>How to Set Up Payment Methods in Magento 2 (Part 1)

How to Set Up Payment Methods in Magento 2 (Part 1)

In previous articles, we have discovered how to configure four main shipping methods in Magento 2 but have just finished the overall guide on shipping method without further investigation on payment methods. Therefore, this article will be the regular part of how to configure shipping and payment methods in Magento 2.

Payment method configuration

Please navigate to Stores, in Settings choose Configuration

payment configure 1

Next, expand Sales to find Payment Methods.

payment configure 2

In Merchant Location, select your country in the drop down of Merchant Country.

merchant location


PayPal offers fast and secure online payment for a customer, which accepts payment from all major debit and credit cards.

There are three types of PayPal payment methods available in Magento 2: PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions, PayPal Payment Gateways, and PayPal Express Checkout. This article will give an overall introduction for all the three listed methods, but only one detailed guide for PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal All-in-One Payment Solutions

paypal all-in-one

PayPal Payment Advanced allows the customer to pay by debit card and credit card without requiring to leave site thanks to the customization of an embedded checkout page for the more convenient checkout process.

Customers can simultaneously use 2 PayPal payments including PayPal Express Checkout and any All-in-One Payment or Payment Gateway solution.

PayPal Payment Pro offers you the combined benefits of a merchant account and gateway to fully customize the checkout process. PayPal Payment Pro is automatically enabled with PayPal Express Checkout for further convenience.

PayPal Payments Standard is regarded as the easiest solution to accept payment online which offer customer payment by both credit card and PayPal by the addition of a checkout button in your store. PayPal Payments Standard allows customers to swipe a credit card on mobile devices or pay from their personal PayPal accounts. No monthly fee is required, and various types of credit cards are supported such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

PayPal Payment Gateways

paypal payment gateways

PayPal Payflow Pro gateway allows you full control to customize the entire payment experience for customers. PayPal Payflow Pro charges you a fixed fee every month, and a fixed fee for each transaction. It is available for customers in several countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

PayPal Payflow Link gateway does not require customers to have a personal PayPal account and is only available in the United States and Canada. This payment method cannot be used for orders created from admin.

PayPal Express Checkout

paypal express checkout

PayPal Express Checkout allows customers to pay by credit card or from their personal PayPal accounts. In the checkout process, customers are directed to the PayPal site to fill in payment information and then returned to your site to complete the rest of the checkout process. The familiar “Checkout with PayPal” button is added in the checkout process.

Here are 5 steps to set up PayPal Express Checkout

Step 1: Required Settings

paypal express checkout 1.1

In Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account, enter your email address which has been specified in your PayPal merchant account.

In API Authentication Methods, choose API Signature or API Certificate.

Then fill in information for API Username, API Password, and API Signature.

If using credentials from sandbox account, select Yes in Sandbox Mode.

Is using a proxy server for connecting Magento and PayPal payment system, choose yes in API Uses Proxy and fill in 2 sections: Proxy Host and Proxy Port.

In Enable This Solution, choose Yes.

In Enable PayPal Credit, choose yes to offer PayPal Credit for customers.

Step 2: Basic Settings

paypal epxpress checkout 1

In Title, fill in the title that will be displayed in the payment method in the customer checkout process. It is recommended to set the title to “PayPal” for each store view.

In Sort Order, select a number which decides the position of PayPal Express Checkout in the list of payment method during the checkout process. For example: 0 = first, 1 = second, 2 = third.

In Payment Action, select one of the available options:

  • Authorization: the amount of the purchase will be put on hold until it is captured by the merchant
  • Sale: the amount of the purchase is authorized and withdrawn from the customer’s account.
  • Order: the amount of the purchase is not authorized or withdrawn. The Order action enables merchants to capture one or more amount of order total from customer account in the period of up to 29 days.

In Display on Product Detail Page, select Yes to display “Check out with PayPal” button on your site.

