10+ Must-Know Places to Look for Magento Developers  

by Summer

For fresh online merchants, looking for Magento developers is the initial step to own an ecommerce website. If you intend to have an online store, you will need a Magento web developer on the first days and his involvement along with your store’s expansion.

To find a Magento developer is not always easy, and that’s why we come with this post to help fresh store owners. If you still wonder where and how to hire a good one, get all the answers right here. 

What do we cover in this post? 

  • What is a Magento developer? 
  • 10+ best places to find a Magento developer 
  • 3+ things you should consider when looking for Magento developers 

What Does a Magento Developer Do? 

Magento development involves a wide range of skills and tasks, from building and configuring a Magento store to installing Magento themes and developing customizing the store’s features. 

So, what is a Magento developer?

Accordingly, Magento developers are the ones who involve those processes to build, support and improve a Magento website. They may work independently as freelancers or to be a part of a Magento support agency. 

Magento web development includes backend development and frontend development. Therefore, building a Magento website requires the involvement of professionals in both areas to cover the whole process. In respect of skill sets, Magento developers can be divided into the following types:

  • A Frontend Magento Developer specializes in creating and installing Magento themes to tailor the storefront according to a specific design. This developer is responsible for what users visually see on their browser or application, related to the site’s look and feel. 
  • A Backend Magento Developer focuses on the website’s internal logic, such as creating or customizing features for your Magento website via existing extensions or bespoke code. 
  • A Full-stack Magento Developer is the one whose skill sets and knowledge cover both backend and frontend development. This one has expertise in all layers of Magento website development. 

To evaluate and validate their skills and knowledge in Magento’s specific areas, they go for the exams organized by an Advisory Board of experts from the global Magento ecosystem and Magento to earn certifications. Our previous post about Magento 2 Certifications will help you take a close look at each type. 

10+ Best Places to Find a Magento Developer 

With the following channels, looking for Magento developers will not be very difficult. 

1. Directly contact a Magento agency 

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Searching for a Magento agency is the most time-saving method to directly approach a high-quality workforce to work in the short-term or long-term. By doing some quick search, you will have a list of Magento agencies that offer full-service of Magento website development. 

What benefits will you get when working with a certified Magento agency? 

  • Huge experience through global projects 
  • Up-to-date technology best practices of Magento  
  • Tight process 
  • Certified developers and solution specialists 
  • Highest security of confidential data 
  • Reasonable costs match the quality 

No need to look further! BSS Commerce is a Magento partner that store owners should take into consideration to work with. We have a wealth of experience serving the Magento user community with on-demand services conducted by a dedicated team, including Magento Website Development service. 

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2. Magento partner directory 

For those who surely intend to hire a trusted agency, the Magento partner directory is the right place for this demand. All the members listed in the directory have their skill sets and experience certified by Magento and proven through a specific number of successful projects. 

The directory allows visitors to filler partners based on key attributes like partner type, partner level, region. A wise person will not ignore this website before choosing Magento developers. 

What types of partners can be found there? 

  • Solution partners 
  • Technology partners 

STILL CONFUSED? Grasp the explanation of Magento Partnership to understand all types of Magento partners.   

3. Upwork

Upwork is an iconic platform where you can connect with top-rated freelancers, professionals, and agencies for a wide range of demands, from web development to accounting or customer service. When it comes to looking for Magento developers, don’t skip Upwork because this is a popular place for those who seek this job to show off their profile and experience. For this reason, you will have various choices.   

After you submit a job proposal, the platform provides you with a list of candidates that match the bill for your job. Notably, posting job proposals unlimitedly and meeting freelancers through Upwork using the select basic plan requires no charge. 

However, you will have to pay a fee for all work coordinated through this platform. Just take this fee into account if your work relationship with a developer or agency is just starting out. For example, the payment processing and administration fee on the payment to freelancers and agencies is 3% with the basic plan.  

4. Freelancer

Freelancer.com is another common platform where people can hire the best freelancers for any job. Like Upwork, the website serves employee verification, escrow features, and other protections to ensure that projects go smoothly for involved parties. Hence, If you want to expand your search to find a Magento developer out there, just combine both platforms. 

Though the process of posting a job, comparing and selecting freelance bidders and paying upon approval are similar to those of Upwork, Freelancer.com commission varies depending on specific types of projects or services.  

5. Hired 

Hired is another typical freelancing job board where you can come to look for freelancers in 14 cities around the world. All cities within Hired’s support are in top developed countries containing the US, UK, and France. 

