Halloween for Magento 2

Dress Up Your Magento 2 With Halloween Thematic Spooky In 30 Minutes

by Stephanie Greene

Just in the next few days, customers will knock at your door for Halloween treats. It’s a great chance for all store owners to boost the sale! Thus, you must consider carefully to make a wise choice and don’t let your customer down. 

You had better refresh your website with spooky thematic elements several days earlier before and during the event. However, it is unnecessary to put all the time and effort into redesigning your whole website. Halloween is a profitable event, yet short!

Instead, we reveal you some quick-to-prepare Halloween ideas for Magento 2 store to make your customers scream with excitement as soon as they enter your website.

Add Halloween vibe to your logo

Google has dressed up its logo almost every day and for years. Have you noticed it?

In fact, Google adds some fun, surprising, and even spontaneous changes to its original logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries or to honor the lives of famous pioneers, artists, and scientists.

Such meaningful branding!

This Halloween, you can also change your logo with some spooky twist to show the human and playful side of your business. It’s better to have something than nothing, obviously!

If you have no idea yet, then refer to Google Doodles.

#2: Showcase hot deals on the homepage banner

Magento 2 Halloween Banner

Changing the whole new theme is time-consuming and even might result in errors. Thus, an eye-catching banner right on the homepage will be enough and effective.

It might be as simple as saying, “Happy Halloween!” Or, if you have any Halloween treats for your lovely customers, make sure they do not miss them. For example, you offer a discounts code or FREE shipping for orders from 29th to 31st October.

#3: Host a Halloween game


(Source: Knowband.com)

Who doesn’t like fun? Not only having fun, they also can receive the rewards such as coupons, store credit, reward points, etc for later orders. As a result, gamification works so well for an e-commerce website to get the customers involved and stay longer on the website. Even better, customers will come back later to spend the received treats.

Thankfully, there are some Magento 2 extensions to integrate simple-but-fun games into your website, for example, Spin & Win, Halloween Maze, or Crossword Puzzle.

#4. Peek-a-boo Popup

Peek a boo popup

Instead of the boring subscription popup, as usual, add some spooky spices.

It is Halloween, it is acceptable to leave your customers startled (but do not scare them to death!)

  • Use Halloween symbols such as pumpkins, skeletons, scarecrows, graveyards, ghosts, witches, or haunted houses
  • Use spooky fonts and dark colors
  • Offer attractive incentives to get them engaged
  • Display the popup at the right time and right place (it is based on your customers’ behaviors. Do some analytics)

#5. Halloween Categories

Halloween banner for Magento 2

If your products have something relevant to Halloween, such as T-shirts, mugs, hats, or anything, then gather them into one category to access them more easily. In case your business has nothing to do with Halloween events, you can change the hot deal category into “Halloween Treats.”

#6: Spooky Icon Lists

There is a bunch of ways to add a Halloween touch to your Magento 2 websites without making a mass change. Say, leave a spider web at the corner. Or, vamp (ire) up the social share or follow buttons or even turn them into scary icons.

Believe it or not.

When customers scroll down and they catch an interesting icon, they will put a smile on their face and be likely to click.

Also, if you have any product labels. Just, create a Halloween version of them to make hot deals become hotter!

#7. Do Not Forget Website Optimizing Task

You should all know 5 eCommerce Common Mistakes in Holiday Season.

Halloween is indeed a hectic season as you will run a lot of promotions on-site, so it is very crucial that you can optimize your website to prepare for the large flow of customers coming to your site.

  • Optimize page load: On average, 40% of customers will leave your site if it does not load within 3 seconds. To avoid a high bounce rate due to slow page load, your website should be implemented by traffic management and optimization tools to improve site performance. Get the tool here!
  • Make your site mobile-friendly on Halloween: Make sure that the site is 100% responsive for mobile devices as more than half of traffic to E-commerce sites happens through mobile devices.
  • Order process optimizing tasks: Nothing can be more disappointed than the high shopping abandonment rate, approximately 69% because of the time-consuming checkout process or shipment issues.
  • Simplify the checkout process: Making the checkout process comfortable and convenient for users is the best way to stimulate their payment process. Let’s reduce checkout steps for customers to have a faster processor.
  • Marketing tasks: marketing tasks have an enormous effect on the success of a promotion campaign to make sure that you can prepare well for this.

Last Thought

It is good to add Halloween touches here and there. Do not make it over or you might scare your customers away in several minutes. Above the several brilliant Halloween ideas for Magento 2 store, you can copy to change a playful look to your websites. Pick some that fit your context the most, not all.

We wish you a profitable Happy Halloween!

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