set up a flat rate for your product’s shipping fee.

Magento 2 Custom Shipping Methods allows the website admin to enable custom methods via an arbitrary back-end or front-end and manage all custom shipping methods on a separate grid table.

In terms of customization, the website admin can set the appropriate store view for specific custom methods. The latest feature offers exceptional customization when creating shipping methods available only to customers from a specified country or region.

Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Methods per Customer Group

Why is it needed for your store?


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By default, the Magento 2 platform offers quite a handful of customization options for shipping and payment to the store owner, such as restricted to countries, order amount, or order status. However, it still lacks the ability to limit methods to specific groups of customers.

As a website admin, sometimes you will want to customize the shipping method and payment method that only applies to a customer group in specific cases such as discount shipping for wholesalers.

The restricted shipping & payment methods for specific customer groups are an exciting feature that is essential if your business targets a wide variety of customers like B2B and B2C.

Restrict customer group via Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Methods


As its name suggests, Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Methods per Customer Group allows the admin to set up a customer group for each method set at the backend.


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By default, there are four groups of customers as follows that apply to each of the available methods:

  • Not logged in (all visitors, including guests).
  • General (all customers access by account).
  • Wholesaler (all wholesale customers).
  • Retailer (all retail customers).

Website admin can choose one or more customer groups for each appropriate method and the corresponding store view option.

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