Must-have Import Export Product Attributes Extension for Magento 2

Must-have Import/Export Product Attributes Extension for Magento 2

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The best solution of Magento 2 import export product attributes extension!

For e-commerce businesses, product attributes are a really crucial factor to provide customers the most detailed information on your products. Each aspect that makes a particular product unique should be specified as an attribute for better filtering, better searching and comparing.

Read about everything you need to know about Magento 2 product attributes to use it properly.

Therefore, Magento 2 import export product attributes is an essential feature when store owners want to move to a new site, change to a new platform or upgrade to a new version.

Limitation of Import/Export Product Attributes in Default Magento 2

In the default Magento 2, importing and exporting products into online stores is done via a CSV file that contains all information to describe products.

However, default function does not include product attribute import and export while these two things are essential for any stores when store owners want to move to a new site, change to a new platform or upgrade to a new version.

As a consequence, business often takes so much time as well as human resources and costs to manually add attributes for products into websites.  

An Effective Tool to Import/Export Products Attributes in Magento 2

The mentioned limitation of Import/Export functions in default Magento 2 has encouraged BSSCommerce to come up with the new idea of Magento 2 Import/Export Product Attributes extension. The most breakthrough improvement of this extension is that product attributes can be imported or exported quickly via a CSV file by one click. Moreover, Magento 2 Import/Export Product Attributes extension also displays notifications that provide information about errors, which helps users quickly find and correct them.

This Magento 2 Import/Export Product Attributes extension is especially suitable for wholesales and B2B businesses that have an enormous amount of data to handle. Therefore,  by using this module, the time, as well as costs spent on adding product attributes, will be cut down more considerably than before. 

How “Import/Export Product Attributes Extension” Works in Magento 2

After installation of the extension, importing and exporting product attributes become much more comfortable. Let’s take a look at how this extension simplifies the import and export process in Magento 2.

In the backend, users can:

Quickly Import Product Attributes in CSV format just by a click

Magento 2 Import/Export Product Attributes extension offers a sample CSV file right in the module configuration so that admin can conveniently download it to the computer and create their files by following the instructions there. This action can avoid unexpected errors that can occur while entering data.


A sample CSV file

After completing filling necessary data in CSV file, come back to Import page, choose the most suitable import behavior in 3 available ones:

  • Add/Update to import new product attributes or update information of available ones
  • Replace to take the place of one product attribute by another one
  • Delete to remove a product attributes’ existence in store view.

Other features are remained unchanged compared to default Magento 2 to make it convenient for users in the process of importing their product attributes.


Import settings

Authorize the data and display notifications in case of errors during the import process

After uploading the CSV file to the system, just a click on the Check data button, the CSV file will be automatically checked from top to bottom to guarantee for enough standard format.

Then a message will appear on the screen and provide admin with validation results containing: the checked rows, checked entities, invalid rows, and total errors. If there is any mistake, a report will be shown to describe precisely.

Admins have to follow the instructions there and correct these errors. If not, the Import button will appear, and admin can click on it to import product attributes.


Validate data in the CSV file

After all, admin can review his/her attributes in Catalog. To do so, click Products in admin homepage, select Catalog.

import export product attributes magento 2

Manage product attributes

Easily choose to export all product attributes or one product attribute set 

In this section, admin can export all product attributes or each attribute set when they choose “Attribute set” in the Entity Type. A CSV file containing selected attributes will be downloaded to admin’s computers easily.


Export product attributes or attributes sets

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With Magento 2 Import/Export Product Attributes extension, users are provided with an easy way to import, or export product attributes instead of wasting too much time dealing with attributes manually.

This extension is an ideal choice for all users even when you are not tech-savvy. Therefore, go for our extension now to optimize your Magento 2 site now.

Learn more about how to add new Magento 2 product attributes.

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