All You Should Know about Magento 2 Bundle Products

All about Magento Bundle Product You Should Know

“I want to sell smarter and larger!” – Every merchant desires. Fortunately, Magento team knows this. Hence, they have come up with the Magento bundle product option to combine two or more standalone items in one place, which adds more value to customers, for instance, a ready-to-order McDonald’s meal or a computer along with free USB or computer screen cleaner.


Safe to say that online shoppers become familiar with this concept and really love it. If you are ready to take advantage of bundling strategy, you should understand all about Magento 2 bundle products first.

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Get to Know Magento Bundle Product

As its name, bundle product is a bundle or a package of products including many simple products or virtual products without custom options. These products called the child products which are gathered in sections for customers to customize their choice.


Some examples of Magento bundle product recommendations are a computer system, yoga kit, camera set, etc.

Here is one:

An example of Magento 2 bundle product

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As can be seen from this Magento 2 bundle product:

  • The first option represents a Yoga Brick, and brick options are displayed in a drop-down box. Buyers can select only one option in the box and can change its quantity.
  • The second option represents a Yoga Ball with various values in the checkbox type. Customers can choose more than one product in this option, but they can’t change the default quantity of these products which is set up in the backend by store owners.
  • Magento 2 bundle products can include options in multiple select boxes. The third option – the Yoga Trap, for example. As its name, multiple select option type allows customers to choose many products in the box at once time, and like checkbox type, because buyers can select many products, they can’t change the default quantity of products.
  • The final option represents a Roller, and it is presented in an option type called radio button type. This option type is quite similar to the drop-down type, it allows selecting only one product and changing its quantity.
  • Besides, you can see the required fields are marked, which means purchasers need to select options in these fields to complete ordering a Magento 2 bundle product and they don’t need to choose the non-required fields to order the bundle product.
  • The quantity of a bundle product is not available because the value is determined for each item of the bundle.

Some keep wondering that bundle products are quite similar to grouped products. In fact, they differ in some ways, mostly in how the child products are shown on the screen.


While grouped products offer a pre-composed set of items without variations, Magento 2 bundle products include a set of children products with possibly unique prices, variations, quantities, etc.

Magento Bundle Product with Fixed or Dynamic Attributes

As above, the child options of Magento 2 bundle products are built in the bundle way. Thus, the admin can define the SKU, Price, and Weight either in fixed or dynamic value.

Customize Magento 2 bundle product attributes

In particular,

  • The SKU of bundle items can be set as either Dynamic or Fixed. If you set SKU as Dynamic, each bundle item SKU is assigned by adding a suffix to the default SKU. If you set SKU as fixed, you can assign a unique SKU for each bundle item.
  • With bundle product weight, a Fixed weight setting allows you to set a determined value for bundle products directly, but with Dynamic weight, you can not set a weight value to bundle products. Instead, the weight of the bundle is calculated from the selected bundle items.
  • If you set a Fixed price for a bundle product, you can enter a base price with applied taxes for it. For Dynamic price setting, the bundle price and tax class attribute are disabled, and the price of the bundle is composed of the item prices in options. Moreover, you can set the price viewing on the category page and the product details page in case you set a Magento bundle product price is Dynamic. If you select Price Range, the lowest and the highest prices calculated from option item prices will be displayed. If you set it to As Low As, the lowest possible price of the bundle will be shown only. Of course, the final price depends on the price of products that are selected by purchasers.

Shipment of Magento 2 Bundle Products

You can determine whether the bundle items will be shipped together or separately. Shipping together means that you can create one shipment for entire bundle items and if you choose to ship bundle items separately, you need to notice when creating the shipment for each bundle item.

All you need to know about Magento 2 bundle products

Drawbacks of Default Bundle Products

With all functions above, bundle products will certainly bring your store many advantages. However, there is still much room to improve. For example, the default bundle products are not visible enough to drive customers to purchase.


Customers wish to have a closer look at each child’s item instead of Magento bundle product image only. In that way, they can easily make their own customization.


Since the default Magento 2 bundle products fail to live up to their expectations, there is a likelihood that they will click back and turn away forever.


This time, online merchants wonder how to improve the default function to earn higher customer satisfaction, and more importantly earn more sales.

Save Best for The Last: Magento 2 Bundle Option Image extension

In the continuous effort to fill the default shortage and enhance your online website, BSSCommerce comes up with Magento 2 Bundle Option Image extension, which allows enabling images of child products in options. 

Magento 2 Bundle Product Option Image extension allows showing bundle item images in the Magento bundle product page.

To make the children of the Magento bundle product more attractive, the module is along with other features such as change image size, customize the showing images in sliders in multiple select input type. Even more, Magento 2 Bundle Option Image extension is on big sale – 50% OFF. Best deal ever!


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