Simplify B2B Order Placement Online to Drive More Sales

As we all know, order placement process is one of the most critical steps directly affecting consumer purchase decisions, whether you offer products to wholesalers or retailers. This prompts store owners to gradually search for a solution related to Magento configurable products extension.

For B2B eCommerce, order placement process optimization has become a must because this customer group highly appreciates professionalism and fast speed. Any delay in order processing will cause them to abandon the relationship with you.

If you’ve realized the urgency of the problem or experienced a high abandonment rate, don’t miss this article. We will share all of our B2B order placement knowledge and the best tools to support your B2B site performance.

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Order Placement & Order Processing – You Must Know Them

What is B2B order placement?

Order placement must be a familiar concept to most online sellers and buyers. When a customer places an order, the order will remain in effect for one trading session, until it is fulfilled or canceled.


Today, as B2B transactions swift to online, customers also require a more personalized order placement process, but it mustn’t lose business-to-business expertise.

B2B order placement’s value is often much larger than that of B2C. Also, factors affecting their purchasing decisions are more logical and complex. 

For instance, you and the B2B customer usually go through negotiation steps to agree on both sides’ reasonable price points. Only after closing the deal can they place an order.

Since this is the customer group that brings you the highest profit, it requires the effort to streamline the B2B order process on your site.

Depending on the industry of an online business, the timing and method of order placement can vary. 

Master Order Placement Process to Define Where Should be Improved

We all know what B2B order placement is, but not 100% of store owners understand the order placement process exactly. This becomes a barrier to a smooth and organized business management apparatus.


B2B eCommerce is a tempting market that can skyrocket your sales volume. In the race to compete for this delicious piece of cake, many owners rushed to run an online store that didn’t match B2B customers’ characteristics. It leads to not sticking to customer experience and driving B2B business in the wrong direction.

First, register a B2B account 

It’s the first approach of customers to your site. You should invest in creating a Magento 2 B2B registration form carefully and clearly to get as much customer information as possible. It also helps you define wholesalers to show the price accordingly.

Second, choose products

If it were the first time B2B customers worked with you, they would search, inspect each product and note down appropriate items for their purchasing plan. There may be a discussion step with their boss or colleagues to agree upon the most potential products.


For customers to fulfill desired actions, at this step, it’s vital to show your product in a more attractive and intriguing way, especially Magento 2 configurable products, because it’s quite common in all online business models.

Third, sign-in before buying

They use the account registered above to login and get more information such as wholesaler-only products and lower price points.


Fourth, request for quote (optional)

Depending on your sales campaign, B2B customers may go through this negotiation or not. Most B2B sites now keep prices hidden because price points can vary for a given order volume and customer group. Once you and your customers are satisfied with a final price, the deal would be sealed.

Fifth, Place Order On Your Site

At this point, B2B customers will come back to the frontend to place agreed orders. Order values ​​are usually tremendous and include products of different colors and sizes.  

If you don’t try to minimize the inconvenience at this step, customers are prone to abandon their shopping carts because they can’t bear redirecting to product pages one by one. Remember to fasten B2B order processing!

Sixth, receive ordered products

When completing checkout, payment, and delivery address, customers have to wait a few days to receive their placed orders. You should also pay attention to the B2B delivery method since large volumes often require reputable and quality service.

Seventh, reorder 

As long as your product is good enough, B2B customers will return to your Magento store often. Due to the seasonal nature of wholesale businesses, they tend to reorder products that they have previously purchased.


What Customers Expect In a B2B Order Site

Alright. After you’ve mastered the B2B order placement process, knowing your customer’s expectations for your B2B order site will be the next step to provide a better experience for demanding audiences.

So, what do B2B customers want on your site?

A wholesale order form as simple & fast as possible

Unlike B2C customers, wholesalers typically purchase in bulk, so there are lots of products they want to add to the cart. It’s inconvenient for them when visiting each category and product page to add desired products to the shopping cart.  

If you really want to retain your loyal customers and generate new leads, the key point here is to simplify and fasten your B2B order placement process. This requires you – B2B store owner – to create a particular form serving order needs. 

