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Whoever you are, come to us and become one of the guest authors on the BSS Commerce B2B Knowledge Base!

  • Are you a content writer who wishes to reach a larger audience?
  • Are you a new marketer who wants to prove yourself capable of writing quality content used for your CV?
  • Are you an eCommerce expert who loves to share your knowledge with the community?

We desire to create a collection of articles where readers can approach the latest eCommerce information, grab valuable ideas and apply them to their online businesses.

If you’re ready and interested, read our guidelines below and pass the requirements to make your guest post a suitable one on our site.

Guest Post Quality Guidelines

As always, we welcome creative writers who can produce exceptional articles on our site. However, to ensure the overall quality, there are some minimum requirements that your content must meet:

1. Article topic 

Regarding the article topic, BSS Commerce is looking for quality articles on the subject of Shopify B2B.

We have a wide range of target readers. Most of them are new to Shopify B2B, including store owners, developers, wholesalers, retailers.

Article topics should be well-researched and have a fluent content structure. Since we aim at newcomers and the likes, the choice of words should be easy for readers to understand in an articulate structure.

The content isn’t meant to be complicated, yet we still expect it to be well-researched to interest anyone familiar with Shopify B2B.

Allowed Topics

Allowed Topics


Define and explain specific terms that relate to wholesale or B2B dropshipping on the Shopify platform.


Step-by-step how to build, set up or configure a Shopify website for B2B businesses and the likes.

Tips & tricks

Optimization tips for Shopify B2B website/business.

List of recommendation

Top listing for Shopify B2B website needs like apps, features, etc.

DISCLAIMER: To shorten the process and avoid costly mistakes, you should inform us about your topics. If we approve, then you can proceed to send us your outline (table of contents). 

We also recommend you take an overview of our previous work before submitting any content to fit our writing style and avoid possible duplicated topics.

Please note that we cannot guarantee your guest post’s approval before receiving your complete article and let it be reviewed carefully by our team.

If you have any questions on the topic or need guidance, please contact us via our email.

2. Content quality

After being approved by our team, you could begin working on your guest post. Please take a closer look at our guidelines below to streamline the process.



Your submitted article should:

  • Be 100% original, never been posted on any other sites. We reviewed all posts with Grammarly and other referencing tools.

  • Be filled with clear, informative, persuasive, educational information that helps to provide ideas/solutions for blog readers.

  • Be carefully written and presented, free of grammar mistakes and have a logical structure.

  • Be concluded in the range from 600 to about 1000 words.

  • Use H2 properly for all major headings, H3 – H4 for appropriate subheadings and bulleted lists.

  • Only be allowed to have high-quality reference/ hyperlink of Domain Rating > 50. Any copy-content should be in the quote tag.

Your submission shouldn’t:

  • Be written with offensive/sensitive language or not in English.

  • Be filled with criticization for other companies and individuals.

  • Be overly self-promotional posts.
    Have inappropriate, incorrect information.

  • Contain content from untrustworthy resources.

3. Multimedia

Through research, we find that the more multimedia-rich the article is, the more it’s shared. We welcome images, videos, infographics that enrich the content.

To ensure the highest chance of being approved, your guest post should:

  • Have at least two images to demonstrate in the body of your guest post.
  • Photos should have the width = 700px, height = flexible.
  • Avoid random stock photos with watermarks on them.
  • Ensure you have the rights to use the multimedia (photo, video, illustration, etc.).
  • Contain a note of the original URLs if you plan on using random images from the net.

4. Hyperlinks

In terms of linking guidance, we have some requirements:

  • You may include one do-follow link to your website/product/service within the post content or in the author bio as you find it appropriate.
  • In exchange for your do-follow link, we also want to have a do-follow link from your website.
  • For more detail, we will include it in our email reply. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

After your post is being approved/published, we’ll inform you via email.

Submit Guest Post To BSS Commerce B2B Knowledge Base

Please send your appliance to our team with the form below.

Subject: B2BKB Guest Post - [your name]


  • For the 1st email, only send us your idea of topics. Our team will take a glance at your suggested topics.

  • If your suggestion is approved, you can send us your intended table of contents for a quick review of the content structure. Then, you can begin working on your article.

  • Finally, after finish your work, make sure to send us:

  • Link to your content in the form of Google Docs.

  • Image files attached as a separate folder or compressed in the zip/rar format.

  • Author bio of approximately 50 words.

Our editors will work to evaluate if your article meets the standards and follow the regulation.

We will respond to you within two weeks. In case we receive a large number of submissions, this progress may be longer.

Let’s contribute to share helpful knowledge with the B2B eCommerce community. We always welcome your cooperation!

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