Magento 2 Third-party API Integration: Defined & Examples

Have you ever heard of ERP, PIM, CRM or any of the likes? Take a glance if you’re interested in Magento 2 third-party API integration.

What is Magento 2 Third-party API Integration?

Currently, Magento 2 platform is confirmed to supports various integration of software systems from third-party via API such as PIM (Product Information Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), etc.

These integrations bring many benefits in terms of business management and the use of effective sales and marketing data to achieve the highest performance.

How to Enable Magento 2 API & Create New Integrations?

To perform integration of 3rd party software and services, Magento 2 web API is needed.

Want to create an integration? If you know to program on the Magento platform, you can read more at this official tutorial of Magento.

Alternatively, you can also let your Magento 2 developers implement the software of your choice.

Possible Third-party Magento 2 API Integrations

Compared to the original software, Magento 2 integration API might make it a pretty different experience since not all features are possible on the platform.

However, it’s noteworthy to remind you that each third-party service/software might produce a different outcome: some only implement features to synchronize with Magento 2 website database, while others create new extensions to optimize the Magento experience.

In any case, our advice is to ask the sellers carefully about what their software can do on Magento 2 platform to take advantage of all possible features from integration.

1. ERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is system software that automates business operations logically and efficiently. Business activities are not necessarily related to sales but can be derived from other areas such as accounting, manufacturing or human-resource management.

For Magento 2, integrating the features of an ERP into website activity improves managing and coordinating work. By blending data on a centralized hub, essential information such as tier price can be easily imported, exported or accessed according to individual and corporate access levels.

Most compatible ERPs to integrate into the Magento 2 platform will allow you to manage inventory, modifying product data and set up scheduled reports if necessary.

Examples: Amasty ERP Import & Export.

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2. CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system software is a helpful tool for many businesses and enterprises in acquiring as well as managing customers. Moreover, CRM system provides metrics to help to evaluate and improve your business strategies.

Integrated into Magento 2 via API key, CRMs are usually a big help in leads management, workflow organization, order history tracking and customer purchase habits analysis. These features are always in need, especially since they’re the potential for increasing your store sales.

Examples: Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM.

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3. PIM

Product Information Management, also known as PIM, is a software solution to enhance the product database for your Magento 2. Usually, by connecting via API, Magento 2 product data will be syncing with the product information management system.

Magento 2 PIM helps users collect and manage possible product information from various channels, from sales to marketing at ease in a centralized hub.

Via the PIM integration on Magento 2 platforms, businesses can easily import or export the product information from a cloud database anywhere at any time. 

With an aggregate database, product data will maintain its quality and consistency across multiple sales or marketing purposes and provide a seamless and optimal experience.

Examples: Omio PIM.

This article is about Magento 2 integration API: Defined & Examples. We hope it bring valuable information to you.

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