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How to Manage Currency Symbol and Currency Rate in Magento 2

by Van Nguyen

As a store owner, it is essential that you gain basic knowledge on how to manage currency symbol and update currency rate, especially when you need to make changes in Magento  2 default. This guide will provide you with an essential guide to do this with quick and easy steps.

Manage Currency Symbol

1.Please navigate to Admin Sidebar > Stores > Currency > Currency Symbols.

currency symbol magento 2

2. Then, in Currency Symbols, find the currency list which is currently enabled for your store.

configure currency symbol magento 2

3. Tick checkbox Use Standard to apply the standard currency symbol in Magento default or clear the checkbox and enter the currency symbol you want to use.


4. Click Save Currency Symbols to save the configuration.

Update Currency Rate

To set up currency rates for your store, you can choose to set up manually or import to your store; please refer to the tutorial on the currency setup here. However, it is still utterly vital that you ensure the currency rate updated which can be done manually, by import or automatically upgrade on schedule.


Please go to Admin Sidebar > Stores > Currency > Currency Rates.

configure currency rate magento 2

Update Currency Rate Manually

1. Choose the rate you want to change, then enter the new rate.

2. Click Save Currency Rates to save the configuration.

Import Currency Rate

In Import Service, choose the currency rate provider. There are 3 options: Webservicex, Yahoo Finance Exchange, and

Click the Import button. The updated rates appear in Currency Rates list.

Click Save Currency Rates to save the configuration.

Import Currency Rate on Schedule

1. Enable Cron for your store.

2. Complete the currency rate setup to identify the accepted currencies, then establish the import connection and schedule.

3. To verify that the currency rates are updated on the schedule, check the Currency Rates list after waiting for the duration of the frequency set for schedule.

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