How to Pick The Best Magento Technology Partners

Magento partnership has been mentioned a lot under various titles, such as Magento Solution Partner, Magento Technology Partner, etc. Because of this variety, many people might don’t know what “Magento partner” exactly is or how many types of partners are. Importantly, they don’t know what is the right partner for their needs to work with. 

If this is also Greek to you, it’s time to get everything clear in this post. 

Magento partner program relates to a network of experts and general community members that come together to develop Magento-based businesses. They have experts for professional Magento site design, implementation, merchandising, and leveraging innovative business technologies for your ecommerce business. 

According to specific features, contributions, offered products, and services, there are different types of partners in the Magento Partner program across B2C and B2B industries. 

Magento offers 3 big types of Magento partnerships.  

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#1. Solution Partner 

What does a Solution Partner do? 

Magento Solution Partners refer to partners who offer consultations on how to create a better experience on a Magento website by customizing it according to the business requirements. Their services support both B2C and B2B businesses (from SMB to the largest Fortune 100 brands) in building engaging ecommerce experience.

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What does a solution partner help out? 

  • Digital strategy: A certified Magento Solution Partner can come with an impressive digital strategy for your online store, from designing to differentiating your business from your competitors.  
  • Customization development: Magento provides users the ability to customize its features according to different business requirements. And the success of a store greatly depends on how it is customized. Magento Solution Partners, who are experts in Magento customization can help out in customization tasks to enrich your store features and ensure each custom performs without issues. 
  • Configuration: No matter you are launching a new Magento website or upgrading an existing one, Magento Solution Partners can help you configure your store to fit your business needs. 
  • Integration and deployment: Along with the development of your store, integrations might be necessary. Magento Solution Partners can handle both simple and complex integration frameworks with third-party applications. 

Magento Solution Partner tiers 

Business Solution Partner

They are partners who have just begun with the Magento partnership. These partners are major in implementing Magento store configuration and setup with a focus on existing Magento users. 

Professional Solution Partner 

This group includes partners who usually update the latest innovations launched by Magento to and support Magento users to resolve issues. Professional Solution Partners are often the first to implement the latest Magento practices and offerings. 

Enterprise Solution Partner 

These partners have made significant contributions to the development of Magento platform and have their reputation proven in the Magento industry. 

Global Elite Solution Partner 

In this tier, partners offer full services of system integration and further consultations. They are excellent agencies in e-commerce that deliver the best solutions and support offerings. 

Key points you should consider before choosing a solution partner

Before selecting a Magento Solution Partner, it is recommended to check out their successful projects, average delivery timeline, the size of the team, reliable reviews and feedback, etc. 

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#2.Magento Technology Partner 

What does Technology Partner do? 

Technology partners serve the community with software and services that can be integrated into Magento stores to remove specific limitations of default stores by extending their functionality. Besides, they also help to integrate extensions or third-party software to add more value to your Magento store. 

Whether your goal is to expand into new markets, optimize your checkout experience, or improve your compliance with data privacy or sales tax regulations, technology partners can help. 

Type of Magento Technology Partner 

Extension Builder 

Extension Builders generally include developers, system integrators, and other members of their team. They write extensions that expand the functionality of default Magento and enhance store performance. You can easily find a lot of extensions according to your needs on Magento Marketplace. 

Independent Software Vendor 

As the title implies, Independent Software Vendors offer their own software and services that can also be found on Magento Marketplace. The difference is that those solutions are not embedded to be an extension of Magento. 

Independent Software Vendors are divided into three levels: 

  • Innovate Partner 
  • Accelerate Partner 
  • Premier Partner 

Extensions provided by these partners usually help Magento stores to enrich features of user-generated content & loyalty, product information management, payment & sales tax, delivery, and fulfillment. 

Magento Technology Partner tiers 

Magento Technology Partner 

This tier includes entry-level partners who provide their extensions on Magento Marketplace. You can be assured of these extensions as they have been reviewed by the Magento QA team and only passed extensions are made available.  

Select Technology Partner 

When Magento Technology Partners move beyond the entry-level thanks to their contribution Magento merchants and solution partners, they become Select Technology Partners. Like the previous level, their extensions have to pass the same process before they are available on Magento Marketplace

Premier Technology Partner 

Partners at this level offer the most innovative technology solutions to global merchants to improve their Magento stores. They work closely with a Magento team to drive technology and platform innovation. Premier Technology Partner is a special level because it is an invitation-only Magento partnership program. 

#3. Community Insider 

Community Insiders include certified Magento developers who offer support in designing, implementation, and integration of your Magento store. They are individuals or small dev shops that are starting out their formal business practice at Magento. 

Partners who belong to this group are now members of the Adobe Solution Partners. This partnership program provides partners with access to a lot of tools and resources that give you extra value. Finally, the added value will translate to better results for your customers. 

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