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How to Set Up Magento 2 Shipping Methods? (Part 1)

The default supports a wide range of choices for Magento 2 shipping methods and payment methods. The shipping method in Magento 2 refers to the cost and method of delivering a goods to a consumer. 

Both shipping fee and time impact customers’ purchasing decisions. So this is a way to increase your order quantity and amount. In addition, the free shipping method is especially one of the best ways used in sales seasons. And we can not deny this positive affection in sales.

The configuration of shipping and payment methods is not tricky, but it requires a careful and step-by-step process of setup in the backend.  This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to configure Magento 2 shipping options.

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Magento 2 Shipping Methods Settings

Find the Magento 2 Shipping settings

Before discovering the setup of Magento 2 shipping methods,  you need to finish configuring the shipping setting first. Let’s follow these steps:

Please navigate to Admin Sidebar, in Stores section choose Setting and select Configuration.

magento 2 shipping options-settings
Locate the Shipping settings

Then expand Sale to find Shipping Settings which includes two main sections: Origin and Shipping Policy Parameters.

magento 2 shipping options
Fill in the requirements of Magento 2 Shipping settings

In Origin, fill in the following information to establish the point of origin for all shipments.

  • Country
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • City
  • Street Address
  • Street Address Line 2 (if needed)

In Shipping Policy Parameters.

  • Choose Yes in Apply custom Shipping Policy.
  • Enter your Shipping Policy in the textbox.

After completing all the listed requirements, click Save Config.

Magento 2 Shipping Methods Configuration 

magento 2 set default shipping method
Find the Configuration

Steps to set up  configuration shipping method in Magento 2:

  • To set up Magento shipping option, you need to locate the Admin sidebar, then go to Setting, choose Configuration.
  • Under the Sales section, select Shipping Methods.
  • You will see a list of 4 primary shipping methods available, including free shipping, flat rate, table rates, and dimensional weight for big carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL).

Tutorial to Set Up Magento 2 Shipping Methods

1. How to configure Magento 2 shipping methods: Free Shipping

The Free shipping method is regarded as one of the most effective promotions that store owners can offer customers. This Magento shipping option can be activated when buyers meet specific requirements on minimum purchase per order, which is set up by a web administrator.

For instance, you might want to make adjustments in Magento 2 to include a free delivery option for sales above $100. As a result, all customers who placed orders worth more than $100 were eligible for a free delivery coupon. Let’s have a look at how to set up a shipping method in Magento 2.

magento 2 shipping options-free shipping
Setup of Free Shipping Method in Magento 2

Simple steps to configure Free Shipping method:

  • In Enabled, choose Yes.
  • Set Title as Free Shipping so that customers can identify the method when checking out.
  • Describe method as Free in Method Name.
  • Enter the Minimum Order Amount to set the condition for free shipping.
  • Type in Displayed Error Message to show a message if the free Magento 2 shipping option is unavailable for customers’ orders.
  • In Ship to Applicable Countries, choose All Allowed Countries to make free shipping methods available for customers from all countries, or select which states can apply free shipping method in the dropdown list of countries in Specific Countries.
  • In Sort Order, type in a number to decide the position of free shipping method in the shipping list displayed during the customer checkout process. For example: 0 = first, 1 = second, 2 = third.
  • Then click Save Config to complete the task.

2. How to configure Magento 2 shipping methods: Flat Rate

The flat rate shipping method is a type of simple shipping solution that can be applied per item or shipment. Store owners frequently use this shipping method in flat-rate packaging that some carriers offer.

Without complex, no calculated, this shipping method configs are set up at ease in no time and effort. 

magento shipping option-flat rate
How to set up Magento 2 flat rate shipping method

Easy steps to set up the Flat Rates shipping method:

  • In Enabled, choose Yes.
  • Then choose the Title for Flat Rate method.
  • In Method Name, type in a name for the shipping method which will appear in next to the calculated rate in the shopping cart. Depending on your policy of shipping for the flat rate, you can set another method name instead of the default one.
  • In Type, choose one of the options to decide how flat rate shipping can be used.

