All Magento 2 B2B Features for Better Website Growth [Latest Update]

Despite having great scope and scalability, many B2B firms are migrating to Magento commerce. Look at all the Magento 2 B2B features, it all makes sense. The online business enables B2B sellers to access more potential corporate customers. Meanwhile, buyers can place orders at will rather than calling and waiting forever for the salespeople.

Therefore, we believe that for newly established B2B online stores or those intending to, having a Magento 2 B2B features list would help to take your store to a higher level and streamline corporate buying experiences.

Better yet, besides suggesting must-have functions, we also hand-pick the most suitable extensions to help you equip those Magento B2B features easily into your store.
Let’s check it all out down below.

Please note that most of these following extensions below are compatible with the Hyva theme, thus, store owners who are using the Hyva theme can also make use of them.

Let’s check it all out down below.

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What is Magento B2B commerce?

B2B, short for business-to-business, is a form of transaction between businesses. B2B customers are wholesalers who always buy in bulk. Compared to B2C customers, B2B customers have more urgent business needs, and the relationship between you and them will last longer. They expect the shopping experience to be as fast, simple, and convenient as possible.

Thus, enriching your store with enough Magento 2 B2B features will make you more professional & outstanding in the eyes of corporate buyers and increase their satisfaction when doing business with you.

So what are the significant B2B features in Magento 2?

Essential Magento 2 B2B Features List

1. Secured price

Wholesalers are sensitive to price much more than any customer group. Hence, in your Magento B2B features list, make sure you manage the price wisely. Long-term relationships are important in B2B commerce.

Therefore, to promote the connection between sellers and buyers, all wholesalers have to secure their prices away from being publicly displayed. One of the functions that can support this is “Hiding Price/Call for Price”.

hide-price - magento 2 b2b features

call-for-price-magento 2 b2b features

This Magento B2B feature allows you to hide prices for specific products, categories, or certain customer groups. You can also tailor “Add to Cart” button with custom text and redirect them to contact you for more information. However, the default Magento fails to do this, so develop one or get an extension to help you.

Suggested extensions:

Hide Price/Call for price


Important as the hide-price Magento B2B functionality is, the default Magento Commerce b2b features failed to do so. All visitors can get your valuable Magento B2B pricing strategy at a glance. Thus, you need to invest in a Hide Price/Call for Price Magento 2 B2B extension.

Key features:

  • Hide prices from specific products, categories
  • Hide prices for selected customer groups
  • Tailor Add to Cart button with custom text and redirect it to custom URL
  • Replace Add to cart with customizable call-for-price text
  • Enable Call for Price form for customers to submit their wanted price on the fly

Custom price/Price per customer

For those who are seeking flexible Magento B2B features for your website, Magento 2 Price Per Customer (aka Custom Pricing) is the best solution. Utilizing this tool, the admin user can customize different prices of the same product for different customers/ customer groups, and the custom price will completely replace the original price. 

Key features:

  • Customize different product prices for different customers/ customer groups
  • Replace original price completely with a custom price per customer price
  • Assign Price rules massively with conditions.

2. Advanced quote negotiation

Buying in bulk is different from buying individual item orders as in B2C business. In B2B commerce, the price is personalized & customized to each buyer.

They will negotiate with wholesalers for a better price for a bigger number of items. This means that there would be a lot of emails or calls from buyers to negotiate this personalized price. The sellers will be overloaded and therefore might have some difficulties managing them. 

This is the reason why Advanced Quotation is a must to speed up the process. It not only helps buyers to submit a quote request via a form without having to email or call but also supports sellers to respond & manage easily in a grid table.

This Magento 2 B2B features can be taken to another level by enabling buyers to convert all the quotes into orders when approved. It will save much time and effort for both sides.


Suggested extensions:

Request for quote


Key features:

  • Buyers request a quote in a click
  • Seller Review The Submitted Quote & Respond
  • Buyers get notified about the quote via email
  • Buyers Convert Quote to Cart

3. Company Account

B2B buyers make an order on behalf of their company rather than on their own. Generally, an account can be used by a team that takes different roles within a Magento B2B firm. Thus, account management is much more complicated than that of the B2C business. 

The Company Account feature can share access to a B2B account with many users by creating many sub-accounts based on company structure. Meanwhile, roles and permissions can be limited or flexible.

For example, a super-administrator has the utmost capability to deal with overall tasks while sub-admins are assigned to shoulder the management burden related to specific aspects, such as tracking sales and quotes or placing orders.

create company account - magento 2 b2b features

To ensure a smooth and effective operation, you must add this to your Magento 2 B2B features list and find out How To Create B2B Company Account In Magento 2.

Suggested extensions:

Company account

Benefits of Magento 2 B2B features of the company account you can savor:

From the sellers’ perspective:

  • Create Magento B2B firm accounts in the backend and assign them to customers;
  • Manage all B2B customers within a handy grid;
  • Set up Magento B2B pricing rules and marketing campaigns accordingly;
  • Grant specific payment and shipping methods per customer group;

From the buyers’ perspective:

  • Create Magento B2B firm account information at will;
  • Assign roles and permissions to make use of human resources;
  • Track purchase and related data: quotes, orders, wishlists, company credit, etc

4. Advanced inventory management

Running a B2B business means you have to deal with a great volume of stocks, & might be in multiple locations, too. Inventory management is a huge workload, and if you cannot control the situation of the stock, your business is at risk.

