Know Now 10 Vital Practices of Magento 2 Checkout!

As a business owner, you probably have already encountered these customers: they go into your site, browse products, add them to your cart, go to the checkout page, and, with no explanation, disappear and never return.

If you want to know why your customers won’t convert and how to fix that by optimizing Magento 2 checkout, we will provide you with the vital practices to solve your problems.

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What can an optimized checkout bring for eCommerce websites?

Magento 2 checkout is an essential checkpoint in the whole buying process since this is the phase where customers decide whether to continue with the payment or leave your site. A recent study suggests that 26% of customers abandon their carts due to the checkout process being too long and complicated. They turn away to find a more efficient competitor.


An optimized Magento 2 checkout can benefit the website in lessening abandoned carts and selling more up-sells and cross-sell products to customers in the checkout step. This is why you should invest time in improving your Magento 2 checkout to increase customer conversion rates on your website.

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1. Reduce the number of checkout step

Making your checkout as simple as possible is the first and foremost way to optimize the checkout process. The drawback of Magento 2 Checkout default is that it includes two cumbersome steps.

Imagine when a customer has nearly completed several questions on the checkout page but realizes that his answer was not saved due to the poor connectivity. Then, without a doubt, it would create the customer’s frustration and dissatisfaction that would urge them to abandon their carts immediately. Briefly, this two-steps checkout default tires the purchaser and also increases the malfunction during the checkout process.

The ideal solution for this issue is using one step or Magento single page checkout, combining all the steps in one, minimizing the complicated steps and possibility of meeting errors on your website checkout page.


Complicated fields which appear on the checkout page are also one of the reasons why customers abandon their carts. You should simplify the Magento 2 checkout field down to the essential information required, includes:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Payment details
  • Shipping details

With the optimized Magento 2 Checkout, you also have an option to automatically fill some of the order information in your customer’s checkout process. This feature enables buyers to reduce time in this final step and also enhance the customer experience. For instance, if the customer stated their district and street on the address field, you would know which city and country it’s in, and therefore instead of text fields, you can give dropdown options for the city and country section.

This would save customers time since they can auto-generate their addresses by using dropdown menus.

2. Add custom fields for personalized questions

Reduce steps on checkout helps with the risk of complicated processes and connectivity, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions to personalized customer checkout journeys.

The solution for this obstacle is getting an extension that allows you to modify the Magento 2 checkout custom field, add and optimize the custom questions on the Magento 2 checkout page.

Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field

Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field allows merchants to create most of Magento checkout fields using different input types. You can create attributes on Shipping Address, Methods, and or Review & Payment on the checkout page. Therefore, customers may feel relevant and recognize that your business is making an effort to satisfy them.


The added fields can also be added to PDF documents and email transactions easily, which is convenient for customers to confirm additional information about their orders.


On the owner’s side, the extension benefits them a lot when they can easily manage order attributes through a grid in the backend and the custom fields added. Merchants can also make the most of Magento 2 checkout fields without adding them to the checkout page. The added fields can be set to only visible in the backend. This is extremely helpful when store owners want to create backend orders.


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3. Enable guest checkout Magento 2

If the checkout is a long and complicated process by itself, then your buyer will not be interested in adding in another long process called registration. It would be a plus for registered customers since they don’t have to re-enter the information, but for first-time users, it’s such a pain. What should you do to resolve this issue? Let’s enable guest checkout Magento 2 in the backend. Go into Admin panel > Configuration > Sales > Checkout. Then, choose Yes to the Allow Guest Checkout section.


However, this shortened step raises a dilemma: What if you need to increase your subscribers? Then, your solution is in the Magento create an account after checkout extension.

Magento 2 Guest to Customer

As I’ve stated before, the Magento 2 Guest to Customer helps you with the sign-in on the checkout problem. Customers can still sign in as guests, but the merchant can create accounts for them either manually or automatically after checkout depends on the setting. This will get customers to finish the checkout, while the owner will get more subscribers for their store.


4. Delivery Customization

The checkout field should ensure that customers have a variety of options in terms of the delivery date, custom notes, gift message, and wrapping choices if the buyer wants to gift the product to somebody else. Even though this doesn’t shorten the checkout process, it adds a few conveniences that customers need and attracts them to come back for repurchase.


Magento 2 Add Delivery Date to Checkout

The Magento 2 Order Delivery Date will cover what bothers you the most on delivery customization for your orders’ checkout: the delivery time. This functionality will help you to avoid the worst situation in the delivery process. Without this Order Delivery Date feature, your shipper is more likely to drop off the parcel on a random weekday which probably makes an inconvenient and terrible experience for customers, especially when they are unavailable to receive their packages. 

With Magento 2 Add Delivery Date to Checkout extension, customers can pick the expected date and time delivery on checkout, also add some special notes about the delivery for the merchant. On the owner’s side, they can exclude days and time on the data based on their delivery availability, including date delivery on related documents, etc.


5. Include up-selling and cross-selling

The checkout page is the perfect opportunity to persuade customers to buy more products through up-selling and cross-selling products. As they are at the Magento 2 checkout stage, they are more likely to spend some extra to upgrade into the more expensive but better version of the product they bought.

This tip optimizes the sales capability of your store’s Magento 2 checkout page.

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6. Gift cards and Discounts support

Gift cards and discount codes have two purposes in the checkout process: increase sales & and encourage customers to buy up-sell and cross-sell products to make the minimum amount the code offers. This feature of Magento 2 checkout goes well with the up-selling and cross-selling products because it maximizes the selling potential of the Magento 2 checkout layout, urges customers to upsell their product to meet the requirements of the store discount code. Therefore, it’s also increasing the quantity and value of each cart when customers are purchasing and boosting your store’s revenue.


