[EVENT RECAP] Fast track E-Commerce with Data-driven by BSS Group & TechX Corp

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On July 20, the event “Fast track E-Commerce with Data-driven” by BSS Group in collaboration with TechX Corp was held successfully. The event took place at GEM Center, 8 Nguyen Binh Khiem, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, attracting nearly 40 leaders from large enterprises including TikPlus, TH TrueMilk, Maison Retail, Nafoods… to attend, gain insights, exchange ideas, and stay updated on the latest information and knowledge related to E-Commerce and Data.

The event is more than just a typical technology gathering; it serves as a platform for business executives to convene, engage in discussions, exchange ideas and expertise in the realm of e-commerce and data. Moreover, the event featured notable speakers from prominent enterprises who imparted valuable insights on developing contemporary e-commerce systems and leveraging data in cloud computing to bolster business growth, minimize expenses, and elevate the customer journey.

During this captivating event, esteemed speakers and experts with extensive experience in the realm of E-Commerce Solutions and Data from BSS Group, TechX Corp as well as our valued partners, converged to share their insights on building, maintaining, and optimizing an E-Commerce system and Data infrastructure.

Opening the event were the enlightening sessions on “E-Commerce – From IDEA to REALITY: Building an Effective E-commerce System”, skillfully presented by Mai Thanh Trung – CIO of BSS Group, and Ngo Manh Ha – CTO of TechX Corp. Drawing from over 15 years of consulting experience with major global corporations, Trung’s keynote address provided the concerns of leaders keen to enhance their understanding of E-Commerce.

Additionally, Mr. Ha, boasting a decade of experience in digital transformation within multinational enterprises and large Vietnamese corporations, delved deep into cost optimization and ensuring unparalleled user experiences through Cloud technology.

The event continued to unfold with an insightful session about “E-Commerce – From GOOD to BREAKTHROUGH: Business Development through E-commerce – Optimization and Modernization”. Two highly valuable keynote presentations were delivered by Ta Hoang Hai, the seasoned Co-founder of SimiCart and Tapita.io, and Nguyen Dinh Thi, a distinguished Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Service.

With more than 10 years of experience in E-Commerce and strategic consulting for more than 1000+ businesses, Mr. Hai provided profound insights into issues that often perplex those operating E-Commerce systems. These encompassed optimizing business performance and efficiency, expanding operations, and creating a highly effective omnichannel sales model. Moreover, Mr. Thi, with an impressive 16 years in the IT field and expertise in Software Development, shared valuable knowledge on extracting the untapped potential within a business’s data.

Moreover, this event created an opportunity for attendees to forge connections and engage in meaningful exchanges with industry partners. This collaborative environment encouraged the sharing of vital insights and ideas pertaining to corporate governance, with the ultimate aim of propelling the advancement of E-Commerce and data within Vietnam.

BSS Group would like to express our utmost appreciation to all the participants and speakers who contributed to the resounding success of the event.

Hopefully, in the future, BSS Group will continue to receive the support of our beloved customers in E-commerce-related events and seminars. We are committed to constantly improving, developing, and broadening our offerings as a global partner, providing esteemed e-commerce solutions.


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