>Company Account – The first new B2B Feature on Magento 2.2 EE

Company Account – The first new B2B Feature on Magento 2.2 EE

In the previous post, we’ve looked through B2B Features on Magento 2 EE: 4 Advanced Functions Required by Wholesalers, so today let’s go insight of Magento 2 Company Account – the first default B2B Features updated on Magento 2.2 Enterprise Edition version.

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Magento 2 B2B Account

The release of Magento 2.2 EE version comes along with the introduction of Magento 2 Company Account feature for B2B merchants, which meets the complicated requirement for B2B account management.

This business account grants the access for more than one user. Those multiple users of the Magento 2 B2B account can share information for each other or make specific decisions related to B2B e-commerce sales process, but only under the defined roles and permission. With the support of Magento 2 B2B company account, business-to-business customers can log in and fully manage over the account information, company profile, company structure, and company users as well as keep track of the orders, the quotes, the requisition lists, etc. At the same time, admins of Magento 2 B2B stores also have specific right to manage over the company account.

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Magento 2 Company Structure

B2B e-commerce is complicated not only because its products and services are far more complicated than those of B2C business but also due to its long sales cycles which involved various processes. Hence, a logical and expandable structure is required to deal with such a workload. A Magento 2 company account can be defined to reflect B2B business structure.

Magento 2 Company Structure is represented in a hierarchy of division form

After B2B account is active, company structure includes company admin only and can be expanded by that admin for various operation management purposes. That structure should match the practical purchasing process with multiple teams of company users per company division and subdivision.

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Magento 2 Company Users

In Magento 2 EE, company account can grant to be accessed by multi-users, typically the B2B buyers, with the limited roles and permissions. Only company admin has the full permissions to create, assign, and remove company users from the company structure.

Add new Magento B2B company users in minutes

The list of assigned users is presented on the Company User tab of Account Dashboard. By clicking on Add New User button, company administrator can create any number of sub-users and define their roles in the company. In Company Structure, specific users are easily dragged under the particular team as wanted.

In Admin Panel of Magento 2.2 EE, B2B wholesalers can also assign any customers to the company or adjust assignment if needed.

Let’s scroll down to discover the various roles and levels of permission regarding company users.

Magento 2 Roles and Permissions

To improve the performance and operation management of the B2B business, each company user, other than fully-accessed company admin, must be limited to access specific information and resources in Magento 2 stores.

Create and assign any roles for Magento 2 B2B company users.

As can be seen from the illustration image, super-administrators can create and edit unlimited roles, then assign such roles and permissions to sub-users. Moreover, the default Magento 2 B2B Account feature has supported three user roles including default user, senior buyer, and assistant buyer. Accordingly, the default user will take responsibility for sales and quotes, and the users under senior buyer role might be able to reach all sales and quotes information. However, both of these roles can only view company profile or company credit, etc. The assistant buyer users might be charged with the order placement using the quote checkout. They can see orders, quotes, and company profile information.

The step-by-step instruction on how to manage the roles and permission in the created B2B team, check our upcoming article. 

Manage Company Account in The Backend of Magento 2.2 B2B E-commerce

In Customers section of Admin Panel, B2B Wholesalers can manage individual or multiple company accounts in Companies grid. Various actions are available to be applied, consisting of active account, block account, delete account, convert credit, or edit several company values.

Perform mass action by ticking on the selected Magento 2 account.

Besides, the company profile can also be updated right from the backend by store admin as wanted.

Final Words

Above we’ve walked through the first Magento 2 B2B new feature for the EE. From this post, we hope that you have an overview of the company account, its structure, and the division in roles of company users.

P/S: Don’t miss our next sharing about the reason why Magento 2 Wholesalers need to create and manage Company Account.

Have a nice working day!

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