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Magento 2 Cookie Popup: 4 Ways To Deal With Law & Notify Customer

by Trang Tran

The rules in this e-commerce have altered after adopting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. Is your company in charge of your customer’s personal information? Then you must place a Magento 2 cookie popup on your website to request permission to utilize your trackers on them. Yes, but it’s not just about a simple infographic.

While most websites have implemented a cookie banner, others have gone above and beyond to provide a better user experience. We’ll examine several sorts of cookie banners and what makes them excellent in this article.

What is Cookie Law?

A cookie (also known as a web cookie or browser cookie) is a little piece of data kept in a user’s web browser that retains user settings and preferences and things like the frequency with which someone visits a given website and other analytics data.

The Cookie Law was enacted due to amendments to the 2003 EU e-Privacy Directive, which requires websites to acquire user agreement before employing tracking technology, the most common of which being cookies.

UK-based websites that do not follow the regulations might face fines of up to £500,000, according to the British Information Commissioner’s Office.

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On the other hand, cookies are commonly used by website developers and businesses to improve the user experience. Cookies can also offer you vital information that will help you better understand your visitors.

Cookies, for example, can:

  • Save user login details
  • Determine how frequently a person visits your site and which pages they view.
  • Target relevant advertising to your visitors

The Cookie Policy on your website must explain how your users’ data is handled when they visit your site. It should also explain how users can opt out of having cookies placed on their computers by your website.

4 Ways to Effectively Use Magento 2 Cookie Popup

Let’s look at four Magento 2 cookie popup methods for informing your users that they’ll use store cookies.

Fixed footer notification

It’s always an excellent strategy to set up your Magento 2 cookie popup in the footer of your website. People know to look for crucial legal links in the footer because most websites have them. If you include a notice in the footer, your users are more likely to see it and take it seriously.

Here’s an example from Essentra, which includes a fixed footer informing users about cookie usage and collection. The footer takes up the entire bottom half of the website and stays there until the user accepts and closes it. The notification is related to the Cookies Policy; therefore users can learn more before deciding whether or not to accept Essentra’s cookie usage:


There’s also a “More about GDPR” link that leads to a page where users can learn more about the company’s efforts to comply with the GDPR. Because the GDPR emphasizes transparency and user rights, a cookie notice like this, which obtains consent from users before setting cookies, is a GDPR requirement when the majority of cookies are used.

Here’s how Lenovo incorporates a slightly transparent banner and stays static while a user scrolls until they select options:


Top header notification

A top header notification will appear at the top of your website, right in the middle. This Magento 2 cookie popup makes it nearly impossible for a site visitor to overlook it. Important messages, such as sale announcements and other items consumers should be aware of, are frequently placed near the top of websites. Thus, this is an excellent spot to put your cookie notice.

Many years ago, the BBC News website used this strategy, showing a message above the primary navigation menu at the beginning of the website:


The notification does not go away unless the visitor accepts and closes it by clicking a button. The Cookie Policy and the notification are related, as is customary so that users can make an informed choice.

Following its graphic charter, Gov UK adopted a similar strategy but has chosen to install a simple and sober cookie banner. A very visual cookie is a tiny addition that quickly attracts the eye! It is impossible to refuse instantly, but you can do so via a popup that can be accessed directly via “View cookies” or the cookie page.


However, using a header Magento 2 cookie popup has the disadvantage of disappearing when the user scrolls down. It means they can continue to browse your website without interruption. Still, it also means you haven’t obtained their explicit approval, which means you won’t be able to serve them vital analytics or advertising cookies.

Box notification

The Magento 2 cookie popup or modal box is another typical e-commerce cookie banner. This cookie consent notice grabs your attention the moment you visit a website for the first time, and it’s usually in the center of the screen for maximum effect.

The choice of consent is considerably more evident with popup or modal cookie banners than with a footer banner. Before consumers can continue and examine your information, they must decide. This means it’s an excellent option to ensure that all website visitors have explicit approval.

Some websites, such as YouTube, have gone one step further and implemented a full-page notification, dubbed a “cookie wall.” It prevents you from accessing the entire website’s content unless you grant consent for cookies, deny consent, or change your choices. This option is for the ultra-privacy-conscious website, but a popup that only slightly obscures your content works fine for many.


Many popup cookie banners offer various customizing options for customers who want to define their preferences. They frequently allow visitors to accomplish this within the widget, eliminating the need to go to a different website. Some users may appreciate this, but others may find the experience of being presented with so many alternatives on their first visit overwhelming.

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Corner Box

To highlight their Cookie Policy, some organizations place a popup box in the corner of their page. To see the content on the page, the user must interact with the box.

The Financial Times website contains a window in the bottom left corner that asks users to accept cookies:


Cookies are used to maintain the site’s reliable, secure, advertise, and personalize content.

The Financial Times includes the ability for users to alter their cookie choices by clicking ‘Manage cookies’:


Otherwise, users can continue to surf the website by clicking “Accept and continue“.

An Easy Way to Manage Magento 2 Cookie Popup and Data Privacy

Creating your own complying and superior Magento 2 cookie popup doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Magento 2 Popup, which is BSS Commerce’s simple module, may assist you in creating and customizing a cookie consent banner for your Magento store.

Personalize the provided template banner with your language, colors, fonts, and styles to make it feel like it belongs to your company. Make the user experience even better by giving them the option to establish their consent preferences. This means you can show your users that you care about their privacy and choices without putting in the extra effort.


You’ll be on your way to staying compliant with crucial privacy legislation with a personalized cookie consent banner in Magento 2. It doesn’t, however, begin and finish there. When it comes to linking to your privacy policy, the Magento 2 Cookie Consent module includes a feature to assist you in creating and displaying a user-friendly policy that users can use to submit subject access requests. Moreover, this module supports the latest solution: Google Consent Mode v2 for compliance with EU cookie law & keeping Google data tracked.

It’s now easier than ever to keep updated on your data privacy compliance now that your privacy policy, cookie banner, and user requests are all in one spot.

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Last Words

Although a Magento 2 cookie popup is a must-have, it does not have to be dull. Your cookie consent banner or notification has a lot of room for creativity, design, and user experience to affect it. Take inspiration from the banners in this post to help you construct one for your website that provides more than the bare minimum for your visitors.

Users can offer their informed consent to use your website’s cookies. As a result, you’ll be able to follow the cookie legislation by incorporating any appropriate design feature for your website. Simply ensure that you are well-designed and visible in your notification.

Moreover, include a link in your cookies notification to a page where users may learn more information about the cookies. Besides, your website should maintain it to find in your Privacy Policy or a separate Cookies Policy.

For new visitors, the message must appear on all pages of your website. You must continue to show the notification message if a new user arrives on a specific web page rather than your homepage, such as Google search results.

Try Magento 2 Cookie Consent if you seek a simple solution to design and maintain your Magento 2 cookie popup. You can make a banner to go with the theme of your website, includes customizable wording, and provides your users with what they desire most — choice — using our user-friendly interface.

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