How to Do Wholesale on Shopify Successfully – The Answer is Here!

by Librah Do

If you’ve ventured and braved the world of B2C eCommerce, it’s time you start moving to the big leagues: wholesale eCommerce. Since you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve already thought of the idea. Wait till you finish this article, you will be set on the idea. 


Wholesale eCommerce is the best way to expand your business processes. It’s a market with huge potential and promises better returns than eCommerce retail. In short, it’s a logical expansion.


Once a merchant has set up their eCommerce retail store, they can move on to wholesale without facing scalability issues of any kind. 


Now, how do you get started with wholesale eCommerce? Easy! With the help of platforms like Shopify, you can easily develop your wholesale website and get started. 


In this post, we’ll be discussing all of what you need to do to get started with wholesale on Shopify. Hopefully, this article will give you a complete idea of what you need to get started with wholesale. Before we begin, however, let’s lay down some essential background. 

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Wholesale Commerce: The Misconceptions 


  1. You might be aware that wholesale constitutes selling products in bulk to other companies like a b2b setup. It’s not just limited to that. There are very flexible models you can use to sell even to consumers directly like d2c. 
  2. When you sell in bulk, you get more profits, that much is already established. Another benefit you can gain from selling wholesale is that you can give your business serious legitimacy by selling to companies while also going the retail route. The players you sell to are important. The bigger the name, the more recognition you get. 
  3. Customer relationships are professional but just as important. You need to develop a strong bond with your customer to get the most amount of profit for your business. 
  4. The wholesale mindset being “strictly professional” is a thing of the past. With more millennials now jumping in the market, you can spice things up a bit as you would with b2c. 

How to Do Wholesale on Shopify – Best Practises

For its users, Shopify provides a variety of features that can help you set things up nicely and start selling wholesale immediately. 


To give you a run down, Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there. Easy to use, it can help you get started with eCommerce in an easy-to-use manner. 


On top of that, there are countless built-in features, extensions, and applications that can help you take your business to the next level. 


Now, Shopify is not the best of platforms out there. Here are obvious competitors to Shopify but overall, it’s an ideal platform to get things up and running.


With the tools at our disposal, you can manage and track your website orders, handle inventory, preferences, and manage pricing through the dashboard once you have the integrations installed. The only problem with Shopify is getting support from the team especially when you’re looking to tweak certain features. 

Is Shopify Right for Wholesale/ B2B eCommerce Businesses?

Shopify is one of the best platforms to start a wholesale business for your brand. There are plenty of opportunities at the technical level to help you establish your eCommerce store in modern fashion. Moreover, there are tons of automation tools that can get you up and on the right track. 


In addition to the technical things, there are plenty of marketing tools on Shopify that can get your store the visibility it needs. 


Shopify is possibly one of the best platforms to get started with e-commerce for wholesale processes. If you’re planning to work in retail, then this one is the best solution for your brand. Now, there are plenty of built-in Shopify apps you can use to enhance the Shopify experience for wholesale. 

What Are the Top Shopify Wholesale Apps to Boost Your Webstore?


1. Wholesale Club

If you’re looking to improve the average order value for your Shopify store, then you can use an app like a wholesale club application. It’s a premium Shopify application that helps you get up on track with cool features and functionalities that take your store processes to the next level. The application’s cool features ensure that the wholesale process is successful. 

2. Wholesale Gorilla

Another powerful contender in the wholesale category, wholesale gorilla provides a variety of different tools that takes the Shopify experience completely towards wholesale. A major benefit of using this app is that it is developed by merchants themselves. 


This means that you know what’s happening with your website and ensures that the application is organized to perfection. The app places significant emphasis on the wholesale experience and streamlines it to ensure that customer requests and relationship building is organized to perfection. 

3. Wholesale Order Form & Reorder

One of the best applications on Shopify out there, wholesale helper allows you to set wholesale discounts on the store. While this doesn’t have a list of comprehensive features, it has its fair share of high-quality features that can help your store shine in the wholesale sphere. 

5. Wholesale Lock Manager

While the general Shopify store is secure enough as it is, there is no denying the benefits of having a secure Shopify website. This application here helps you track and manage the security of individual stores and pages. 

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Selling Wholesale on Shopify – How to Succeed


For its part, Shopify provides a range of features and functionalities that helps you create a dedicated wholesale platform in the least amount of time. After installing the third-party wholesale application, you can discount codes to provide users with the ability to gain discounts for your store. 

How to Add Wholesale to Shopify?

Adding the wholesale option to your eCommerce store is quite easy. You can use the “You Shopify” store to add the functionality to your store. From there, you can create a “customer account” that you can access from the “customer account page” and click on the “wholesale” option. Easy as pie. 

Build Your Own Shopify B2B Website to Thrive Online

In this post, we’ve discussed the benefits of using Shopify for wholesale purposes and also recommended some top Shopify B2B apps.


To make your storefront more professional and well-performed, you should find help from Shopify & B2B experts. Moreover, with complicated and specific business demands, it’s better to hire a trusted B2B agency because they would have a competent team of certified developers, dedicated project leaders and testers to launch your site on time. 

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