Custom Options In Magento 2: All To Know For Proper Use!

Custom Options Magento 2 is one of the most popular features in the Magento platform. In fact, it has been proven that using product custom options can increase the revenue of your store significantly.

But have you truly understood this beneficial feature to use it properly? In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Custom Options Magento 2.

What Are Custom Options Magento 2?


Custom Options in Magento 2 is a default feature that allows store owners to add extra options on a single product page.

Using this feature, store owners don’t have to rely on the product attributes (color, size, etc.) to expand the diversity of a product.

Instead, you can add any wished options like the custom text on the product or even the delivery date.

These additional options are usually displayed under the product description. And you can set it as optional or required, depending on your purposes. Consider 5+ Magento 2 Add Custom Option To Product In Cart Problems You Should Know.

4 Types Of Custom Options Magento 2

Magento supports four types of data for the Custom Options Magento 2 feature.

1. Text


You can add a text box on the product page so customers can enter the text.

With this input type, you can also set the Max Characters to limit the characters that can be entered in the box.

There are two kinds of display for this custom option type.

  • Text Field: Display a one-line field that lets customers enter texts.


This is the most suitable when you want to offer extra service like putting a name or short message on the product.

  • Text Area: Display a multi-line field that allows text entry.


You can use this to let customers write a note expressing their demands.

2. File


You can enable shoppers to upload a file from their devices. 

You can set the allowed file extension (only allow upload pictures format or document format, etc.).

You also can set the maximum file size.

You can use this input type to offer custom options like printing a custom photo on the product.

3. Select


This kind of custom option Magento 2 type lets you create a list of options for your customers to select. 

There are four input types: 

  • Drop-down: Customers can only select one option from the drop-down list.


  • Radio Button: Like the drop-down option, the Radio button allows shoppers to choose only one from a set of options.


  • Checkbox: Customers can choose as many options as they want by ticking the checkbox.


  • Multiple Select: Customers can select various options from a drop-down list by pressing and holding the Ctrl while choosing. 


You can use the most fitting option based on your purpose.

4. Date


It’s just as clear as the name suggests.

Using this type of custom option, you enable a custom option that lets your customers select the date and/or time from a drop-down date picker.

There are three options for this input type: 

  • Only date
  • Only time
  • Both date and time

This kind of custom option is perfect for letting customers note the most convenient delivery date and time.

Obviously, customers wouldn’t be available to receive the product at any time. By allowing them to choose the delivery date, you can reduce the cart abandonment rate significantly.

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Configure Custom Options Magento 2

Now that you’ve learned about all Magento 2 custom options input types, it’s time to create product options for your store.

By default, Magento allows the admin to create product custom options in the store backend.

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However, there are still some limitations of this default feature:

  • It only supports a limited number of custom option types
  • It doesn’t allow customizing the visibility of custom options
  • It doesn’t allow creating custom options templates to apply to multiple products at once

To overcome those limitations, using a Product Custom Options extension is the only solution.

And we strongly recommend you to use the Magento 2 Custom Option Template by BSS.

Magento 2 Dependent Custom Options

Magento 2 Custom Option Template by BSS.

Price: $79

This module is the most advanced tool to optimize the custom options Magento 2 feature in your store!


In this article, we have introduced everything you need to know about the Custom Options Magento 2 feature so you can use it properly.

We hope this is helpful and good luck to you!

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