>10 Simple Ideas to Boost Sales This Halloween!

10 Simple Ideas to Boost Sales This Halloween!

Just like any holiday season of the year, Halloween is a great occasion to promote your products, attract more traffic to your site, and spice up your social channels to adapt to the holiday spirit. We all know the final goal of all these activities is to boost up sales for E-commerce sites, but do you know to prepare your site correctly for this Halloween? Let’s go through the checklist of 10 simple ideas you can apply now to boost sales for your E-commerce site this Halloween.

Check out this infographic which summarizes all 10 exciting ways to prepare for a prospect Halloween season.

10 tips to boost sales for E-commerce site in Halloween

You can divide the list into three main parts, including website optimizing, order process optimizing and marketing tasks.

Website optimizing tasks: Halloween is indeed a hectic season as you will run a lot of promotions on site, so it is very crucial that you can optimize your website to prepare for the large flow of customer coming to your site.

+ Optimize page load: On average, 40% of customers will leave your site if it does not load within 3 seconds. To avoid high bounce rate due to slow page load, your website should be implemented by traffic management and optimization tools to improve site performance. Get the tool here!

+ Make your site mobile-friendly in Halloween: Make sure that the site is 100% responsive for mobile devices as more than half of traffic to E-commerce site happens through a mobile device.

Order process optimizing tasks: Nothing can be more disappointed than the high shopping abandonment rate, approximately 69% because of time-consuming checkout process or shipment issues. Here is an excellent tip for you:

Simplify the checkout process: Make the checkout process comfortable and convenient for users is the best way to stimulate their payment process. Let’s reduce checkout steps for customers to have a faster processor.

Marketing tasks: marketing tasks has an enormous effect on the success of a promotion campaign to make sure that you can prepare well for this. Here are my suggestions:

+ Add Halloween twists to your site: Decorate your site for this occasion, for example, Halloween pop-up CTA box, monster decoration in a contact form and subscription box.

+ Create Halloween-themed product packages

+ Promote on social media: Promote your special Halloween offers, decorate your social profiles, banners with spooky effects. It is also a great activity to encourage your customer to log in or sign up on site. Check the tool now.

+ Develop content marketing: Helpful and trendy content marketing can never be boring. Good content on site can build customer trust and at the same time increase visibility on Google. For example, you can write tip lists, gift guides, blog posts, gift-buying guide, infographic, slides

+ Hold Halloween contests, game or quiz: These small things can draw visitors’ attention and spice up your social pages with higher engagement. After all, people love to win things with minimal effort, and nothing can do this better than mini-games.

+ Offer free shipping: Free shipping stimulates purchasing decisions on E-Commerce sites. If customers see an opportunity to get away with additional shipping cost, they will be more driven to purchase that product.

+ Incorporate current trends: Add a little touch of hot trends in this Halloween to make you more noticeable for potential customers.

The following video is also a fascinating way to approach this issue:

These 10 fascinating ideas seem to be very simple but have a considerable benefit on boosting sales up on this Halloween shopping season. Therefore, let’s try to make use of them to drive your business to reach a new peak in sales.

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