[2022] Filtering Magento 2 B2B Marketplace: Tips, Tricks & Principles

by Robin Tran

This is the ultimate guideline to choose the best Magento 2 B2B marketplace extension. Data-driven and result-guaranteed wholesales modules included!

In the previous post, we’ve talked about the perfect phase one for a Magento B2B initiative. Now, it’s time to find your partner.


So, we’ve done our homework and narrowed it down to the number above, but still, that is a lot of options. 

That’s why today, we’ll give you the guide toward picking the best Magento 2 B2B Marketplace extension off the market that ensures your Magento performance optimization.

And as always, tips and tricks included!

How To Filter Magento 2 B2B Marketplace

Step 1: Know your needs and budget.

There are 5882 extensions available on the Magento Marketplace, and no one has time to go through every one of them individually. That’s why, first thing first, let’s figure out what you need.

I highly suggest you do an autopsy on your online store and find the point(s) of weakness within the system. Subsequently, you can divide this job into two stages:

  • Internal review 
  • External recommendation 

Do an in-house check

This part is going to be a mix-and-match between B2B features and control groups. However, if we recall the previous article, there are must-have and nice-to-have features within the wholesale scene. 

And just like that, we have our priority. Presumably, you want to put the essential areas to the test first. 

So, here is the final matching result:


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As can be seen, you need to consult the IT department as well as investigate rivals for every part of your ecommerce. 

Moreover, content, checkout process, and the level of sophistication of your B2B business must gather information from all of the facets.  

Now that you know what to ask and who to ask in conducting an internal autopsy, let’s move to the external one.

Ask for the second opinion

Let’s get this out of the way – it’s always good to have a second opinion – especially professional ones.

However, these services are expensive, and you don’t always have their budget. So, here are my recommendations:

  • Only consult an agency when you can’t pinpoint the problem yourself.
  • Apply for “free audit” and other promotion plans.  
  • Use your network for recommendations.

Draft your rough budget

It’s essential to know your budget range ahead of time to focus your search on a fit extension.


Give it a price spectrum once you decide what specific area to improve upon. 

Step 2: Know the tag.

On the Marketplace, there are 7 filters you can apply to sort for your wanted Magento performance optimization.


Except for partner type, other options are self-explanatory. Now, let’s learn how to differentiate these partner labels.

As you can see, we have 3 different types of Magento partners: 

  • Technology partner: Provide extensions or independent service/software that is not embedded in the Magento system.
  • Extensions/Solutions partner: Provide customization and optimization through extensions.
  • Community Insider partner: Individual certified Magento developers provide extensions/services run on Magento. 

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Step 3: Check out the demo.

After these two steps, you now have several B2B extensions that solve your problem as well as stem from the preferenced partner. The only question left is how to pick the one.

By checking the demo, I mean evaluate:

  • Functionality: What features they claim to have?
  • Usability: How do these features work?
  • Compatibility: How well does the extension integrate with your Magento version and other modules?
  • Post-sale program: Is there support for installation, update, and money-back 

Step 4: Look for reviews/reference check

There are countless sources for Magento extension reviews: right on the Marketplace, Clutch, GitHub, etc. 


The main point of this background check is to get insights on whether this provider has a remarkable ability and good relationship with previous clients.

However, you can directly ask your agencies for references. Any agency that can’t provide references probably should be ruled out. 

Pop this question: “Can you please put me in touch with a few clients who are similar to us in needs and budget who can speak about their experience working with your agency?”

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Recommended Essential Features: Magento 2 B2B Marketplace Community Edition

B2B Company account segmentation

With this feature, the Magento 2 B2B Community provides a customizable corporate structure that boosts conversion rates by cherry-picking displaying content, promotions, and pricing to specific customers.


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Just look at the following Magento 2 extensions:

  • B2B Registration and Customer Attributes – help with managing and evaluating B2B registrations with the utmost details and insights.
  • Force Login and Catalog Permission – BSS offers two modules for wholesale ecommerce to separate and offer exclusiveness for different customer groups;

Promotion & Pricing

Wholesales customers are extremely sensitive to price – this one area can make or break your entire multi-vendor initiative.


In general, you want your Magento B2B pricing to have:

  • Hide price/Call for Price: It’s a triple-threat – boost conversion rate + increase purchasing power + tighten buyer-seller relationship.
  • Request for Quote: Promote a seamless experience in quoting, both general and negotiable.

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Visualizing purchase experience 

Everyone loves to review every option available all in one place. It does not only improve UX but also drives sales numbers and value higher.

This will most likely happen to configurable products. Accordingly, you can choose to show your offering in:

  • Matrix view
  • Smart Display
  • Last but not least, Grid Table View

Your choice of display will largely depend on your preference as well as the current using theme.

Order configuration

There are two distinctive characteristics when it comes to B2B ordering: 

  • Complex
  • Pattern-inducing

So, in order to adapt to them, you need to optimize the checkout process to be faster and smoother with a focus on allowing re-order.


Check out the following list of Magento 2 B2B marketplace extensions:

  • Wholesale Fast Order and Reorder Product List – maximize and simplify the checkout process all at once ;
  • Subscription & Recurring Payments – this aheadWorks’s extension enables customers to purchase with their own terms automatically;
  • Orders Export Tool is the module you need to integrate your data to another platform;
  • Add Multiple Products To Cart – support bulk ordering at its finest.

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Today, we’ve learned how to filter through Magento 2 B2B marketplace like a pro with clear intentions and a plan of action. Furthermore, essential features with recommended extensions are scattered across the body of this text to shorten your B2B module evaluation.

The comment box is always open for discussion, let me know if this guide piques your interest.

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