3+ Benefits Of Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export 

Meet Magento 2’s Improved Import & Export module, which allows you to move customer reviews and other associated data between your e-commerce business and other external platforms. The data flow can be set up in two different directions. It means you may either move to Magento 2 from another e-commerce platform or expand your business by transferring existing data to new systems. What features do you have at your disposal?

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Limitation Of Product Reviews Function In Default Magento 2 

Magento 2 includes a ratings and reviews option by default, however, it is limited. For example, a summary is supplied to give clients an overview of all feedbacks, which can be perplexing. Alternatively, spam content is a serious problem because administrators have no control over who can publish a review.

More specifically, the admin can only import/export Advance Pricing, Products, Customer Main Files, and Customers Addresses from/to a CSV file in the default Magento 2.

Product reviews cannot be imported or exported using a CSV file, but Magento 2 allows administrators to alter the reviews’ status, store view, ratings, and more. However, if a user wants to manually add reviews to a new website or export reviews from an existing website, he must do it one at a time. As a result, completing this process takes a lot of time and work for him.


In response to the demand for an advanced and useful review system in Magento 2, BSSCommerce has built the new Magento 2 Review Extension. The main goal of the module is to improve the default product review and rating capabilities in Magento 2.

Buyers will find it easy to obtain important information thanks to the vast number of feedbacks.

Customers are also encouraged to leave more product reviews online. If your conversion rate is significantly dependant on prior buyer evaluations, this Magento 2 product review extension is worth a go.

Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export Extension

The Magento 2 Import/Export Product Reviews extension allows store owners to effortlessly import and export all product reviews using a CSV file.

This CSV file contains a wealth of useful information, including customer names, review titles, review details, product SKUs, and rating options, among other things. As a result, while importing, store owners can assign reviews to each consumer, each product, and determine review status.

After they’ve been imported, reviews appear in the front end, and store owners can simply manage them in some backend parts.

3+ Features Of Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export 

Default Although Magento allows users to import and export various features, the admin still cannot import or export product reviews to/from the website. As a result, while opening a new store or changing their website, store owners have a lot of difficulties transferring reviews from the old one to the new one.

It’s time you used our Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export extension, which is a quick and cost-effective way to:

Import and export reviews in bulk via a CSV file

With a well-prepared and validated CSV file, the admin could easily and quickly import multiple product reviews along with related data such as ratings, review titles, description, status, store view, and so on.

With Magento Export Product Reviews, exporting reviews from the available website becomes easier than ever when everything is promptly completed with 1 click. Just one click and reviews will be exported into a CSV file with all related data and information like the sample file above.


Provide a sample CSV file to fully customize

Magento 2 Import Reviews includes a sample CSV file that can be used to freely fill in import data. Before being imported into the Magento website, this CSV file will be thoroughly checked.

Only when the file is completely valid will the Import button appear, allowing you to begin the procedure. On the other hand, if the file contains any problems, it will be unable to import review data to the website, and the module will alert the administrator to these errors so that they may be fixed and validated as soon as possible.

Display the indication of a successful import

This module will provide notification regarding the number of rows (reviews) that have been inserted after successfully importing reviews to a Magento 2 website.

The Magento 2 Product Reviews Import Export plugin now alerts users when a CSV file contains invalid entries.


Import reviews into relevant backend sections

When utilizing the Magento 2 Import Export Customer Review extension, reviews are added to the following sections for admin to manage:

Product Reviews in the Product Edit Page and Customer Page Reviews in the Marketing section’s User Content, as well as in Reports:


It’s never too late to benefit from Magento 2’s fantastic Import Export Product Reviews! Don’t let the default Magento disadvantage limit you or your website.


Magento 2 product reviews import export have a bunch of benefits that we have listed above. 

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