10 Types Of Magento Popup Message That Drive You To Glory

by Trang Tran

The internet and digital marketing techniques have progressed significantly. Although the Magento popup message used to have a negative image, clever marketers continue to use them to communicate critical messages and encourage visitors to take action on their websites. 

A popup message, when done correctly, can be an effective technique to get someone’s attention. But proceed with caution: if done can produce a negative experience that frustrates and drives people away.

Are you ready to start creating effective popup messages that aid website visitors? Here are a few common types and secret tips for design.

What Is A Magento Popup?

A popup is an overlay window that automatically appears (“pops up”) on a website while the user is browsing.

The popup is a very effective marketing tool. And here are 3 major benefits of it:

  • Grabbing attention: A popup literally pops up right in front of the user’s eyes, so it is hard to ignore.
  • Improving conversion rate: A popup is like a mini showroom that shows products, discounts, coupons, and hot deals, so it can help improve customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Showcasing your brand: A popup is the first thing a visitor sees, and it is easy to customize. Thus it is a great place to showcase your brand and your business.

With all the benefits of magento popup, store owners usually use Magento popups to deliver important messages for marketing purposes.

For more details, please read the content below.

10 Common Types of Magento Popup Messages

To combat ad fatigue, switching up the kind of Magento popup message you use is a good idea. This happens when consumers become accustomed to seeing the same ad or type of popup repeatedly.

You can continuously attract and hold your audience’s attention by deploying various forms of popups on your website.

Remember that Magento popup messages aren’t merely for collecting new email addresses. They help you expand your business by performing several tasks.

Let’s take a closer look at the many types of popups available.

Magento 2 informational alert

Users can learn more about your company by receiving information alerts. It might be solely informative, such as a change in store hours, or it can lead to a call to action.

The following example would be similar to telling customers about a discount deal with a Shop Now button next to it:


The Magento 2 alert popup provides your customers with the information they require about your business and products regardless of the purpose.

Magento 2 exit intent popup

You can set up a Magento 2 exit intent popup to appear when a visitor closes your website. 

By providing a tempting offer just when they leave the store, you can easily turn abandoning visitors into buyers and improve customer retention.

magento 2 exit intent popup

It is highly recommended to set up an exit popup on your checkout page and shopping cart page. Surely it can help you reach a higher conversion rate.

Magento 2 page redirect

You can redirect your visitor to a relevant topic or product page if you use page redirects. These are frequently Yes/No or Yes/Yes campaigns in which selecting “yes” opens a new window.

By referring visitors to related material, these ads are fantastic for increasing page views on your website.

Emma Bridgewater utilized a similar method to increase page views by 157%.


They may also be beneficial to your affiliate marketing approach. Customers can be redirected to an affiliate product page using your “yes” option.

User login

A Magento 2 login popup is a popup that prompts users to log in. 

The Magento 2 ajax login popup is ideal for improving the user experience. Users are frequently redirected twice before being able to log in:

  • Once you’ve arrived at the login screen,
  • And then it was back to the shopping area.

However, you may avoid this unpleasant redirection by creating an on-click Magento 2 login popup:


To bring up the popup, your user will click “login.” They then submit their information, click Submit, and are free to browse your site.

Magento 2 email op-tin

Getting an email address from your customer is a specific purpose for popups. Because these popups are solely focused on obtaining an email address, they get a special place on the list.

They don’t collect your address, occupation, age, or other demographic data that may discourage people from signing up. These Magento popup messages are intended to collect a user’s name and email address.


Check out these in-depth guides if you need assistance with your popup strategy:

These guides include everything you’ll need to increase the profitability of your newsletter popup campaigns.

Coupon Code/Promotion

Want to expand your contact list while also making your customers happy? Show them a promotional popup or a coupon code like this:


This Magento popup message allows users to save money while also providing vital contact information.

Just remember to keep your campaigns up to date as your promotion evolves. There’s nothing more aggravating than being presented with an expired promo code.

Magento product recommendations

Consider a Magento popup message for product recommendations if you want to raise the total amount your clients spend.