Step 3: Advanced Settings

paypal express checkout 2

In Display on Shopping Cart, set Yes.

In Payment Applicable From, choose All Allowed Countries to make PayPal Express Checkout available for customers from all countries, or specify which countries to apply this payment method in the list of Specific Countries.

In Debug Mode, choose Yes to write communications with payment system into a log file.

In Enable SSL verification, choose Yes to enable host authenticity verification.

In Transfer Cart Line Items, choose Yes to display a full summary of customer’s orders by line item from PayPal site.

In Transfer Shipping Options, choose Yes to include shipping options in summary.

In Shortcut Buttons Flavor, choose Dynamic or Static to set the type of image for PayPal acceptance button.

  • Dynamic: the image can be changed from the PayPal server.
  • Static: the image is set and cannot be changed.

In Enable PayPal Guest Checkout, choose Yes to enable customers that don’t have PayPal accounts use this payment method.

In Require Customer’s Billing Address, choose one of the following options

  • Yes: customer billing address is required for all purchases.
  • No: customer billing address is not required for purchase.
  • For Virtual Quotes Only: customer billing address is only required for virtual quotes.

In the Billing Agreement Signup, choose one of the following options to determine whether the customer can sign a billing agreement with your store in the PayPal payment system.

Auto: customer can sign a billing agreement in Express Checkout flow or use another method of payment.

Ask Customer: customer can decide to sign a billing agreement during Express Checkout flow.

Never: customer cannot sign a billing agreement during Express Checkout flow.

In Skip Order Review Step, choose Yes to permit the customer to complete the transaction from PayPal site without going back to your store.

Step 4: Billing Agreement Settings

paypal express checkout 3

In Enabled, choose Yes

In Title, select a title to identify the PayPal Billing Agreement in checkout.

In Sort Order, pick a number to decide the position of Billing Agreement in a list of payment methods displayed during customer checkout process.

In Payment Action, choose Authorization or Sale to set the suitable payment action.

  • Authorization: purchase is approved, but the fund is put on hold, so the amount of purchase won’t be withdrawn until it is captured by the merchant.
  • Sale: the amount of purchase is authorized and withdrawn from the customer’s account.

In Payment Applicable From, choose All Allowed Countries to apply for customers from all countries or pick specifically each country to use this payment in Specific Countries.

In Debug Mode, choose Yes to write communication with PayPal payment system in a log file.

In Enable SSL verification, choose Yes to enable SSL verification.

In Transfer Cart Line Items, choose Yes to display a full summary of all line items in customer’s order on PayPal payment page.

In Allow in Billing Agreement Wizard, choose Yes to allow customers to start a billing agreement from a dashboard of their account.

Step 5: Settlement Report Settings

paypal express checkout 4

If signing up for SFTP Server, fill in the credential information of Login and Password.

In Sandbox Mode, choose Yes to test reports before applying Express Checkout on your site.

In Custom Endpoint Hostname or IP Address, fill in the required information. The default value is reports.paypal.com

In Custom Path, enter the custom path where reports are saved.

In Scheduled Fetching, choose yes in Enabled Automatic Fetching to activate this function and set Schedule to one of the available options.

In Time of Day, set time to the hour, minute, second when generating a report.

Step 6: Frontend Experience Settings

paypal express checkout 5

In PayPal Product Logo, choose which logo to appear in PayPal block of your store. Choose one of the available options.

In PayPal Merchant Style, select PayPal merchant page style Page Style:

  • PayPal: use PayPal page style.
  • Primary: use the primary style in your account profile.
  • Your_custom_value: use a custom style that is specified in your account profile.

In Header Image URL, determine URL of the image in the payment page.

Finally, choose Header Background Color, Header Border Color, Page Background Color and click Save Config to save all configuration.

If you are interested in targeting each type of PayPal payment to a specific customer group, please check out Shipping and Payment per Customer Group module by BssCommerce built on Magento 2 platform.

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Shipping and Payment per Customer Group M2_Image feature

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