A Brief Guide on Customer Configuration in Magento 2

A Brief And Comprehensive Guide On Social Login In Magento 2!

In this article, we will introduce how to enable social login in Magento 2 in a brief and comprehensive way.

Most visitors wouldn’t have the patience to fill in all the information when signing up to your online store. 

To enhance customer experience, many Magento 2 stores have used the social login feature to allow customers to use their existing social media accounts to access the store.

This technique also allows store owners to access in-depth insight about their users since people tend to share more on their social media profiles.

So we wrote this blog to help you learn how to add social logins to Magento 2.

Let’s get started!

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All About Social Login In Magento 2 Settings 

To enable social login in Magento 2, please navigate to Store > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration.

1. Online customers options


Online Minutes Interval: the period that a customer’s online activity is accessible from the backend admin.

2. Account sharing options


Share Customer Accounts:

  • Global: Magento customer account information is shared with all websites and stores.
  • Per Website: Magento customer account information is restricted to the website that the account was created.

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3. Create new account options


  • Enable Automatic Assignment to Customer Group: Choose Yes to automatically assign a customer to a particular customer group Magento 2.
  • Default Group: Pick up one available customer group. For example: if you choose the General group, any newly created account will be allocated to a General customer group.
  • Default Value for Disable Automatic Group Changes Based on VAT ID: If choose Yes, automatic change of customer group Magento 2 store based on VAT ID will be enabled by default.
  • Show VAT Number on Storefront: If you choose Yes, customers see the VAT number in the frontend.
  • Config to set up mail when creating a new account:  
  • Default Email Domain: Specify the default email domain.
  • Default Welcome Email: Specify the email template for a welcome email.
  • Default Welcome Email Without Password: Specify the email template of welcome email for new customer accounts that are created by admin and don’t have an assigned password yet.  
  • Email Sender: Specify the store contact for sending a welcome email.
  • Require Emails Confirmation: Choose Yes to require customer confirmation when creating an account.
  • Confirmation Link Email: Specify the email template for a confirmation email.
  • Welcome Email: Specify the email template for the welcome email after the account is confirmed.
  • Generate Human-Friendly Customer ID: Choose Yes to create a human-friendly Magento 2 customer ID.

4. Password options


  • Password Reset Protection Type: Decide the method to reset a customer password. If choose None, the password can be reset only by the store administrator.
  • Max Number of Password Reset Requests: Limits the number of password reset requests per hour. For unlimited requests, enter 0.
  • Min Time Between Password Reset Requests: Limit time between password reset requests. For no delay, enter 0.
  • Config to set up an email template:
  • Forgot Email Template: Specify the email template when a Magento 2 customer forgot the password.
  • Remind Email Template: Specify the email template when the customer receives a password reminder/hint.
  • Reset Password Template: Specify the email template when the customer reset the password.
  • Password Template Email Sender: Choose the store contact as the sender for password-related emails.
  • Another config to set up a password reset for the customer:

+ Recovery Link Expiration Period (hours)

+ Number of Required Character Classes

+ Maximum Login Failures to Lockout Account

+ Minimum Password Length

+ Lockout Time (minutes)

5. Name and address options


  • Number of Lines in a Street Address: If the field is blank, the default street address of two lines is used.
  • Config to set up name fields for the customer:
  • Show Prefix
  • Prefix Dropdown Options
  • Show Middle Name (initial)
  • Show Suffix
  • Suffix Dropdown Options
  • Another config to decide which fields to be included in Name and Address Form:
  • Show Date of Birth
  • Show Tax/VAT Number
  • Show Gender

6. Login options


Choose Yes to redirect the customer to Account Dashboard after logging in.

7. Address templates

Address Templates

  • Text: The template is used for all addresses that are printed.
  • Text One Line: The template is used for the order of address entities in the customer’s shopping cart address book list. Progress during checkout.
  • HTML: the template is used for the order of address fields located under the Customer Addresses area in the Admin panel (Customers > Manage Customers) and those located on the Add New Address page when a customer creates a new billing or shipping address on his or her account page.
  • PDF: The template is used for the display of billing and shipping addresses in the printed invoices, shipments, and credit memos.



Choose Yes to enable Captcha for avoiding spam accounts.


We have shown you how to set up social login in Magento 2 for your website.

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