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Imagine is the exclusive Magento Commerce conference which has been held for the eighth time with the biggest aim to connect the commerce ecosystem globally. This year Imagine 2018 brought together over 3000 experts, developers, partners, and merchants to share, exchange knowledge and build up the relationship. The main event was held at Wynn Las Vegas on April 23 – 25, but there were many fun and engaging activities held on April 21 and 22. This article will sum up all the best things from Imagine 2018 for you.

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Imagine 2018

Imagine 2018 is a truly wonderful experience for all commerce enthusiasts to gather and learn together, including developers, tech innovators, merchandisers, merchants, executives, web design agencies, marketers.

Imagine 2018 Slogan: LEAD THE CHARGE

This year event truly delivers what it has promised with inspiring learning, sharing sessions with fun activities and over-the-top networking party. Let’s see the wrap-up of Imagine 2018 together.

A Quick Wrap-Up of Imagine 2018

General Session, Breakout Sessions, and Special Sessions

With the purpose to educate, advance and update the major ecommerce changes and news, Imagine 2018 delivered 10 amazing breakout sessions together with special sessions from 16 exceptional speakers worldwide.

Jamie Foxx is the host for General Session

There are 7 major parts of each breakout session shared at the conference including B2B, Business Innovations,  Commerce Best Practices, Growth Strategies, Small Business, Technical, and Winning Solutions.

A speaker is delivering her speech

Here are some highlights that we thought you don’t want to pass:

  • Implementing a project effectively on Magento Commerce Cloud: 60% of customers using Magento Commerce is currently using Magento Commerce Cloud.
  • Magento Marketplace’s new extension quality program
  • Understand and improve your Magento 2 store caching and performance
  • Sweet Themes are made of this: The Magento PWA Studio
  • What’s in Magento 2.3?
A presentation from Breakout Session

For the detailed documents, please visit the official channel of Imagine 2018.

Fun Activities and Net Working Party

PreImagine event 2018

Besides a vast amount of knowledge shared at Breakout Sessions, the participants also enjoyed fun activities, such as Pre-Imagine Meet-up, Big Dam Run, Pre-Imagine MageHackathon, Marketplace Bingo, Imagine Claw Machine, Podcast Booth, Bird of Feather Networking Lunch, Mage Yoga, Your B2B Digital Journey…

Big Dam Run at Imagine 2018
Magento Imagine 2018 – Legendary Evening Event
Magento Imagine 2018 – Partner Summit
Devexchange event in Magento Imagine 2018

What BSSCommerce Gained from Imagine 2018

Trung Nguyen – BSSCommerce CEO – Shares His Thought

Imagine 2018 has left a great impression and satisfactory for all attendances. BSSCommerce CEO Trung Nguyen who participated in Imagine 2018 also shares his thought on this year event.

BSSCommerce CEO Trung Nguyen

“It is amazing…Magento partners, merchants, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers from all over the world come and sit together. We have the same responsibility, same mission: Lead the Charge!”

Mr. Trung Nguyen – BSSCommerce CEO

New Opportunities – New Challenges for BSSCommerce

BSSCommerce is the Business Partner of Magento for over a year, but that title will soon be changed. Mr. Trung Nguyen reveals that he is currently working on some final work to upgrade the title to Select Technology Partner/Select Extension Builder.


Drawing the attention of industry leaders from 50+ countries worldwide, Imagine 2018 is the major event that can’t be missed. Participating in Imagine 2018, BSSCommerce leader gained more and learned more than he expected. Applying what we have acquired from Imagine 2018, BSSCommerce team will work extra hard to go extra miles for premium extensions and services.

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