BigCommerce B2B Features: The Ultimate List for Wholesalers

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Are you looking for a solid B2B solution to build a B2B eCommerce website? If that’s the case, then have you ever considered BigCommerce? Take a glance at our ultimate list of BigCommerce B2B features to learn about what it can or can not do to improve your wholesale revenue.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an online e-commerce platform with a built-in hosting service that allows businesses to build, personalize websites and sell products directly on it. BigCommerce-based websites are hosted on their server servers, which do not require any web hosting services attached.

BigCommerce is a SaaS (software as a service) platform, so it’s required to pay a monthly fee for the right to use the service. 

Choose The Right BigCommerce Pricing Plans for B2B Business

With 4 pricing plans, BigCommerce lets customers choose the appropriate one based on their needs & wants.

Pricing Plans Price Annual Sales Limit Target
BigCommerce Standard $29.99/month $50,000 Newcomers who just begin building an ecommerce store.
BigCommerce Plus $79.95/month $180,000 Small businesses want to optimize for the conversion rate.
BigCommerce Pro Edition $299.95/month $400,000 Mid-size B2B businesses that want extra wholesale features
BigCommerce Enterprise Edition Contact. Negotiable. Giant corporations and the like.

Unlike other ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce does not require you to pay any transaction fees. However, they limit your annual online sales based on the pricing plan of the business you choose.

According to an official response from BigCommerce, users can go over 1,000 – 2,000 orders per plan with upgrading pricing plan notifications before getting frozen up for exceeding the sales limit.

Is BigCommerce Enough for Wholesale Business?

BigCommerce is a viable option for wholesale businesses, even large-size ones, due to many of the offered features from its Enterprise pricing plan, which add a ton of B2B features to the standard one.


Pros Cons
  • High usability with loads of customization options.
  • Improbable conversion rate due to the shorter process by efficient single-page checkout for B2B customers.
  • Trusted hosting with high uptime.
  • High priority B2B support for an enterprise pricing plan.
  • Huge pricing range between Plus, Pro and Enterprise edition of BigCommerce.
  • Poor customer service for a lower pricing plan.

To explain, BigCommerce B2B provides significant advantages to any business that uses it to build an eCommerce website.

  • High usability: BigCommerce develops and integrates a wide range of B2B functions listed down in the next section and beyond that are potential enough for freedom in customizing your website.
  • Enhanced conversion rate: With flexible single-page checkout customization, BigCommerce provides many options for you to learn how to make its best use.
  • Trusted hosting: BigCommerce commits a 99% uptime guarantee, which is proven true by many reviews from registered users.
  • Express routed support: Instant support is valuable for wholesale business. Any corporation that registered the Enterprise plan will receive high-priority support in the status queue.

That aside, BigCommerce still has its weakness.

  • Significant gaps in pricing plan: BigCommerce has changed its price once, which shocked their customers due to the dramatic increase in price between plus and pro edition and enterprise pricing plan.
  • Poor customer service: Since large corporations gain high-priority support, cheaper pricing plans will have to wait for a while to receive any aid. It would be a tedious process just waiting for a severe bug to be fixed on your website.

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Default BigCommerce B2B Features for Standard & Plus

For Standard edition and BigCommerce Plus, BigCommerce still has a decent amount of features that could satisfy smaller wholesale businesses. Most of them can also be used to create a B2C store if required.

Multiple Storefronts

Multi Sales-Channels

  • Set up different storefronts to match with appropriate languages & regions.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Support and enable potential sales channels: eBay, Amazon, Instagram, Square.

Multi-tier Pricing

Multiple Currencies

  • Set up advanced tier prices for the product
  • Separate display currency and transactional currency.
  • Set default and add different currencies at ease with the auto-convert tool.

Call for Price

Single Page Checkout

  • Easily hide your product price as wished in product configuration.
  • Set a call for a pricing label that takes the place of the product price.
  • Contains custom checkout and optimized one-page checkout option.
  • Allow guest checkout, fast sign-in option for instant checkout.


Related Product Recommendation

  • Allow customers to create a wishlist for better comparison before making a purchase decision.
  • Support unlimited wishlists.
  • Feature products to attract customers.
  • Select five related products automatically based on similarities in title or description.
  • Select products by hand with the limitation of up to 50 products.

Custom Product Attributes

Min & Maximum Amount per Order

  • Allow creating additional attributes for the product page.
  • Set up the required amount of product for each order.
  • Combine with a percentage discount per amount to bring pricing benefits for customers.

