Cheer to Lunar New Year 2022 – Get Your Magento 2 Gift

Here in Vietnam, we’re at the last few days of the 2021 lunar year. With the new 2022 lunar new year to come, we search for tranquility and prosperity. This is the biggest holiday in our country – time for family and beloved people. 

BSS Commerce wants to spread this atmosphere and happiness to you. So don’t hesitate to join us. Let’s claim the “lucky money” – a lucky gift with the best wishes from us to you!

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Lucky Money On Lunar New Year 2022

We would like to give you these red envelopes that will let you save up to 22% of your money when buying BSS Magento 2 extensions. We have 2 types of red envelopes:

  • Not applied for combo/package

Discount 10% off when buying 1 extension 

Discount 22% off when buying 2+ extensions

  • Applied for combo/package only

Discount 5% off when buying any Magento 2 combo/package 

No code is needed. The discount will be auto-applied if your cart meets the rule.

These discounts are valid from 31st Jan to 6th Feb 2022 (GMT 7+).

*Note that you can not apply multiple discount codes to the same product.


Support During Holiday

During the holidays, the BSS Commerce website continues to work normally and allows users to shop online. However, our live chat will be offline these days, so if you have any questions about purchasing progress, let’s contact us at e-mail sales@bsscommerce.com or submit your issue to our ticket system https://bsscommerce.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new

Please be aware that due to the holiday, your email or ticket may receive a delayed response. We’ll do our best to check and respond as quickly as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and we appreciate your patience.

Suggested Magento 2 Extensions 

With these discounts above, we offer a list of the hottest Magento 2 extensions that can conveniently support your site a lot. For each target, we suggest the suitable extensions for you. Let’s see!

Sales Motivation Administration
Magento 2 Promotion Bar – $79

Magento 2 Product Labels – $119

Magento 2 One Step Checkout – $119

Magento 2 Popup – $119

Magento 2 Shipping & Payment Method per Customer Group – $79

Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing – $299

Magento 2 Shopping Cart Price Rule per Store View – $299

Increase User Experience B2B Extensions
Magento 2 Infinite Scroll – $79

Magento 2 Push Notification – $99

Magento 2 Gallery – $79

Magento 2 Review Reminder – $79

Magento 2 B2B Registration Form – $119

Magento 2 Category Permission – $99

Magento 2 Hide Price/Call for Price – $119

Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists – $89 

You can explore and add to cart more extensions with ideal prices at Magento 2 Extensions.

Thank you!


Thank you so much for all your trust and for choosing us! And welcome our potential and future customers to the leading Magento extension provider – BSS Commerce.

Happy lunar new year 2022, we want to reach out and send our best wishes to you and yours! We wish you success and good fortune in all of your endeavors in 2022. 

We pledge to always be available for you and to do our best to provide the most cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. We hope that you and BSS can embark on a long journey together in the future.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Multi-platform eCommerce solution and web development services providers in the world. With experienced and certified developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

CONTACT NOW to let us know your problems. We are willing to support you every time.

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