7 Must Have Magento 2.0 Extensions For Best Ecommerce Experience

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Here are the list of 7 must have Magento 2.0 extensions for best shopping experience for your eCommerce store!

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms nowadays, which currently powers over 12% of all the online stores worldwide.

Magento has so many advantages that make it an excellent choice for your eCommerce business. It helps you set up a store with an abundance of features and functionalities.

However, with hundreds of thousands of competitors on the Magento platform alone, you will need to optimize and customize your business to make it more impactful.

Thus, in this article, we will introduce you to some Magento 2.0 extensions to break through the limitation of default Magento and create the best eCommerce experience for your customers.

Let’s get started!

Do You Need Magento 2.0 Extensions?


As you know, Magneto is an open-source platform, which already has so many essential tools to build an eCommerce website.

Especially the Magento 2, which is considered as the present and the future of Magento, is rich in almost all of the required features for an eCommerce website.

By default, Magento 2 offers you a wide range of features, including:

  • Community support
  • Scalable
  • Developer-friendly
  • Marketing tools
  • SEO-friendly
  • Order management
  • Multiple platforms
  • Security

However, to make the most of Magento 2, you need more advanced extensions to enhance your features and be stand out compared to your competitors.

And below are the top 7 must-have Magento 2.0 extensions to help you grow your eCommerce business today.

7 Must Have Magento 2.0 Extensions To Enhance Shopping Experience


Back in stock alert

Imagine how frustrated your customer would be when they finally find the exact product they need only to find out it is out of stock.

In that situation, you are prone to lose prospects and conversions, not to mention the terrible customer experience.

Fortunately, there is a solution – Magento 2.0 extensions out-of-stock notification! With this module, users will get notified when an out-of-stock product is available to purchase.

After installing this tool, you can display the “Out of Stock” message on the product page. Your visitors just need to provide their email address if they are interested, and the back-in-stock notification will be sent automatically to them.

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification by BSS


Highlight features:

  • Enable stock update notification for not-logged-in/guest customers
  • Send email notification automatically when product is back in stock
  • Support product stock alert on the product page, category page and search result page
  • Manage stock subscription in Customer Account Page
  • Enable stock alert for children product of the configurable product, grouped product and bundle product

Loyalty program

Converting your existing buyers into your loyal customers is one of the most important marketing strategies for any business. Thus, loyalty programs are absolutely essential to drive sales and increase customer lifetime value.

There are so many ways to build a loyalty program, but the most common way is to use incentives. And for Magento businesses, a Reward Points module is indispensable.

With this tool, your customers will receive reward points for purchasing or referring a friend, and they can redeem those points on the next purchase.

It brings you more chances to convert your buyers into loyal customers and increase the retention rate.

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: Magento 2 Reward Points by BSS


Highlight features:

  • Reward customers with points for registration, orders, review and other customer behaviors
  • Allow customers to pay the orders using reward points to 
  • Manually add or subtract reward points to customer accounts from the backend
  • Build a loyalty program for your business
  • Manage reward point balance and transactions on customer accounts
  • Send notification emails about the expiry date of reward points to customers
  • Import and export reward points 

Price bargaining

People usually go for online shopping to save time and money. Therefore, a price Magento 2.0 extension is needed to satisfy customers.

All buyers would like to get the lowest possible price, either through bargaining or through comparing. By allowing them to negotiate, you can make sure that your customers stick to your business once they are content with a good bargain. It also motivates shoppers to buy more to get a better price.

Price bargaining extension lets you set up the lowest price limit and maximum limit on the number of bargain requests, accept or reject the negotiation offer, etc.

This makes the whole bargaining very straightforward and conversational.

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: Customer Price Bargain by Setubridge


Highlight features:

  • Set the lowest price limit and the maximum number of limit for bargain request
  • Allow store ownesr to easily accept or reject on price bargain
  • Configure price negotiation function on specific products
  • Customizable price negotiation request widget

Online auction

Online Auction is another revenue driver extension. This module allows customers to join the auction and bid for their favorites.

Auctions in your Magento stores will:

  • Reduce the purchase decision time by creating an urgency feeling: By setting up the end date of an auction, you also create additional stimuli for customers to purchase right now.
  • Increase the value of the product: Auction will create a competitive environment in which bidders are more likely to pay a higher price to the product.
  • Build a connection with shoppers: Stimulate users to register in your store by only not allowing people who have customer accounts on your website to participate in an auction.

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: Magento 2 Auction by Amasty


Highlight features:

  • Enable setting start and end dates of an auction
  • Set up start and increment bidding prices
  • Restrict guest users to bid
  • Notify about victory in an auction by email
  • Manage all your auctions from one grid

Daily deal

Up-selling is one of the most valuable marketing techniques. And you can easily infuse upsell into your business by installing the daily deal extension. 

The daily deal concept is an amazing way to attract new and old customers. As you know, everyone loves to get things at discounted prices, and an appealing daily deal creates a sense of satisfaction among customers.

In fact, a MerchantCircle survey shows that 58% of businesses mentioned daily deals as an effective tool for customer acquisition.

Thus, daily deal extension is a must in your Magento store.

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: Magento 2 Daily Deal by Mageplaza


Highlight features:

  • Display daily deals with countdown timer
  • Easy to configure limited daily deals
  • Easy to configure 4 types of deal pages
  • Support sidebar widgets and floating deal slider
  • Automatically create deals
  • Customizable deal label
  • Easy to manage deals
  • Display daily deal blocks at any place

Product review

Needless to say how important the product review feature is to an online business. 

From the past till now, feedback from consumers has always been a powerful type of advertisement for your store. Shoppers have a tendency to purchase based on the experience of the previous customers. It is like a testing method without effort and money. 

In short, reviews play an essential role to decide product fate. Thus, the Magento product review extension is necessary to earn the trust of buyers.

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: Magento 2 Advanced Review by BSS


Highlight features:

  • Detailed product reviews in Magento 2 with specified pros and cons 
  • Enrich product rating system with custom rating value (price, quality, etc..)
  • Visualize the reviews rating ratio with a Rating Summary Graph
  • Advanced product review filter by pros and cons and sort by product rating, date, and helpfulness
  • Enable voting for helpful/unhelpful review and sharing via social networks
  • Reduce spam and fraud with report reviews feature
  • Review access restriction for admins at the backend


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) is one of the most popular demands of customers when shopping online. 

Note that not all customers know deeply about your products. Usually, they will have a lot of questions about the product. And if those questions aren’t answered, they will hesitate to make a purchase.

Thus, you should install a FAQ extension on your Magento store to avoid any kind of confusion from buyers during their shopping.

The FAQ module will help store owners to show all the answers for FAQs fully and stunningly, making the web shopping experience easier and more delightful..

Recommend Magento 2.0 extension: FAQs Extension by BSS


Highlight features:

  • Create the FAQ main page
  • Create and divide FAQs into suitable categories
  • Allow searching FAQs by tags and keywords
  • Show the most recent and related questions
  • Add FAQs to product pages and allow customers to submit questions easily


In this blog, we have introduced to you the top 7 must-have Magento 2.0 extensions to leverage for your business.

By implementing those modules into your Magento store, you can bring out the best eCommerce experience for both store owners and customers.

And in case you want more amazing tools to optimize and customize your store even more, please check out the link below.

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We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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