B2B Integration

  • Support various integrated apps with a wide range of functionality.
  • Support ERP system integration: Netsuite, Brightpearl.
  • Support integrated tax calculating, accounting, marketing & conversion applications: Avalara, Quick Book, Xero, Sage, MailChimp, Adwords.
  • Support POS (point of sale) integrations like ShopKeep, ConnectPOS, Hike.
  • Check out the complete list of integration marketplace apps.

If you desire to develop a wholesale online business based on BigCommerce, it is necessary to have these features on your B2B website to guarantee good business performance and customer experience.


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Additional B2B Features List of BigCommerce Pro & Enterprise

To target more wholesale customers, the Pro and Enterprise versions of BigCommerce are developed with many unique features to improve conversion and shorten the payment process of B2B customers.


Abandoned Cart Saver

Extra Payment Gateways

  • Send three reminder emails to customers who leave the purchase process halfway and abandon their cart items.
  • Work automatically. 
  • Allow attached coupon code.
  • Delay time for each email is available for quick setup.
  • Support over 40+ payment gateways. See the complete list here.
  • Note-worthy payment connections: VISA, Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, and Square.

Real-time Shipping Quotes

API Integration Calls

  • Set advanced controls via ShipperHQ, the calculation tool for the real-time shipping fees.
  • Allows customizing shipping options per product, per zone. The shipping fee can also be based on customer groups, LTL, and freight quotes.
  • Support various real-time shipping options from domestic to international delivery services: USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, Zoom2U.
  • Unlimited API calls.
  • Call response time at 400 requests/second, much faster than Shopify Plus at 10 requests/second.
  • Beneficial for an integration system with loads of traffic & processing data.

Faceted Search (Product Filter)

Customer Group Segmentation

  • Required for B2B business to let wholesale customers search products with filters.
  • Product filter function only available in Plus & Pro edition. An Enterprise pricing plan is needed for custom fields to work.
  • Helps your customers find (and buy) what they want quickly and easily, especially needed for B2B business.
  • Classify customers into multiple different groups.
  • Create preferred customer group, tax-exempt group, wholesale group and even member-only group.
  • Allow quick import, export customer data.

Not to mention, there is Price List, an advanced feature designed only for wholesale purposes.


Price List

  • There is no limit to the number of price lists you can create.
  • Products are displayed in a neat table view with columns and rows. Each row is a product, and variants are grouped.
  • Turn on or off the price list in one click.
  • Filter & edit columns to organize them for a better pricing setup environment.
  • Consist of additional features for setting up the price list.

Pre-Negotiated Rates

Customer Group Pricing

  • Provide extra benefits in the payment process for specific solutions.
  • Pre-negotiated rates for payment providers: Paypal transaction fee reduction rate from Braintree.
  • Set a price list for particular customer groups of your choice.
  • A price list can be applied to multiple customer groups, but a customer group can only be assigned to a price list at a time.

Bulk Pricing

B2B Tier Pricing

  • Set multiple product prices at once.
  • Bulk pricing in table view (discounts based on quantity), which is easy to configure.
  • Enter the Unit Price to calculate the discount value based on product quantity.
  • Check unit value via dollar discount with Unit Price.
  • Set fixed value for the product, applied in amount.
  • Set up wholesale prices in the tier.
  • Place reduction rates, discount percentages and apply them in tiers.
  • Enable B2B tier pricing for a set of customers. 

The B2B Features Comparison of BigCommerce Pricing Plans

For a more comprehensive look at the available B2B functions in standard, plus, pro and enterprise versions of BigCommerce, please take a look at the comparison table below.




Plus Pro


Multiple storefronts v v v v
Multi sales channels v v v v
Multi-tier pricing v v v v
Multi currencies v v v v
Call for price v v v v
Single-page checkout v v v v
Wishlist v v v v
Related product recommendation v v v v
Custom product attributes v v v v
Min & maximum amount per order v v v v
B2B integration v v v v
Abandoned cart saver v v v
Extra payment gateways v v v
Real-time shipping quotes v v
ShipperHQ shipping tool v
API integration calls v
API support v
Faceted search (product filtering) v v
Custom Filter (product filtering) v v
Customer group segmentation v v v
Price lists v
Pre-negotiated rates v
Customer group pricing v
Bulk pricing v
B2B tier pricing v


BigCommerce is a powerful optimized wholesale platform. With the add-ons and extensions in the Enterprise edition, BigCommerce is an excellent option for developing a wholesale ecommerce website.


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