The Complete Magento 2 B2B Features on Commerce Edition

Magento 2 B2B Commerce (or Magento 2 Enterprise) is the premium edition that contains many wholesale functions necessary to B2B business. Although the fee is annual, these Magento 2 B2B features prove to be pretty helpful in enhancing an organized wholesale ecommerce website.

Company Account


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Unlike B2C, a B2B purchase process is much more complicated and requires a team’s participation. Because of that nature, it’s natural for B2B businesses to have a business account with multiple shared accounts for faster data access and better team-work in dealing.

Based on that, Magento 2 Company Account feature is born, which allows verified companies to use a company account and a bunch of shared accounts in different permission levels of the advanced Magento 2 Enterprise Edition features for B2B businesses.

With Company Account enabled, you can have your whole business team to browse for products or receive notification for pending requests from customers, manage and configure account information if needed.

Requisition List


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At first glance, the requisition list looks a lot like the wishlist feature in Magento 2 Community Edition. However, the difference is that wishlist would generally disappear after a purchase was made while a requisition list would remain for other uses.

Magento 2 Requisition List allows B2B users to create many order lists with each of them containing multiple products of their liking. If the customers want to place an order, they can simply add the requisition list to check out the shopping cart faster.

What’s more, the business can easily add different lists of products to select the one that would fit their purpose.

Shared Catalogs


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The Shared Catalogs is a handy Magento 2 Commerce feature for B2B businesses, especially when you have to handle many different wholesale customer types at one. 

Shared Catalogs is considered to be essential for Magento 2 eCommerce because of its convenience. An ecommerce website has many different types of customers, each of them will need the right treatment.  The shared catalog feature helps create custom pricing, custom catalogs suitable for each group of customers.

With Magento 2 Shared Catalog enabled, you’re allowed to create multiple catalogues, making room for flexibility in pricing negotiation between different B2B customers of the same product or product list.

That aside, you can also create different pricing structures for custom catalogues, accessed only by specific company accounts or some of their members.

B2B Quotes


CLICK HERE to learn more about the B2B Quote feature on Magento 2 Commerce.

B2B businesses used to send quotes to initiate pricing negotiation about specific products in their long-list of orders.

Magento 2 B2B Commerce edition allows wholesale businesses to receive these requests while enabling the quotes sending action for B2B customers.

Magento 2 B2B Quotes feature in the Enterprise edition lets businesses manage and accept/reject these quotations and change specific product prices of the order and maintain a history of communication between sellers and buyers about the quote to order in Magento 2.

Purchase Order


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Like its name, advance issue the purchase order (PO) number to let B2B customers checkout faster via PO with their choice from a list of compatible payable systems.

Instead of having to go through lengthy product categories to browse and add to cart just to finish checkout, Magento 2 Purchase Order of the Commerce edition with its PU number is a function that provides convenience for B2B businesses.

Purchase order smoothen and shorten the checkout process. Now, when wholesalers want to check out a list of products, they only need the PO number to instant checkout via payable systems of their choice.

Company Credit


B2B customers often place orders of great value, so they will need to keep track of cost metrics for planning as well as auditing. Magento 2 Company Credit is the solution so that customers can easily check their cash flow for each transaction.

With the B2B Commerce version of Magento 2, wholesale customers can access the Company Credit section in the account page and check their outstanding balance, available credit, credit limit and all invoices.

In case an cancelled order was charged into company credit, its value would return to balance. Related actions are added to the Credit Allocation History for possible checking if needed.

Payment on Account


Setting a minimum and maximum order limit helps businesses adjust promotional prices for B2B customers appropriately to ensure profitability and avoid deducting from preferential expenses for wholesalers.

Magento 2 Payment on Account allows store owners to set minimum and maximum order rates as well as customizations applied to specific regions selected.

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