Building uncomplicated and dynamic wholesale order forms for your customers will make the B2B order process easier, quicker, and more comfortable.  


For instance, utilizing a form, wholesalers can seek everything they want in the search box without digging into countless product pages. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Nobody likes repeating actions. How time-consuming it is! 

Offering a pleasant B2B order form is the first thing customers expect in a B2B order site. Bear in mind that!

Flexible order placement

Because you’re selling to an entire business online, it’s unavoidable to receive tons of customer requests. Here are must-have features for a B2B site that are often expected from the client side: 

  • Simple bulk order placement process: B2B customers place large quantities. Thus, chances are they got fed up with this tedious process and wanted to get it done as quickly as possible. It wouldn’t be smart to make your customer go through lengthy and slow order and checkout steps. You might consider the Magento 2 order extensions installed into your site to streamline your customer order placement process.
  • Instant reordering: Because customers buy in bulk and seasonally, they tend to purchase items they have previously ordered. For now, one-click reordering should be in use to save time and resources for your customers.
  • Nice product presentation: Displaying product information clearly and neatly is also a plus for you to steal your customers’ hearts. Pay attention to complex product types like Magento 2 configurable products. 

Manageable order placement

Due to that characteristic, wholesalers often want your site to allow them to manage their order placement, history information, delivery tracking, product stock status, pricing, and many more.  

These pieces of information will be necessary for them to analyze and implement their sales/ marketing campaigns.

Easy-to-use dashboard for B2B order management

Once B2B customers demand to manage their orders, it’s natural that they need an easy-to-use and visible dashboard to optimize their time and order management efforts.


You must make sure that the account dashboard contains essential details such as balance, orders, quotes.

Why Magento 2 B2B Stores Should Simplify Order Placement 

You may doubt the importance of order placement simplification to your Magento store. Working with B2B customers seems complicated because they require an uncomplicated yet professional online shopping experience.

Thus, if you want your business to be a familiar destination for B2B customers, try not to mess their order placement up! There are several outstanding benefits of simplifying the order process that keeps you from sitting still as follows.


For B2B customers:

  • Speed up their order placement;
  • Streamline UX from browsing to order processing;
  • Eliminate the amount of time and effort spent on navigating to single product pages or categories;
  • Lessen the worry of repeating orders annually, quarterly, or even monthly.

For B2B store owners:

  • Help reduce cart abandonment rates caused by cumbersome and negligent order systems;
  • Make B2B order management more convenient and organized;
  • Mount up customer engagement, which sets the base for higher sales. 

Must-have Features for A Straightforward Magento 2 Order Placement 

Coming here, we all realize the necessity of easing B2B order placement. Yet, the question here is: What actions should you take to produce a pleasant Magento 2 order placement? 

Glide down to find the answer!

Transparent product inventory 

Make sure B2B customers keep track of your product inventory so that they don’t waste time placing out-of-stock items.

On your side, you should also earn yourself a stable and reliable source of goods to have a timely backup plan.


You can read more about the reason in the blog Magento 2 Show Out of Stock Configurable Products: Why?

Fast order method

This sage advice will make B2B order placement easier by helping add multiple products to the cart simultaneously and minimize switching among product pages.

Specifically, with this quick order feature, B2B customers quickly search for their products, edit the quantity, view product details, and add all to the cart. All these operations will take place on the same screen only.

Ability to import orders

Typically, wholesalers will manage their expected orders on excel sheets or other document storage software. And even when a quick order form is available to them, typing the name/SKU of each product may still provoke their impatience.


Hence, the ability to import existing files is crucial for smooth order placement.

B2B customers will be able to upload orders from a compiled document under a consistent format and immediately proceed to checkout. 

Order history accessibility

After placing orders, customers will generate a demand to check, track, and manage their order history. This is intended to help buyers recalculate their budgets, capture purchase dates and come up with a buying strategy for later periods.

Order fulfillment optimization

Don’t ignore your customers, especially once they’ve paid for you. Develop an optimal fulfillment strategy to minimize costs, fasten shipping, and gain more satisfied customers.


