BSSCommerce Magento Extension Update – January 2021

Hi guys, we hope you have had a good start for 2021! Also, we wish you more success in the next months to come. BSSCommerce is glad to stand by your side and assist you in delivering the best online shopping experience to your customers. 


As usual, we have continually made updates to our Magento 2 extensions. We also improved the features to best meet your needs. 


Let’s get straight to our highlighted points of this month! 

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1. B2B Extensions

1.1. Magento 2 Sales Rep v1.0.4: Fix bugs on Magento 2.4.1; Fix Sales/Order Permission of Sales Rep.

2. Checkout

2.1. Magento 2 Min/Max Order Quantity per Category v1.0.8: Update compatible with Magento 2.3.6 and 2.4.1.

3. SEO Extensions

3.1. Magento 2 SEO Extension: Update Breadcrumbs M2 v1.1.1; HTML Sitemap M2 v1.1.1; Meta Tag Manager M2 v1.2.0; Redirects 301 Seo M2 v1.0.8; RichSnippets M2 v1.1.3; Seo Alt Text M2 v1.0.3; Seo Core M2 v1.0.3; Seo Report M2 v1.0.3; XML Sitemap M2 v1.1.4.

4. User Experience

4.1. Magento 2 Review Reminder v1.1.2: Fix backend preview and date time error. Fix bug setting default value for param.

5. Product Improvement

5.1. Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity v1.1.0: Fix bug tier price of custom option when edit product in cart page/ mini cart. Fix bug die site when login customer account.


5.2. Magento 2 Simple Details on Configurable Product v1.3.0: Fix compile error for all Magento version. Fix 404 console error for the wrong URL. Fix bug when copy product URL and paste to a new tab. Fix bug when adding to cart products with custom options. Fix Invalid argument supplied for foreach error, update showing review logic. Fix 500 error when adding to cart product that’s not a configurable product. Fix bug showing tooltip when hovering to swatches. Fix bug changing the name in Catagory/ product listing page for configurable children products.



*Note: The latest version of BSSCommerce extension is available on your account.

Please login to your account and go to My Downloadable Products to get the link to update the version on your site.


Besides installing Magento 2 extensions via SSH manually, we also support installing via composer.

Advantages Of Using Composer:

  • Quick installation
  • Easy management
  • Synchronization with Marketplace

Please take a look at our guide for composer installation support:


If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

We are always willing to support you.

For more reference, see our December Update

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