Your Lucky Money Is Ready! Claim It NOW

bss lucky money promotion

Your Lucky Money Is Ready! Claim It NOW

Happy Lunar New Year!


The year of the Ox is officially here and BSS has prepared the red envelopes with lucky money for all of our dearest customers.


It’s the year of diligence, honesty, and positivity; let’s welcome it and the luck it brings in the new 2021! Keep good fortune on your side with BSS’s best Magento solutions now at even more reasonable prices.

use code lucky money for 5 percent more off

Introducing the Lucky Money promotion:

  • Use code Luckymoney to get 5% MORE off your order.
  • This can be used with other non-code promotions. For example, use in conjunction with Buy More, Pay Less policy:
  • Running date: 20th to 21st of February 2021 (GMT +7). 
  • This promotion is not applicable to BSS’s service. 


Time to invest in our best-selling extensions to foster your sales!

Magento 2 One Step Checkout – $99

It’s the quickest way to get your customers to the finish line and encourage them to finalize their orders!

Rearrange your checkout page with the best possible layout and cut down checkout time by 30%

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Magento 2 SEO Extension – $149

Get your site skyrocketing to the 1st SERP with eye-catching rich snippets. Widen and qualify your lead funnel at the same time. Hustle-free.

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It’s the best user-friendly SEO extension out there and you don’t need to be SEO-savvy to navigate our configuration.

Magento 2 B2B/Wholesale Package – $939

Starting whole selling on Magento has never been this easy. Let us gather all the inseparable features within B2B selling and put them all in one place for you to take. 

Subsequently, you will establish a smooth and frictionless wholesale customer journey on your site from start to finish.

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Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing – $249

This is BSS’s exclusive solution for multiple store view price setting. Now, complete with API support to make pricing cross-management faster and more secure. 

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Flexibility in prices by setting up different prices of a product for each Magento 2 store view is necessary to optimize business efficiency and save considerable expenses in the selling process. And what’s a better time than NOW  to kick it into motion!

Wrap Up

New year, new challenges, but more importantly, new opportunities. Together, we will overcome all the blocks of the year to come and claim all the opportunities within the horizon. We’re proud to be your partner, and as always, providing the best solution at the best price.

CONTACT US if you have any questions and need assistance. We’re more than happy to support and make your business shine!



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