Therefore, an advanced inventory managing function would help a lot. This feature should automatically list all inventory movements of all products in your store so that you can be informed of low stock or get it to automatically reorder them in time.

inventory management magento 2 b2b features

Suggested extension:

Magento 2 inventory management


Key features:

  • Automatically list all inventory movements
  • Track changes of quantity in separate grid for each product
  • Conveniently export the inventory report in a CSV file
  • Easily delete inventory logs in the grid

5. Quick order

Regarding Magento 2 B2B purchase features, keep “fast” in mind. Corporate customers spend less time browsing the website. Instead, they already have a “wish” list and specific knowledge about what to buy. Thus, they require quick searching and a friction-free ordering process included in our Magento B2B feature list.

Some best B2B features in Magento 2 to enhance the purchasing process:

  • Easily search throughout the website
  • Enable quick-order form to reduce loading
  • Display the stock availability
  • Eye-catching pricing incentives (if any), for example, the tier prices
  • Add multiple products to the cart in one go

This will fasten the ordering 5x faster. Your B2B customers will have a greater shopping experience and can save much of their time, a key to your success.

Suggested extensions:

Magento 2 Quick Order

Magento 2 Add Multiple Products To Cart

Main features:

  • Add bulk products to cart right on catalog page, block, widget, and product listing
  • Display checkbox, qty box to choose as multiple products and qty as wished
  • Choose custom options in popup – no more getting back and forth on the product page
  • Show success popup to check the shopping cart at a glance
  • Include related/cross-sell/up-sell products on success popup to increase the chances of sales
  • Work with almost all product types

6. Requisition or Reorder Product lists

If wholesales feel satisfied with their shopping experiences on your Magento 2 B2B website, there is a likelihood that they will come back for even larger orders.

Reorder is as important as any quick order method. It’s even the fastest way to order for wholesale customers who purchase the same list of products repeatedly without having to add them again. However, Magento default does support this, hence B2B sellers should offer this function. You can even upgrade these Magento 2 B2B features by allowing buyers to customize their reorder list for different seasonal sales or quantities they need.

reorder product list Magento 2 b2b features

Suggested extension:

Magento 2 Reorder Product List


Some Magento B2B Features: 

  • List all ordered products to search and reorder at will
  • Light-fasting search by any characters or attributes of the products
  • Check product information within a quick view popup – no more loading and going between pages
  • Add multiple products to cart in one go
  • Work with all Magento 2 product types
  • Included in Magento 2 B2B Suite

7. Custom catalog, order amount & shipping-payment methods for customers

As we keep highlighting the personalized characteristics in Magento B2B commerce, this is no difference. Segmenting your customers into groups and having appropriate approaches to them would help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

In regard to catalogs, you should display both public and custom catalogs to whom you want to offer special options or promotions.

Also, you must carefully calculate to set up a minimum or maximum amount, from or below which you can guarantee a healthy profit margin, and make the most out of cost efficiency. A min/max order amount per Customer group is surely among the essential Magento B2B features.

Moreover, since B2B customers purchase a large order, you should offer them special shipping and payment methods, which couldn’t apply to B2C customers.

Suggested extension: 

Minimum order amount per customer group

This Minimum Order Amount per Customer Group provides essential Magento B2B features:

  • Impose a limitation for order amount on specific customer groups
  • Disable the checkout button in case of under-value orders
  • Tailor error message to inform of the minimum order amount requirement
  • Available for Magento 2.3 B2B Features

Shipping & payment method per customer group

Since B2B customers purchase a large order, you should offer them special shipping and payment method, which couldn’t apply to B2B customers.

  • Restrict shipping methods for particular customer groups
  • Restrict payment methods for particular customer groups

Magento 2 Category Permission Extension

Magento 2 Category Permission

Catalog Permission allows store owners to limit access to specific categories by customer groups. 

Key features:

  • Restrict access to categories by customer groups
  • Restrict access to CMS pages by customer groups
  • Tailor error messages for all or per category/CMS page
  • Redirect non-authorized customers to a CMS page or a custom URL

8. Magento 2 B2B checkout

Wholesalers often involve large orders and frequent purchases. Thus, the checkout had better not go wrong. Try to make it quick and friction-free. Moreover, the checkout must look professional and secure to fasten the purchasing decision.

A converting checkout page should:

  • Enable Magento 2 B2B features of shipping and payment
  • Display all cost upfront
  • Offer a wide range of shipping options
  • Speed up the checkout with the saved payment information
  • Support flexible payment terms and policy
  • Own the checkout experiences (branded patent checkout page)
  • Optimize checkout for mobile
  • Safe and fast fulfillment
  • Display all on one page

Suggested extension: 

Magento 2 One Step Checkout

9. Advanced Reports & Analytics

Handling corporate-level customers requires a deeper, more personalized understanding of their complicated buying behaviors as well as reports on how your business performs.

Hence, you need to develop an Advanced report & analytics tool to both get you all the necessary statistics and streamline insightful analysis. This Magento 2 B2B feature should at least be able to track from sales, conversion rates, abandoned carts, and product views to the customer journey. 

As a result, you will be well-informed about the performance as well as your customers’ needs to have suitable marketing or product development strategies.

Wrapping Up

All in all, we wrap all required for Magento 2 B2B features at your fingertips. Should you be interested in any solution we have recommended above, let us know by leaving a comment below.

We are willing, almost all the time, to consult you with the best Magento 2 B2B eCommerce solutions.

If you have any questions or issues related to B2B features in Magento, please share them with us. We are one of the world’s leading Magento extension providers and web development agencies.

With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize our business effectively.

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