Best 10+ Magento CRM Integrations for eCommerce Website

Try to come up with a suitable solution for better B2B  & B2C marketing and sales? Try to look up our suggestions for the best 10 Magento CRM integrations.

1. Hubspot CRM – Best CRM Integration for Magento


Hubspot is a renowned CRM solution that is developed for multi-channel digital marketing and sales processes. This means Hubspot is tailored for managing and coordinating online campaigns with competent data organization and real-time synchronization between channels.

Hubspot is the best CRM for content marketing management and other marketing activities like website, search optimization, email or social media advertisement and many other activities. It’s helpful for Magento businesses to quickly establish a comprehensive digital environment that gains customers via inbound sales and marketing strategies.

Magento merchants may use Hubspot to create optimized online sales strategies and marketing funnels, handle in-depth customer data, and make the best choices for long and short-term initiatives which fit whatever industry and company size.

2. SalesForce CRM – Most Popular Magento CRM Integration


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Another well-known brand on this list of top best is SalesForce, which has innovative features that enable users to configure their CRM interface by dragging and dropping objects.

The CRM has powerful AI capabilities to personalize consumer experiences through product reviews and intelligent search results, which produce data-driven insights across channels to the in-house team.

Magento’s multi-site maintenance and translation service are both powerful features for eCommerce. Users may use this function to monitor all Magento stores as well as local stores. SalesForce also helps merchants maintain a consistent brand experience across networks and platforms and evaluate campaign results.

3. Zoho CRM – Ideal CRM Integration for Small Magento Business


We believe there’s no other CRM software for Magento CRM integration that has more functions than Zoho.

For an ecommerce website, the Zoho solution includes everything from simple customer contact to marketing routing, data monitoring, order history, meeting preparation, and even inventory management.

Zoho is the most efficient Magento CRM integration, which works perfectly for all business sizes and industries. However, its serious drawback is the confusing user interface and weak account development and terrible maintenance flow.

4. Sugar CRM


With a quick and reliable feature kit, Sugar CRM will be an ideal option for merchants who only rely on a handful of proven distribution and marketing platforms.

The framework offers functional options for data collection and detailed visualized reports, which allow sales and marketing teams to save time for activities like gathering feedback, handling clients, and generating revenue.

Compared to other Magento CRM integrations, it’s strange that SugarCRM does not embrace multi-channel inbound marketing and automation strategies much. Yet, Sugar CRM is one of the greatest ones that provide correct metrics and relatable performance predictions.

5. Metrilo CRM


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Metrilo offers precise information for personalization, such as customer journeys, purchase history, and a variety of custom website trackings.

This Magento CRM was created to gather consumer feedback that can dictate the next moves in product cycles, which would help a lot in campaign decisions making. Customers would be chosen based on their behavior using segments and filters. Automation email could be programmed to ensure that the custom messages were sent to the relevant customer groups.

6. Vtiger CRM


Vtiger is an ideal CRM for small businesses because of the cost-effective solution kit offered. The solution software features powerful sales support functions, including a visualized sales funnel, contract fostering actions, auto-reminder, automatic email marketing and more.

On a user-friendly panel, the CRM interface successfully assists sales managers by providing insightful information about sales personnel results. Besides, features such as data collection and next-step settings help save time for lead generation and nurture.

7. Freshworks CRM


Freshworks CRM works as one of the best Magento CRM integrations that provides high-standard lead management and qualifier, allows organizing, analyzing, prioritizing, and closing deals fast with efficient event tracking. It also offers several features involved in emails and mobile marketing.

With consistent workflow, Freshworks CRM is a solid choice for B2B as well as B2C merchants.

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8. Agile CRM


Agile is a fitable Magento CRM for new businesses, especially small ones that consistently search for all-in-one CRM solutions at a fair price.

Agile CRM, as a SaaS solution, improves teamwork by providing an easy-to-use, mobile-ready panel interface. The CRM also works seamlessly with various social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and working environments like Zendesk, Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, and a variety of other SMS, mobile, billing, and CMS services.

9. Pega CRM


Pega CRM offers a lot of features that are mandatory to make workflow better. Pega CRM integration helps businesses revolutionize customer engagement via all necessary tools that make customer journeys personalized and promising.

For marketing and sales, Pega CRM offers various marketing features for external marketing data and sales automation, which leads to in-depth customer analysis with detailed reports on the cloud.

10. Dynamics CRM


Dynamics CRM belongs to Microsoft 365, an integrated solution that offers multichannel campaign advantages featuring email marketing, web content, and other events. It applies an AI-enhanced process to improve your business decision and optimize the pipeline of potential customers.

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To sum up, Magento CRM integrations offer a powerful means to enrich and strengthen customer relationships, ultimately driving growth and success for your business. Embrace these connections to unlock new opportunities and enhance your e-commerce strategy.

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