Magento 2 B2C Package’s Coming In Hot & How To Get It For FREE

by Robin Tran

Selling B2C with Magento 2 default is definitely enough. But not optimized.

From frontend to backend, there’re multiple entries for function and usability improvements. BSS Commerce seeks to fill the gaps with thoughtful and feature-focused collections of extensions.

But what about a FULL package? An all-in-one Magento 2 B2C kit that:

  • Reach more potential customers 
  • Cut down on checkout time 
  • Convert guest to customer in a heart-beat

Moreover, fully integrates seamlessly into your current website. 100% conflict-FREE.

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magento 2 b2c package

Pros Vs. Cons Of Magento 2 Default B2C Features

The default Magento 2 is full of wonderful functions that help bond sellers and buyers to fasten the B2C transaction. 

But with the current saturated market for almost every business niches, there are a few holes in the hull of this theoretical boat. 

Let’s bring all of them to the table. 


In short, the default Magento 2 B2C features benefits online retail shops with vibrant product images that presented nicely to various types of buyers. Configuring the site live with preview and content staging is also a huge advantage due to the current change of the market.

Moreover, reporting is also a highlight within the backend of Magento. You can easily trace and make sense of data change within the admin panel. 

But here rise the problem. These configurations are excellent for people who’ve already on your site. There is a huge gap between getting people to land on your shop and offer them a smooth ride on their buying journey.

BSS’s Magento 2 B2C package is the direct bridge to that gap.

Foster B2C Selling With Magento 2 B2C Package

1. Reach more potential customers and qualify leads from search

Magento 2 is SEO-friendly, but it’s simply not enough. According to Mozlow’s hierarchy of SEO, the default setting does cover the basic needs to get your site rank namely metadata, robot.txt file, and more




But, it can only help you up-to-par with your current competitor. In order to win the competition, you need to set your site apart from the rest with your appearance on the Search.

Let’s do exactly that with rich snippet

Rich snippet or rich result is Google’s specific response to customers’ search queries to fit their search intent the best. 

For example, one searches for concerts, and Google might return with a list of concerts with booking information in the area. 

You type in wireless headphone and a list of links appear but some stand-out more than others.


You want to trigger this type of result for your own website. As you can see, these rich snippets are filled with customer-focused information such as rating, voting, price, stock status, and more. 

The default Magento 2 SEO settings fall short on this.

Here’s where the Magento 2 B2C package shines. 

We allow you to pick and choose custom attributes of your product to add to the rich snippet with simple configurations. Both of your category and product page can stand out and get the attention they need to land customers onto your store.

Moreover, since you’ve displayed all essential information first-hand, people who click on your link will be more likely to buy from your site. 

In addition, we’ll also include more SEO-advanced features to help you:

  • Secure the bottom line
  • Configure SEO easier
  • Complete SEO-process with audit and toolbar
  • Connect with Google Search Console for direct insight

2. Grab visitors attention and turn them into customers

The default Magento 2 B2C features do not support or help shop owners create their own popup. And this is a crime.

Popup is one of the most effective and cheapest marketing tools, especially in converting optimization.

In time, the popup has a bad name due to its pervasive nature. But, there is a secret that makes almost every e-commerce website still make use of it: trigger action.

magento 2 popup as trigger for success

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Since customers are on your site, you can be certain that there is a level of motivation here. 

The Popup acts as a trigger agent that both spikes up the motivation number as well as provide an easy-to-do platform (click). This is the formula for success.

The average conversion rate for popup is 3.1%. And you can triple that with a compelling copy and a clear Call-To-Action button.


Here is how you do it:


3. Trim down on checkout time by 30%

Three words – One Step Checkout.

The default checkout process is too long and complicated.

magento 2 b2c checkout

We shrink this down to a 2-step only flow. Straight from the product page to order confirmation.

The combination of all checkout steps in 1 layout motivates your customers to finish their order. The set up is easy to navigate with smooth transitions and eye-flow. 

In addition, all information from shipping to payment is presented nicely, compactly, and transparent

magento 2 retail one step checkout

Your customers change order content right on this page, personalize their order with the comfort of multiple shipping methods and payment support options.

Moreover, we also make use of automation technology to help filling information quicker, smoother, and less tedious. 

automation use in magento 2 one step checkout

Last but not least, this one-stop checkout layout is compatible with almost every common Magento 2 theme. We also provide FREE theme support once you choose the B2C package. 

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4. Convert guest to the customer in a heart-beat for retention

Who says B2C purchase is one-time-only? We will help you turn the typical B2C buyer into a customer for easy management and improve upon customer lifetime value.

This is not to say that every retail business needs retention. 

Here is a quick graph to see if your store will be benefited from retention optimization: 

when will you need retention

Guest checkout is essential to B2C. According to Baymard, forcing customers to create an account is the 2nd biggest reason for customers to ditch their orders.



With the current rate of 7 out of 10 online carts gets abandoned, we can not afford to lose customers on this front. 

But without an account, your risk of losing touch with customers, further marketing, and nurturing them get lost in the mix.

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You can automatically create an account with the customer email upon purchase or manually convert them at the backend. 

Both of these choices come with notifications for customers that show your business ethic on transparency. Moreover, showing that your store cares and making it convenient for customers is a key point to make them come back for more purchases down the line.

Win The Magento 2 B2C Package For FREE By Entering Our Survey

The above description is all about our vision for the new basic Magento 2 B2C combo. And as always, BSS’s determined to include our customers in our product development process. To have the Best Success Solution, we must know what you really need.

We’re more than happy and honored to hear your thoughts on the package and turn them into valuable insights to further polish our final products.

Moreover, by helping us with this survey, you will be entered our contest with the biggest prize is of course, our basic Magento 2 B2C package for FREE:

Terms and conditions


– One luckiest winner will receive 1 Basic Magento 2 B2C package ($396) FREE.

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The prizes are not transferable into money or store credit. Other information regarding the availability for claiming these prizes will be included in the notification email.


The BSS’s Magento 2 B2C Package giveaway is available for Magento store owners, Magento agencies, and Magento in-house developers ( as in merchant – developers/IT managers). The giveaway is not open for extension providers. 


The survey will end on 16 February 2021. The result of our giveaway will be sent to participants on 19 February 2021.


To enter the giveaway, you need to submit the survey according to the procedure. There is no entry fee and no purchase necessary to enter the giveaway. Only one entry will be accepted per person/email. 


The winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries and notified via email on 19 February 2021 (GMT+7).


We promise to collect and limit the usage of the information you put in the survey as given by BSS’s Privacy and Cookie Policy. All of your personal data is also processed in compliance with GDPR.


All copyright and license information and requirement with the products in this giveaway follows BSS’s Term & Condition


The winner of the Magento 2 B2C package will receive a bonus of free installation and 1-year support with the package. 

Other 10 winners with the 10% discount code for the Magento 2 B2C package will also have the same product support if they proceed to use the discount to purchase the combo. 

Wrapping Up

We’ve talked about the need for a Magento 2 B2C kit to get a well-oiled machine for online retails. 

With the new BSS’s invention on the subject, Magento owners can hit three birds with one stone: reach more customers, get them to the finish line quicker, establish a well-thought and compelling shopping experience on your website that guarantees more retention.

Being a community-conscious business, we want to hear your feedback and input on the package with the prizes as our thankful gift to what you’ve contributed.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Multi-platform eCommerce solutions and web development services providers in the world. With experienced and certified developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively.

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