7+ Top Choices For An Excellent Magento 2 Export Products Extension

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Get to know top choices for an excellent Magento 2 export products extension with all highlighted features and support mentioned in.    

Magento 2 export products, as mentioned in our tutorial of the export function, is a very useful function for store admins. It allows you to save time and effort when updating a lot of data in Magento 2 stores or getting data to use for another website. 

READ NOW: Magento 2 Export Products tutorial for detailed instructions. 

However, this function of default Magento is still simple and limited in features. That’s why using a Magento 2 export products extension is a proper decision to improve your productivity. 

Let’s see the best Magento 2 export products extensions commonly used by the community of store owners.

Magento 2 Export & Import Product Attributes by BSS Commerce – $79


With over 9 years of experience in Magento and dedicated developers, extensions by BSS Commerce always satisfy the expectations of Magento users. One of those is Magento 2 Export & Import Product Attributes Extension. 

How wonderful it is to complete your work in less than hours compared with the usual. By using the module, store owners can experience out-of-the-box features with products export and import. Just download the sample CSV file and follow it to export to import your data with one click.

In addition to outstanding features, BSS Commerce also offers great support that outweighs other developers at no additional cost. So, you can start with no installation fee.   

# Highlighted features: 

  • Export multiple product attributes or each product attribute set into a CSV file in one click
  • Import multiple products attributes at the same time through a CSV file
  • Allows admins to set import behavior as Add/Update/Replace/Delete 
  • Provide admins with a sample import CSV file to download and follow
  • Validate the import CSV file before importing
  • Show messages to notify errors during the importing process 

# Compatibility: 2.2.x – 2.3.4 

# Support: 

  • Free installation 
  • Free 1-year support
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 30-day money back 

Vendor Mass Export & Import by Ced Commerce – $49


Vendor Mass Export & Import by Ced Commerce is a useful module for marketplaces where different vendors offer their own products. Once the web owner installs this module, all vendors on the website can export or upload product data in bulk using CSV files. 

Though features of Vendor Mass Export & Import are relatively simple, they work very well as described, and the support team is very dedicated. If you own a Marketplace built on Magento, this module is highly recommended. 

# Highlighted features: 

  • Support product export $ upload using CSV files 
  • Admins can export and import related/cross-sell/up-sell products 
  • Support bulk image upload
  • Work well with all Magento product types 

# Compatibility: 2.1.x – 2.3.x 

# Support: Free installation

Magento 2 Export Import Products Extension by Mage Bees – $89


Magento 2 Export Import Products Extension by Mage Bees allows you to export/import product data like stock status, price, image, product description using CSV files. You can also export or import product data for some specific fields. 

The extension is easy to use with user-friendly layouts. Especially, it works well with all types of attributes like dropdown, checkbox, text field, etc. 

With the installation fee of $39, you will be helped to install it in your Magento store. 

# Highlighted features: 

  • Export/import all product types 
  • Export/import products with category IDs and category names 
  • Export/import multiple product images and update them as per your requirements 
  • Work with all types of attributes such as dropdown, radio button, checkbox, and custom options 
  • Export/import default attributes of Magento in separate columns

# Compatibility: 2.1.x – 2.3.x

# Support: 

  • 39$ for the installation service  
  • Free 1-year support 
  • Free lifetime updates 

Mass Export & Import Products by Vnecoms – $99


Mass Export & Import Products by Vnecoms is a plugin that allows merchants to use a spreadsheet to export or update products in bulk. You can implement product import with a CSV file, which can be edited by a spreadsheet editor. 

On the other hand, the extension gives you the ability to edit or delete existing products by exporting them into a CSV file. After that, you copy that file and edit in a spreadsheet editor and import the updated file into your store. 

# Highlighted features: 

  • Export/import products into Magento stores using CSV, XLS, XLSX files 
  • Use a queue to avoid corruption during importing 
  • Import products data at high speed and an unlimited number
  • Support product images import 

# Compatibility: 2.1.x – 2.3.x  

# Support: 

  • Free 1-year support 
  • Free lifetime updates 
  • 30-day money back 

Product Export & Import by Magesales – $129

This is another quality Magento 2 export products extension that allows store admins to export up to 25.000 products into CSV or XML files. In case the exported data is too long, it allows you to split into several parts when export. 

The new point of this module compared with the above extensions is that it can export/import tier prices, grouped prices, related products, up-sell products, and cross-sell products. 

# Highlighted features: 

  • Export/import product data of all product types via CSV, XML files (including custom options) 
  • Export up to 25.000 products and allow admins to split into several parts when export 
  • Support product reviews export/import 
  • Export/import product data with tier prices and grouped prices 
  • Export/import related products, up-sell products, cross-sell products 

 # Compatibility: 2.x.x 

 # Support: 

  • Free lifetime support 
  • Free lifetime updates 

CHECK NOW: Magento 2 Import Export Product Reviews for professional reviews import/export. 

Product Export & Import with Tier Pricing by Commerce Extensions – $149

Product Export & Import with Tier Pricing by Commerce Extensions provides store admins with extra features of the export/import function but is not too rich and special. 

First of all, it can work very well with 6 types of products (including simple, configurable, grouped, downloadable, bundle, virtual). All types of attributes can be export/import easily in one click via a CSV file. Exported/imported data can include tier prices or grouped prices. 

Second, it also allows you to export or import categories. 

The extra installation service will cost you $25. But the extension worth it because it could help you handle your bulk data very well. 

# Highlighted features: 

  • Export/import product data of any product type (with related, up-sell, or cross-sell products) via CSV files 
  • Support any type of product attributes such as dropdown, checkbox, text field, text area, etc. 
  • Export/import product data with tier prices, grouped prices 
  • Export/import images by URL or local path from your web server 
  • Support categories export/import 
  • Export/import image labels 

# Compatibility: 2.0.x – 2.3.x 

# Support: 

  • Free 2 domain licenses 
  • Installation and updates with additional cost 

Improved Export & Import by Firebear Studio – $599

You might be surprised by the price if this Magento 2 export products extension. Why is it so high? 

Improved Export & Import by Firebear Studio is the most premium one on the list. It is an all-in-one export/import module, which allows store admins to use this function with product data, orders, product reviews, categories, CMS pages, etc. 

Otherwise, the module also allows export/import function to be used Magento 2 B2B with companies, shared catalogs, quotes, and requisition list as well. For that reason, it is a really good choice for stores serving both B2C and B2B buyers. 


# Highlighted features: 

  • Accept various sources such as Google Sheet, Google Drive, URL, Dropbox
  • Support CSV, XML, Excel, ODS, and Json files 
  • Automate export and import with cronjob
  • Support export/import mapping with filter and static values 
  • Work with all product types 
  • Also allow admins to export orders data such as invoices, shipments
  • Support EAV and custom attributes export/import 
  • Import products with tier prices 
  • Import CMS pages, widgets, categories, catalog price rule
  • Support Magento 2 B2B companies, shared catalogs, quotes, requisition list export/import 

# Compatibility: 2.1.x 2.3.x 

# Support: 

  • Free installation 
  • 6-month support 
  • 30-day money back 

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Wrapping Up 

Magento 2 export products function is indispensable for the development of your store when it tends to expand, reach more customers, and offer more items. By the use of the above Magento 2 export import extensions, you can finish your work in speed and reduce mistakes that can mess your data up. 

In addition to those extensions, Magento 2 Export Import URL Rewrites and Export Import Categories can also level up your data management.  

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extensions provides and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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