To achieve that, it’s wise to contact and build a good relationship with delivery and related services.

Convenient reorder

In B2B eCommerce, repeat orders are prevalent, and sometimes it’s even a factor to classify successful and unsuccessful businesses.

Hence, your Magento B2B store must make it absolutely convenient for B2B customers to place previous orders again, with an option to modify the item quantity and type.

In short, a B2B order placement can be taken to a whole new level if you ensure that your site adheres to the above checklist.

Magento Configurable Products Extension Resolves Magento’s Default Limitations Of B2B Purchasing Progress


One clear disadvantage is that customers cannot place multiple single products in their shopping cart at the same time. B2B customers are likely to be dissatisfied as a result. It’s unpleasant for them to have to manually add things to the cart when there’s a lot of demand.

Furthermore, Magento only allows users to display the lowest price by default, although the actual marketing price approach is adjustable. There’s no universal rule that promoting the lowest price would inspire more people to buy your stuff.

All above problems will be resolved thanks to Magento configurable products extensions. These ensure B2B customers’ shopping experience is smooth and satisfying. 

Bring Awesome Display for Configurable Products in Magento 2 for your B2B customer RIGHT NOW!

Hot Magento Configurable Product Extensions To Serve B2B Order Placement

Despite the higher complexity of selling products to business, basically, you’re, in some aspects, working with individuals who are representatives for an entire organization to go shopping, just that they are fastidious and rational thinking. So, don’t risk bringing any inconvenience to their order placement if you want to keep them.

Frequently, B2B customers place large-scale orders at specific intervals. Not only is quick order needed, but they also require to reorder conveniently. Functioning a Magento 2 B2B website, have you considered this and prepared a plan to live upto your customers’ expectations?

Why don’t you take advantage of the recommended solutions below to simplify the B2B order placement process and lift UX on cloud nine?

Magento 2 Configurable Product Grid Table View

Do you know that product display strongly affects customers’ purchasing decisions? Any sloppy and negligent product information presentation can destroy the buying experience and negatively impact a wholesaler’s order placement process.


The first extension will provide outstanding support for sites that offer many Magento 2 configurable products. Because this product type has lots of sub-product details, it gives store owners a headache to arrange it smartly and easily to see.


Utilize Configurable Product Grid Table View to show your child products in a neat table, including stock status, SKU, unit price, subtotal, etc. Besides, customers can also add multiple child items to the cart, which Magento default cannot meet.


Moreover, the module allows you to display tier pricing right on the product page to promote more massive sales.

GRAB Magento 2 Configurable Product Grid Table View to present products in a more seducing way. 

Magento 2 Quick Order

You know, businesses will have a pre-compiled list of the products they intend to buy. And what they need is an order-in-bulk method. Magento 2 Quick Order (aka Wholesale Fast Order) would be a perfect therapy for their pain points.


Specifically, when integrated with this module, your site will allow customers to use an available order form to quickly find out the product they want without visiting each product page or category. Then, the buyer simply moves all products in the form to the checkout page in the blink of an eye.


The quick Order form has been considered an irreplaceable assistant for any B2B stores striving to create an intuitive eCommerce website.


The faster the B2B order placement gets, the better your chances of boosting the sales volume are.

LEVERAGE Magento 2 Quick Order NOW to fasten B2B order processing and boost sales. 

Magento 2 Reorder Product List 

The reorder feature of default Magento isn’t enough to meet the high demands of B2B online companies. That shortage has raised awareness of other comprehensive tools to really facilitate customer order placement.


A good Magento reorder extension ensures a smooth flow like this: quick access to purchase history -> easily search ordered products using their names, SKUs, attributes, … -> view product details without redirecting to the product pages -> add all products to the cart at once.


Thanks to this extension support, wholesalers can save tons of time and effort when it’s time for them to reorder seasonally. Buyers can spend time on other useful tasks, while sellers increase conversion rates.

Cry for more information? VISIT Magento 2 Reorder Product List to how it can simplify B2B order placement.  

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, hopefully, you have acquired the most thorough knowledge on B2B order placement process to hone your order system and develop your B2B website to its fullest extent. 

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