+ If choose None, the flat rate shipping will be listed in the cart with the rate of zero making it equals free shipping.

+ If you choose Per Order, the flat rate will be applied for each order.

+ If choose Per Item, then no matter how many items are chosen in a shopping cart, the flat rate will be charged for each item separately.

  • In Price, determine which price you want to charge for the flat rate shipping method.
  • If there is a handling fee added to the total of shipping cost, then choose Fixed or Percent in Calculate Handling Fee. For the Fixed option, simply enter fee using the usual decimal number, but if select Percent option which means the fee will be calculated based on a percentage, then enter a number in percent form, for instance, 0.05 for 5 percent.
  • In Displayed Error Message, enter the message which will emerge in the customer checkout process if flat rate shipping is unavailable to them.
  • In Ship to Applicable Countries, choose All Allowed Countries if you want to apply a flat rate shipping method for customers from all over the world. However, if you need to limit the flat rate shipping method for several countries, then choose from the list of countries in Specific Countries to determine where this shipping method can be used.
  • In Sort Order, type on a number to set the position of flat-rate shipping method in the list of shipping methods during customer checkout. For instance, 0 = first, 1 = second, 2 = third.
  • When finishing the task of setting up for the flat rate shipping method, click Save Config.

3. How to configure Magento 2 shipping Methods: Table Rates

Table rates shipping method refer to a table of data presenting shipping rates which are calculated based on a set of conditions, consisting of Weight v. Destination, Price v. Destination.

This method will benefit businesses in saving time and making an impression of a professional business for customers. It works quickly in transferring between 2 currencies based on table rate file. 

Set up for Table rates shipping method

To configure the Table Rates shipping method, please follow the 4 following steps carefully:

Step 1: Complete the default setting of the Table Rates shipping method 
  • In Enabled, choose Yes.
  • In Title, pick the title to represent the table rate shipping method in the customer check-out process.
  • In Method Name, choose a name that will appear next to the calculated rate in the shopping cart.
  • In Condition, choose one of the available options: Weight v. Destination, Price v. Destination, # of Items v. Destination.
  • In case virtual products are included in customer’s orders, choose Yes in Include Virtual Products In Price Calculation to calculate the shipping cost of virtual products. For example, virtual products are services that do not weigh and cannot affect the result of the calculation based on Weight v. Destination condition.
  • In Calculate Handling Fee, set the method of calculating fee as Fixed or Percent.
  • In Displayed Error Message, enter the message which will appear in case the table rates shipping method is not available for customers.
  • In Set Ship to Applicable Countries, either choose All Allowed Countries to set table rates shipping for customers from any country or specify which countries to apply this shipping method in Ship to Specific Countries.
  • In Sort Order, enter a number to decide the position of table rates shipping in the shipping method list during customer checkout.
  • Finally, click Save Config to complete the task.
Step 2: Build Table Rate data
  • First, set Store View to Main Website in the admin view of Magento 2 to apply the changes in the configuration above.
  • Then the Export and Import options will show up in the Table Rates section; you can choose Use Default or change the current setting by clearing the Use Default check box and choosing another option in Condition.
  • Click Export CSV and save tablerates.csv file to your computer.
  • Open the file and complete the table which contains the condition of shipping calculation, Then save the file.
Step 3: Import Table Rate data
  • In Import, click Choose File and select the tablerates.csv file to import the rates into your store.
  • Click Save Config to complete the task.
Step 4: Verify the Rates
  • This is an optional step but I still recommend you verify the rate by going through the payment process with different addresses to ensure that the shipping rates calculation is correct.

Shipping and Payment Methods (1)

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This blog shows you a detailed guide to configuring standard shipping methods in Magento 2. We hope you’ve learned clearly how to set up free shipping ways, table prices shipping options, and flat rate shipping methods in Magento 2.

Furthermore, you can read about the last shipping method – Dimensional Weight here.

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