>How to Import Export Categories in Magento 2

How to Import Export Categories in Magento 2

Magento 2 Import Export function is one of the best solutions for all stores to simplify a huge amount of manual tasks in the backend. Especially in the process of migrating, updating or simply adding various things at the large number to websites, these features become more and more essential and effective for Magento business.

Today, we together discover another Magento 2 Import Export extension from BSSCommerce to give you more methods to save your time and lower costs: Magento 2 Import Export Categories module.

Before exploring how this extension free administrators from complex tasks, let’s take a look at previous articles in the series of Magento 2 Import Export extensions as well as valuable tutorials: 

Now, it’s time to checkout out the fantastic features of Magento 2 Import Export Categories extension.

Does Default Magento 2 Support Import and Export Categories Function?

It is obvious that the only answer is definitely No. You can check this blog post we published before for more information about these supported functions by Magento. In default Magento 2, administrators just can create categories one by one and complete related data in each category. In case a store wants to migrate to Magento 2, or update or move to a new website, manual creating is such time-consuming work that every business may not tolerate. Therefore, this is a reason why Magento 2 Import Export Categories extension is developed to help administrators and store owners to simplify their tasks and improve work performance as well as productivity.

How Does Magento 2 Import Export Categories Extension Benefit for Admin?

Magento 2 Import Categories function

If an admin needs to create each category in default Magento, Magento 2 import categories feature of this module allows admin to add a large number of categories along with related data at once. This thing is effortlessly completed with a CSV file which contains all information about categories to be imported.

Complete data in the CSV file to be imported

The Magento 2 Import Categories extension provides administrators a sample CSV file to download to your computer. Then, they can absolutely fill in category data such as category ID, store ID, parent ID, name, description, category products and so on.

Validate the CSV file before importing categories to Magento 2 website.

After preparing the comprehensive CSV file, the admin needs to click Check Data button to validate it before import. If the file is perfect without any problems, admin can easily click the Import button to start adding categories to Magento website. However, in case there is any error included, Import button cannot be displayed and of course, administrators need to fix these issues and then import again.

Show success message and Import button after validating

Import Magento 2 categories by some clicks

Make settings for the import process

Check imported categories in the backend after importing

When your Magento 2 import categories process is successfully done, admin can check these imported categories in the backend by navigating to Catalog→ Categories.

Magento 2 Export Categories function

Beside importing, this extension also gives the admin a hand to export categories along with all cate information in Magento website. Admin can conveniently export all available categories to a CSV file for a purpose of importing to other websites. They also export specific categories by store view ID or category ID depending on their needs. By exporting categories with some simple clicks and auto download to computers, it is nearly so simple and smooth that every store owner could perform without any help of expert and IT staff.

Export categories to a CSV file


Magento 2 Import Export Categories module is one of the best solutions in our Import Export extensions. It contributes to the largest objective of saving time and efforts as well as lowering business operation costs for all Magento 2 store owners. This is also the main mission that pushes us to develop high-quality Magento 2 Import Export extensions and serve global customers for better site performance.