Magento 2 Commerce Cloud Edition: Should You Pick It?

It’s no objection that Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is much more expensive than the regular open-source edition. Yet, is it truly worth it to pick this option considering various of its features?

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud & Open-source: What’s the Difference?


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Magento Open Source (formerly known as Magento Community), Magento Commerce (formerly known as Magento Enterprise), and Magento 2 Commerce Cloud are the three editions delivered by Magento 2 platform. Magento 2 Open Source is available for free, while Magento 2 Commerce requires annual licenses from merchants. Although the price gap is significant, the disparities between the two editions are substantial.

Even though Magento Open Source is great for multipurpose, it lacks a variety of wholesale business features, not to mention hosting and infrastructure optimization. It also lacks Magento’s support. Fortunately, Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is the appropriate solution that covers all your needs.

Why Should You Pick Magento 2 Commerce Cloud?


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Appropriate price

Magento’s license would be easy to justify for mid-sized vendors. Yet, it’s not enough features to satisfy wholesale businesses. 

Meanwhile, the value you get from Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is undeniable. Magento Enterprise Cloud provides multiple quality-of-life features, such as optimized hosting capabilities, fast support services, and a set of fully utilized wholesale functions, which is essential for B2B corporations. 

Not to mention, Magento 2 Commerce Cloud also provides a set of environments for extra modified functions necessary for service agencies. It’s undeniable that Magento Enterprise Cloud is reliable and versatile.

Lots of features

It’s worth noting that Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud contains the entire official feature collection by Magento company. Not to mention, there’re a variety of optimization features that are only available in the Commerce Cloud edition, such as page speed enhancement, optimal images, and deployment process management. 

Great scalability

Many large-size businesses choose personalized website development with a cloud database such as Magento 2 Commerce Cloud. As a Platform-as-a-Service (or also known as PaaS), this Magento edition provides extra scalability for corporate-level ecommerce businesses with the help of speedy support.

Fast support

By issuing security patches and performance enhancements regularly, Magento keeps the Commerce Cloud edition updated for businesses that chose this option. Not to mention, they offer constant support for hosting services.

With the hosting providers of AWS (Amazon Web Services) or Azure (Microsoft) combined with built-in CDN, Magento 2 Commerce Cloud optimizes page speed for the best cloud experience.

Cloud-based hosting

Hosted on AWS (or Azure), Commerce Cloud edition is run by a dedicated operating team from Magento Web Operations, which is reliable enough to ensure that your website will run at high performance.

Magento 2 Commerce Cloud: Why Do We Recommend It?

When you equate the expense of Magento Cloud storage, core functionality, and maintenance cost to the cost of having to do all of them by your in-house team or other services, Magento 2 Commerce Cloud is an excellent option, considering your needs.

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