Magento 2 Hide Price: An Essential Feature for B2B Store

Hide Price is an essential feature for ecommerce websites, especially for businesses targeting B2B customers. Let’s learn about this feature through the extension for the Magento 2 Open-source version.

Is Hide Price Necessary for Magento B2B Store?


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Are hide prices vital for your store? This is a question that many business owners are interested in, and want to find an answer.

So first, we need to answer the question: Why do we need to hide product price? When a business hides its product price, they want to:

  • Hide product prices so as not to be copied by competitors or from the lousy competition.

For B2C, product prices should be made public. However, in wholesale, the number of products per order is enormous, which means to keep advantages for B2B customers, the price of each product needs to be cheaper. Therefore, hiding wholesale prices give you a competitive edge.

  • If you want to diversify product prices, then hide price is the right choice.

The product price per wholesale customer will vary due to shipping cost, product quantity in the order, etc. For sure, hiding prices increases your flexibility.


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  • Anonymity stimulates customer interaction with the website.

Instead of doing the buying process alone, customers will need to text and get further advice from you. It’s your chance to improve your customer relationship for long-term profitability.

  • Hide prices helps you eliminate non-potential customers who only look at product costs.

Wholesalers have the habit of comparing product prices to minimize costs. That said, there’re customers who only care for products with the lowest price for a competitive edge. If pricing isn’t your strength then they might not be your potential customers.

What features does Magento 2 Hide Price have?


If you use the Hide Price extension by BSSCommerce, this extension contains a lot of exciting features to help you:

1. Hide price for specific products

With Magento 2 Hide Price extension, you can easily hide a particular product’s price through the settings in the back-end. The types of products that price can be hidden are:

  • Simple products.
  • Downloadable products.
  • Virtual products.
  • Grouped products.
  • Configurable products.
  • Bundle products.

2. Hide price for specific categories

Not only hide prices for a product page, but you can also conceal the prices for an entire category by specified.

If you set up this feature, the price of the installed product will also be automatically hidden on the following pages:

  • Product Page.
  • Category Page.
  • Search Result Page.
  • Wish List Page.
  • Compare Page.
  • Related Product Block.
  • Up-Sell Product Block.
  • Cross-Sell Product Block.

 3. Hide the “Add to Cart” button if needed


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If you want, you can completely hide the Add to Cart button along with the price of the product you choose. This setup does not take several minutes to perform.

4. Replace the price with any messages

Not only allows hidden rates, but you can also display an arbitrary text message or a CTA calling for a contact.

Besides, you can also add navigation to the product if necessary to automatically redirect to another page.

5. Combine usage with Request for Quote

The extension is designed to be compatible with Magento 2 Request for Quote.

You can use the Magento 2 Hide Price module in conjunction with the Request for Quote module by hiding the product price & the “Add to Cart” button first then adding a quote request button to call for contact.

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