7. Give out a modern design (and mobile-friendly)

Your website checkout design and also your website design has a huge effect on customers’ decisions. Customers want to feel a sense of security when they purchase on an eCommerce website, which means if your Magento 2 checkout layout is outdated and doesn’t deliver a sense of security, customers will not want to complete their purchase with private information on it.

By making your website modern and responsive, you ease the customer’s mind and increase conversions.

According to, mobile commerce sales were expected to account for nearly 54% of total eCommerce sales in the United States. Therefore, your eCommerce website’s style should adapt to the trend in order to attract more customers. Customers will simply drop off if the site’s Magento 2 checkout isn’t mobile-friendly on all devices.

Make sure that your site’s checkout process is identical to the desktop version, have a modern and responsive interface to increase trust and customer experience.


8. Offer various payment options

One of the customers’ pain points is when they have to complete the payment in cash, which most merchants can overcome by adding credit or debit cards. But what if a customer wants to pay in different methods (like an online wallet or a payment gateway)?

By adding more payment options, you shorten the checkout process and increase the chance of customers getting through that. The faster a customer receives through the payment process, the more likely they will make the purchase, and the more opportunity they will return.

Along with the payment on the checkout page, you should also make sure that the payment customers make follows the terms and conditions of the shop or your country. Insert the Magento 2 checkout terms and conditions following this guide to inform customers about their rights and obligations in the purchase.


9. Geo IP Detection

Geo IP Detection and Google Address suggestion is a helpful tool to reduce your buyer’s time spent on checkout. The Geo IP detection detects customer IP addresses on the map and automatically fills the address for them.

Google Address Suggestion suggests the closest address information based on what the customer types in. This makes the Magento checkout fields more efficient and brings personalized content to customers. The less time your customers spend on your checkout page, the more saving-time they have to do something more essential. 

Magento 2 GeoIP Store Switcher

The GeoIP works well until you have more than one store view, and the store views are based on regions. It’s not efficient to have your customers go to the checkout to find out they are in the wrong store view, then they have to choose again from the store view dropdown menu.

The Magento 2 GeoIP Store Switcher automatically redirects customers to the store view based on their IP address. Admin can upload the IP address list through the CSV file, and the store view will also automatically change currency when switches.


10. Edit Products

You probably have met the customer who has an impulse to change the product’s quantity at the last minute of checkout, went back to the product page to do so only to decide not to buy the product altogether. Therefore it’s useful when there is a quantity change for a product even on the checkout page, so customers can change to the quantity they desire and proceed to complete their payment.


Other than the nine tips we pointed out above, there are still some more methods for you to optimize your Magento 2 checkout. You can integrate newsletters and optimize the payment success page so that it displays promotions and discounts on your most popular products, encouraging customers to buy more from your website. The additional features you could insert on your checkout page are dividing payment methods according to customer groups or using pop-ups after payment to better the marketing of your products.

Last but not least, even when the Magento  2 checkout page is optimized, there is no guarantee that everything will go smoothly as planned. The most frustrating experience is always going into the checkout process but not being able to finish it.


Although this is not a frequent cause for people dropping off their purchases, a supplier providing round-the-clock support still has a huge impact on customers’ perception of security.

A live chat will help customers in their checkout steps and let merchants know in case they want to order directly with the buyer (either through phones or in person, etc.).

Magento 2 One Step Checkout – Solution for All

Magento One Step Checkout by BSSCommerce is the solution to almost all your optimization problems you could’ve encountered in Magento 2 checkout. It incorporates several functions to make checking out processes easier for customers, and in return, they will come back to your website for more.

For a better checkout experience, check REASONS TO USE OUR EXTENSION >>> 3 Reasons to Install Magento 2 One Step Checkout from BSSCommerce

First, the Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension combines all checkout steps into one page, which helps with the complication in-process and connection error possibility.


Secondly, this One Step Checkout extension also has the Geo IP & Google Address Suggestion.

When the extension detects customers’ IP addresses, Geo IP fills the State and Country section. Besides, further information about customer addresses will be suggested by Google Address Suggestion.


Thirdly, this one-step checkout of the Magento 2 extension includes delivery customization features, choosing the delivery date from the calendar, selecting the time available, and adding a delivery comment for merchants. This overcomes the fear of delivery on a random date for customers since they know precisely when they should be expecting their parcel.


Furthermore, customers can adjust the number of products right on the checkout page and leave a gift message or wrapping choices in case they want to give it as a gift. The Magento 2 checkout order summary will also change in case the product quantity was changed in checkout.

This One Step checkout extension also supports a variety of payment methods such as Paypal, Paypal Braintree, Credit Eway, Amazon Payment, Zalo Pay, online banking, etc. This feature will give customers several options to choose the most convenient payment method for them in the transaction. Thus, their store will reduce the cart abandonment rate and increase sales performance. 


In addition to all features listed above, Magento One Step Checkout also includes Magento 2 add a newsletter checkbox to the checkout feature, which aids your company’s promotional strategies to customers. It also enables guest checkout Magento 2, so customers can skip the annoying step of signing in before checkout and convert after the payment has been completed.


Magento 2 One Step Checkout is also highly compatible with all devices, from desktop to tablets to mobile phones, and packed with more competitive features that you can check out on the list below:


Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension compatible with GEOIP, Order Delivery, Checkout Custom Fields, Guest to Customer extensions, all included in the Magento 2 Checkout Extension Suite Combo.

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In Conclusion

The Magento 2 checkout process plays a vital role in whether your business is successful or a failure. Optimizing the checkout phase would lessen the dropping cart and increase the conversion rate on your website. We hope that the tips provided above help you in your optimization Checkout process. If you still have any questions regarding Magento 2 checkout, do not hesitate to ask.

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