Magento 2 Import Export All Product Data – The Complete Guide

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Why is Magento 2 Import Export Product considered a critical function to store management?

Occasionally, store owners want to move to a new website, upgrade the Magento 2 versions or migrate to the Magento 2. When it happens, they would need to transfer products and product-related data from the old Magento website to the new one.

That’s when the Magento import export product feature is needed to help store owners save time and effort.

Because of how beneficial it is, we decided to write this article as a complete guide of the Magento import export product feature.

In this article, we will show you how to import and export:

  • Products
  • Product attributes
  • Product reviews

Let’s get started!

Limitation Of Default Magento Import Export Product


Can you import and export products in default Magento 2? – Yes, you can!

The default Magento 2 supports importing and exporting products, advanced pricing and customers.

However, the increasing admin’s complicated demands have exceeded what the default features can meet.

For example, product attributes are really crucial product information. To customers, product attributes provide more detailed information about the products. To store owners, attributes help manage products easier in the backend.

In spite of that, Magento doesn’t support import and export product attributes.

The same goes for product reviews. Magento allows the admin to edit the review. But to add reviews to a new website or to export reviews from an existing website, store owners have to do it manually, one by one.

To enable those advanced import export product features, store owners must install third-party extensions.

Another reason to use Magento 2 import export product extension is that it also helps reduce unexpected mistakes that can happen while manually importing data.

Import Export Product

First of all, we want to introduce you to the default Magento import export product function.

Export products in Magento 2

To export products in Magento 2, follow these five steps:

1. In the backend, navigate to System > Export.


2. Select “Products” on the “Entity” dropdown and choose to export as a CSV file.


3. Check the Fields Enclosure to prevent the export of incorrect symbols

By choosing this option, symbols like an equal sign, space characters, single and double quotes, backslashes, etc., will be enclosed in double quotes to avoid data export problems.


4. Set up export configurations


You can filter products by the list of attributes while exporting.

For example, you can set up the SKU field at TEST to only export products that have the word TEST in their SKU.

You can also exclude some attributes from exporting by checking the Exclude checkbox.

Note that you can not export products from a certain website or store.

5. Click Continue to export products to the CSV file.

Import product in Magento 2

To export products in Magento 2, follow these six steps:

1. In the backend, navigate to System > Data Transfer > Import.


2. Select “Products” on the “Entity” dropdown.


3. Select an import behavior option

There are three options to choose from:

  • Add/Update: If there isn’t any product with the same SKU in the import file, the system will create a new value.
  • Replace: Product attribute values are substituted for the new ones
  • Delete: If there is a product with the same SKU in the import file, that product will be deleted.


Next, Magento has two error processing algorithms options.

If you use the Stop on Error, any CSV file validation error will not be allowed to run the import.

There is also the Skip error entries option which allows you to specify the variety of errors you can run the import with.

In the sample CSV file, default Magento uses commas to separate values, but you can choose another separator that you used to create or edit the CSV import file.

Similar to this, you can also set up your custom Multiple value separator.

4. Select your CSV file in the Select File to Import field.

If you haven’t had a CSV file ready, you can click Download Sample File to download and customize the sample CSV file.

Note that you should use the UTF-8 coding while creating or editing this CSV file to avoid validation issues during the importing process.

Magento allows importing files only the required ones. If you don’t need to fill in all the fields, specify only the required ones: SKU, product_websites, attribute_set_code, product_type, name, categories, price, qty, additional_attributes.

5. Click Check Data to validate the CSV import file.

After checking that the CSV has no errors or they are included in the Allowed Errors Count, you can start importing products to Magento 2.


Import Export Product Attributes

As we mentioned above, to import and export product attributes, you have to install a third-party extension.

And hereby, we will introduce you to the two best Magento import export product attributes extensions.

One of them is FREE!

Magento 2 Custom Product Attribute Export (FREE)


Price: Free

If you just want to export product attributes from your existing Magento 2 website, then this is a perfect choice.

In default Magento 2, the admin can export products attributes. However, this function does work well with custom attributes.

Default Magento exporting will show all custom attributes in one column named “additional_attributes,” and they are separated by a comma.

This FREE extension can help you fix that problem easily. It helps you sort custom attributes in separate columns in the CSV file while exporting.

Full list of features:

  • List custom attributes in different columns in CSV export file
  • Choose specific custom attributes to apply modules.
  • Auto-update new custom attributes in module config.

Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes


Price: $149.00

If you need all advanced import export product attribute features, we highly recommend you to use this extension.

By default, Magento 2 doesn’t support importing attributes. Hence, to add and upload a large number of product attributes, the admin have to do it one by one, manually. 

But with this module, you can easily import export product attributes via a CSV file. It will save you a ton of time importing and exporting bulk products attributes.

This extension will provide you with a sample CSV file. You just need to fill in product attributes information, and then you will be ready to import.

Other than importing, there are also advanced export features for the admin to export attributes or specific attributes set as they want.

Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes is the perfect solution to simplify store management work. And no coding skills are needed.

Full list of features:

  • Easily import multiple product attributes at one time via a CSV file
  • Provide the sample import CSV file for users to download and follow
  • Validate the import CSV file before importing
  • Display messages to notify errors when importing
  • Export all product attributes at once or each product attribute set into a CSV file by one click

Import Export Product Reviews

As you know, online shoppers tend to check other customers’ reviews before purchasing.

Good customer reviews prompt visitors to buy and these reviews must be managed neatly.

That’s why it’s important to import product reviews to your new eCommerce website.

But like we mentioned before, with default Magento 2, you can only import product reviews one by one, by hand.

So, we want to introduce to you the best solution for importing and exporting customer reviews:

Magento 2 Import Export Product Reviews


Price: $79

Magento 2 Import Export Product Reviews is developed by BSS company (the company that is named as Bronze Solution Partner of Adobe).

This module enables store owners to import and export product reviews along with their product and customer data via a CSV file.

It also provides you with a sample CSV to fully customize, and the CSV file will be validated carefully before importing to your Magento website.

Using this tool, you can import and export a bulk of product reviews in just a few clicks.

Full list of features:

  • Import review data for many products at one time: ratings, review titles and description,…
  • Offer a CSV sample file for users to download and follow to finish information freely
  • Export product reviews of a Magento 2 site into a CSV file
  • Support multiple Magento 2 stores


In this article, we have shown you the best solution to import and export all product-related data, including:

  • Products by using the default Magento import export function
  • Product attributes by using Magento 2 Custom Product Attribute Export extension or Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes
  • Product reviews by using Magento 2 Import Export Product Reviews extension

We hope this article is helpful and good luck to you!

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