Usually, hiring developers from these countries means that you must be affordable and willing to pay higher costs. With Hired, you won’t have to pay the platform per hire but a fixed price for all your hiring needs. 

The platform provides the search feature to filter down results and offers trustworthy and reliable remote workers. What you have to do is to describe your job proposal, then review the matches that the platform delivers. Finally, you can send a personalized interview request for the most potential candidates.  

6. Guru

Guru brings you all sorts of Magento developers on a single forum with the flexibility to pick one out of various payment options like pay by milestones, tasks, hourly, or recurring. No matter what kind of jobs you offer, from long-term projects to local or remote jobs, you will easily find many candidates available over here.

By searching with a job title, the website will send back matching results with all the detailed information you need: portfolios, reviews on performance, and details of what each candidate does. 

Guru also supports the feature to filter candidates based on some criteria that users usually need. 

7. Toptal 

Toptal is famous as a marketplace for the top 3% of developers. There’s no reason for world-class companies and start-ups to skip this channel in their most mission-critical projects.

Toptal gathers experts across a very wide array of software development languages and technologies. Thus, it’s not difficult to connect developers who satisfy your desired skills. Every developer in Toptal has a very detailed profile. Accordingly, it wastes you not much time to dive deep into each developer. 

Besides, the platform’s too good to provide a quality guide so to help everyone hire great developers. 

8. Arc 

Like Toptal, Arc is another excellent platform for hiring world-class Magento web developers for your projects. You can personalize your learning experience and learn to code and find what went wrong with your website with the help of a Magento expert. 

Arc also allows you to connect with Magento consultants and thousands of other freelancers who can handle your job. After submitting your job opportunity, you can find a list of candidates and also request to test them. 

No matter you are seeking full-time developers contractors, a remote hub, or a remote team, Arc will help. 

9. PeoplePerHour

This is a typical example for a social network to hire people for short-term relationships. Especially, you should only overlook this place to retain a workforce for less critical tasks like installing a Magento theme, installing & customizing a module, fixing an issue. It’s not a place that you can easily find developers to build a store from scratch. 

10. LinkedIn 

Being one place to connect and strengthen professional relationships, LinkedIn is a favorable social network of many Magento developers. Profiles of people in LinkedIn are designed to be more professional than other typical social pages with details of education, working experience, skills, and contact information. Therefore, you can also find Magento web developers on this platform and easily have an overview of their profile.  

However, while browsing LinkedIn, please keep in mind that many Magento developers might list more skills and experience than they actually have. Thus, it’s recommended to reach out to profiles that mention Magento as a prominent skill. Besides, check more if other users have endorsed that skill. In this way, you can be more assured of their capabilities. 

What You Should Consider When Looking for Magento Developers 

For merchants looking for Magento developers to build a website from scratch, hiring an agency is a smart decision because they usually have a large team enough to handle the project wholly. Furthermore, their post-development support will always be available whenever your website faces problems. 

Besides 9+ Tips to Choose Magento Website Development Agency, store owners must determine precise requirements for the expected Magento website and set a budget before choosing a Magento web developer or agency. 

Determine your expectations and requirements 

Determining clear expectations for a Magento website makes it easier for developers to understand your ideas and helps to choose an agency that can satisfy them. So, it’s better to write it down. 

Suppose your expectations are complicated and need high involvement from the developers. In that case, you’d rather set up a solid team with a good ecommerce and marketing background to accompany your online business in the long run. 

Importantly, don’t forget to share with the developers about your product range, market insights, target customer segmentation, and how you position your business among competitors. These data will be very helpful and affect how the experience on your website should be.  

Determine your budget 

Lastly, identifying a budget to develop an online store is an indispensable step before looking for Magento developers. 

For sure, the development cost varies between “this” and “that” agencies. For example, world-class agencies will offer their Magento website development service at a very high charge. However, it does not mean that agencies that require a more affordable cost cannot provide an excellent service. That’s why you should know your budget before doing anything. 

GET PREPARED WITH must-know Magento Costs, to build a basic to custom Magento website. 

Determine an expected timeline 

Determining an expected timeline helps you know whether a single full-stack developer or a specific team size can catch up with your timeline. Or if not, prepare your mind to adjust the schedule accordingly. 


We hope that looking for Magento developers would become easier for fresh online merchants with what we mentioned in this post. 

If you haven’t found a close agency to be your companion, why don’t you try working with us?

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