Hyva Meetup 7 – Showcases of Hyva Development Projects

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Hyva Meetup is an official virtual event hosted by Hyva Theme for everyone who is interested in Hyva for Magento. The event enables collaboration and knowledge sharing for the benefit of the Magento community.

On May 22, Hyva Meetup came back with its seventh edition. The topic of this event was Hyva Projects. The Hyva Theme invited 4 speakers to share their experiences on their recent projects of creating a Hyva frontend for a store.

Moreover, Hyva Meetup 7 truly is a remarkable event for BSS Commerce, as we got the invitation to be guest speaker, talking about an outstanding Hyva project that we just finished.

In this article, we will show you a recap of the event, including all the highlights of the night.

Vitel Showcase – Rebuild an international and B2B2C website on Hyva theme

It’s such an honor that Hyva Meetup 7 started with BSS Commerce’s newest Hyva development case study – Vitel Energía.

With the goal of building a faster loading and better UX/UI website, we advised our client to build on the Hyva theme for what it offers. Then based on Hyva default, we did some customizations to fits our client’s needs.

This showcase is presented by Kin Pham – Division Manager at BSS Commerce. She shared some wonderful insights and experiences with the project and showcased some highlight features.


  • Faster development with Hyva theme to achieve our client’s goal
  • Need to understand client’s needs to choose a suitable solution 

Livim Showcase – Relaunching an unmaintainable theme

Next, Mathias Elle and Tom Muir, two Frontend Designers at e3n shared the process for their Livim project. 

In their presentation, they showed us in detail each step of the workflow, from the concept to the development phase.

They also talked about how they built the One Step Checkout with the Hyva Fallback Solution and the pros and cons of the method.

Finally, they showcased 2 impressive numbers: the new Livim website helps increase 147% sales and 54% conversion rate

Design Bestseller Showcase – How to handle a high-end shop with Hyva

The event ended with another great talk from e3n’s team about their project for Design Bestseller.

Ina van der Biesen walked us through the project recap, including the struggles they met and how they overcame them.

She also shared some highlight features for the Products, Content, and Checkout page.

Watch the full recording of the Hyva Meetup #7 event here!

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