Why Should You Work with Magento Partners in Web Development?

by Summer

Magento partners are known for reliable individuals or agencies for those who need help in building a Magento store or further needs. Whether you want to expand your store functionality or have just started to build it, Magento certified partners can help. From design, development, customization, integration, to configuration, they will provide you with a wide range of professional solutions. 

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The support from the right Magento partner will make a great contribution to the success of a store, and their promises are obviously more reliable than those of normal developers who haven’t certified for their expertise yet. In detail, working with certified Magento partners gives you 8+ noticeable advantages.   

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Advantages of Working with A Magento Partner

Digital strategy support


Indeed, Magento partners are not in charge of your overall business strategy, such as what customer segment they should target or how the store should expand in the future. However, they are reliable consultants that you can call for digital strategies to help your store stand out in this competitive ecommerce world.  

As Magento partners offer their products and services to clients worldwide, including both B2C and B2B businesses, they have portfolios in different industries. This allows them to gain understanding and intuition in various businesses, and then share practical ideas and digital strategies to differentiate your store from competitors. 

More importantly, Magento partners usually update the cutting-edge technologies not only of Magento but also of ecommerce in general. They may come with up-to-date technical trends that you haven’t known and help you introduce them in your store to make it more competitive. 

Powerful technical team


We all know that a technical team can make or break the Magento experience in your store. For this reason, choosing an official Magento partner is such a wise decision to meet your Magento requirements quickly with professionalism and minimal downtime. 

An experienced technical manager and Magento developers make a powerful and significant team in every Magento partner. Those members allow them to help customers overcome every technical problem and fulfill the needs of technical support related to installation, configuration, integration, migration, etc. 

Deep & up-to-date understanding of the platform

You might not know that Magento provides its partners with a lot of support to master the platform, such as on-demand training, onsite training, webinars, learning sources, acceleration events, etc. In general, Magento partners have the best condition and environment to approach and learn on Magento and the latest technologies introduced by them as well. 

By connecting certified Magento partners, you can take advantage of their deep understanding through detailed discussions to be explained for your issues or proper questions. If you use products or services offered by them, their support team can guide you on specific areas to optimize the use of those products or services.  

In addition to this, many Magento partners have a blog to share beneficial knowledge to Magento users under user guides, tips, case studies, and so on. For example, BSS Commerce’s blog is a place where you will find various content related to both general ecommerce discussions and technical topics. 

Best practices & highest quality


According to different types and tiers, Magento solution partners are required to meet a set of qualifications, reach specific numbers of successful customer deployment, and receive positive customer ratings. For technology partners, their products need to pass the review process of the Magento QA team to be made available on Magento Marketplace – the most reliable Magento extension market. 

Besides, Magento partners are always the first to be aware of and up to date with Magento best practices. Once those practices are followed, the best result is attainable at every stage. That’s why solutions provided by Magento partners are undoubted. Whatever you are in need of on your Magento website, they can ensure the highest level of quality.   

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Magento Partner Directory is a place showing you an overview of every Magento certified partner, from company details, typical products & services to Magento certifications. Among those, Magento certifications tell you what of their skills have been certified. 

Easy to connect and verify 

Compared with non-partners, Magento partners can be connected more easily via multiple sources like their official websites, Magento Partner Directory, or Magento Marketplace.  

As mentioned above, every Magento partner can be easily found in the Magento Partner Directory. Besides, Magento Marketplace is also another place to search for technology partners with useful extensions. All necessary contact information, offered product details, reviews, and ratings are available to see. You also can buy extensions from a provider right on Magento Marketplace. 

However, even when you can do that in a convenient way, it is still recommended to access the official website of the technology partner to get a better overview of them, such as Magento extensions and services they offer, demos and user guides, testimonials, etc. With websites that support live chat, you can get free consultations to ask for their solutions and support directly.  

Key Points You Cannot Miss When Choosing A Magento 2 Partner 

Choose the right type of Magento 2 partners 

First of all, selecting the right Magento partner according to your needs is initially important. Through the introduction about Magento partnership in the previous post, you might have known which type of partner you should connect with. 

For example, if you need to enhance your existing store with additional functionality, a  technology partner who offers Magento extensions can help. Meanwhile, a solution partner has the expertise to meet your most specialized needs like customization, configuration, or integration. 

In fact, a partner can be a part of both the technology partner and solution partner program.  BSS Commerce is an example that was certified to be Magento Business Solution Partner (2017) and Select Extension Builder (2018). Therefore, the company offers a wide range of solutions to the community, from specialized Magento services to practical extensions.    

REQUEST FOR Magento Services that every Magento website needs to get free consultations. 

Don’t miss this information 

When you decide to get support from any Magento agency, these key points may drive you to the wise decision: 

  • How experienced are they? (years of experience, industries they have worked on) 
  • Ask for examples of their previous works 
  • Don’t ignore reviews and ratings from trusted sources 
  • Have an overview of their solutions, not only the one you need, as you may need something else in the future
  • Whether the size of their team is enough for your task 
  • Whether the agency support you after the project get done 

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Get their working process clear 

Every customer wants transparency while hiring a Magento agency. However, this expectation can only be satisfied if you get the process clear from the beginning. 

As your project cannot succeed without the participation of the two parties (you and the agency), understanding the working process well allows you to have better control of what they are doing with your business. In addition to that, it also improves communication and reduces the downtime of misunderstanding. 

Furthermore, being aware of each stage and step partly helps you identify the transparency of the costs. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the process as detailed as possible. As long as those questions are proper, a reliable agency will be willing to respond with appropriate answers.        

Final Words 

Because of the above benefits, the choice of Magento partners (Magento 2 partners) is absolutely worth your consideration. 

For the most time-saving option, BSS Commerce is right here to receive your requirements and listen to your problems with Magento. CONTACT US now for help!

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