When your clients are on particular product pages, a popup offering another item, they might be interested in appears.

Moreover, product upsells, like product suggestions, recommend similar products. However, the suggested things are more expensive than what the buyer is looking at or has previously purchased.


A product upsell popup’s objective is straightforward: to get your customers to spend more money on your products over time.

On the other hand, a down-sell popup, in contrast to an upsell, will present clients with a less costly offer than the one they were looking at before.

When someone has glanced at an item but has yet to take any action, this is the most fantastic time to use them.

That’s a good sign that the product is too pricey for the customer’s current journey stage.

You can send your consumer down your sales funnel if you can display them a comparable item at a cheaper cost. You can gradually boost their average buy until you have a devoted customer for life.

Magento cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a well-known issue for online retailers. Cart abandonment costs the economy almost $4 trillion each year.

However, a cart abandonment popup can help. You may retrieve visitors who abandoned their shopping cart with a simple popup.

When a customer is about to leave your basket, Kate Spade presents the following popup:


The popup grabs your attention with the title “Congratulations!” and notifies you that you are eligible for free shipping and returns.

Even if it is stated in the checkout details that shipping is free, Kate Spade ensures that you are aware of this before leaving your products behind.

Not all e-commerce firms are as well-known as Kate Spade, so you should limit free shipping to high-ticket items.

Magento 2 confirmation popup

A confirmation popup is also very common-used in eCommerce stores.

The Magento 2 confirmation popup usually informs customers about a successful order.

Magento 2 confirmation popup

The Magento 2 add to cart success message in a popup (or Magento 2 popup after add to cart) is also very helpful.

Magento confirmation popup

Countdown timer

Countdown timers are ideal for instilling a sense of urgency in your customers. They inform visitors to your site how long they have to act before a discount or promotion expires.

This encourages cautious shoppers to take the plunge and buy. Take a look at an example of a conventional countdown popup:


Countdown timer popups are designed to create FOMO (fear of missing out) by creating a sense of urgency. Hence, site visitors are more likely to take advantage of your offer.

However, it’s essential to realize that while FOMO can be effective, it’s essentially based on unpleasant emotions. This implies that you should keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t overdo it: To avoid overwhelming visitors, keep the use of countdown timer popups to a minimum. 
  • Keep your promise: This helps you maintain the trust of your visitors.
  • Combine a countdown timer with a copy that induces FOMO: For example, phrases like “before it’s gone forever” and “don’t miss this offer” add to the sense of urgency.
  • Make sure your offer is worthwhile for the timer to appear: If your offer isn’t compelling and relevant enough to your audience, no matter how efficient a countdown timer is, it won’t be able to perform its magic.

The Secret of Magento Popup Message Design

After finalizing your copy and deciding on forms, buttons, and other essential features, you can focus on the design. To begin, think about your website’s grid system and use it to develop a couple of sizes that will work for you in the future.


(Source: Salesforce)

Then, using your brand guidelines, create a few templates. Consider integrating several picture sizes and copy lengths in your templates as you design them. As a result, you’ll have a more extensive library of popup message types to choose from in the future.

Listed below are a few examples:


(Source: Salesforce)

Choose the one that best satisfies your current requirements if you already have some templates. Work inside the template to build something eye-catching that matches your site’s overall appearance and feel. It will assist you in providing users with an on-brand, appropriate experience.

Thankfully, it would be more effortless than ever with the Magento 2 Popup module. It has five fascinating animations to pick from for popups: 3D Unfold, Zoom, Zoom-out, etc., Horizontal, Move and Move from Top. Moreover, the Magento popup messages can appear in various locations with these effects.

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Final Thoughts

When utilized correctly, the Magento popup message can be a powerful tool for growing both your email list and your business. Popup nirvana is when popups deliver value to your users without interfering with their browsing experience.

As a result, you’ll need to use a variety of popup alternatives, keep an eye on the audience’s reaction, and present them with a gorgeous image and a clear and appealing offer.

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