Compare Magento 2 Multi Step Checkout vs One Step Checkout Extension

by Librah Do

Although E-commerce is growing at a rapid pace, especially in this pandemic season, it still faces a huge challenge: cart abandonment. To cope with that problem, Magento one step checkout was born as a savior for any store owners.

However, despite running a Magento store, many users are still confused between the concepts of Magento one-page checkout, one-step checkout, and multi-page checkout. This, sometimes, causes annoyances to the development of the Magento 2 website.

If you are also in their shoes, congratulations, this article is for you. Absorbing it carefully, you will no longer mistake those three terms, as well as find the perfect solution to improve the customer journey.

What are you waiting for? Let’s surf down right away! 

Compare Magento One Step, Default One Page Checkout vs. Multi-page Checkout: Which is the Best?

Needless to say, we all agree that checkout has become one of the vital parts of the buying process. No less than once will you face the situation when a shopper has reached the final step but gives up. So why?

One of the most common reasons is that the checkout stage in your Magento store is inconvenient for customers. 

They realize that they are spending too much time on their purchases, they get angry, and then they leave. Chances are they won’t come back again. As a store owner, you need to pay enough attention to your checkout. Don’t ignore it!

one page checkout vs multi step checkout optimization

Top experts have spent years developing the Magento checkout page. Currently, Magento 2 one-step checkout extension has reigned on the throne, knocking out its two opponents, who are Magento one-page checkout and multi-step checkout. 

Please note that each checkout method suits different kinds of customers. Comprehending them is a must to idealize your checkout page.

Let’s take a look at these three rivalries to find out why people are so inclined!

Default Magento 2 one page checkout


Magento 2 Onepage checkout is a product of default. 

Looking at the picture, you may wonder why it shows two steps, yet people still call it “One-page.” The truth is that you perform both of these steps on the same page. There will be no reloading or jumping to another page.

onepage checkouts default

For instance, after you have entered the address information, the default Magento 2 checkout page will move you to the next step to complete the payment information.

After a tiresome process of selecting products to add to the cart, customers probably don’t want to be annoyed at the last step. 

Therefore, the usage of Magento 2 Onepage checkout aims to collect the necessary information, minimize the clicks for customers, and complete the sale journey as fast as possible.

Noticeably, Magento 2 default allows customers to checkout without logging in. At the same time, guests can create customer accounts at the end of the purchase. If they agree to register, the newly created order will be saved right in their account.

This is considered the most convenient point of the Onepage checkout because requiring customers to register to purchase may be a nuisance for someone. They will feel that their privacy is put in jeopardy.

The checkout process will take place on a single page if you activate Onepage Checkout.

By default, Onepage checkout is enabled. However, you may still want to customize it to your liking. Immediately below is the essential guide on Magento 2 checkout configuration.

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How to configure Checkout  

First, open the Admin panel > click Stores > Settings > Configuration

one page checkout vs multi step checkout setting

Second, to the left, you find Sales section > choose Checkout


Expand the Checkout Options.


If you want to apply the setting for a specific store view, change the store view. Next, click OK to continue.

Set Enable Onepage Checkout to No if you don’t want to use Magento 2 one-page checkout.

Finally, remember to press Save Config.

Advantages of Magento 2 one page checkout

  • Fewer clicks – Faster checkout

Magento 2 one-page checkout helps reduce the number of steps needed for customers to complete their transactions. Customers also don’t have to put any effort into changing steps. All operations become more smooth and faster than those in the multi-page checkout.

onepage checkout advantages

Although the default is not the best solution to make your revenue soar, it still contributes to shortening time and reducing cart abandonment rate. At the very least, Magento 2 one page checkout has not pushed customers’ impatience to the top. 

Disadvantages of Magento 2 one page checkout

  • Slow page loading speed

Trust me. You get what you pay for. There is nothing free that offers optimal results. This statement makes perfect sense in the case of Magento default. A long checkout page consumes a lot of time for customers to load the page. Nobody has the patience to wait for a purchase.

  • The risk of abandoning the cart still exists

As shown in the above image, the default one-page checkout will require customers to go through 2 main steps. Although customers know what they need to fill out in advance, the length of your checkout page can easily frustrate them. As a result, shopping cart abandonment happens.

  • Anonymous reasons

You must have longed to get insight into what makes customers abandon their shopping carts so you can upgrade your checkout system. The analysis is crucial. However, Magento Onepage Checkout cannot assist you in tracking the cause of the problem.

  • Lack of extra features

With the Magento 2 one-page checkout, you won’t be able to use some advanced features such as order adjustment, gift wrapping, custom delivery date and comment, and many more.

Intolerant of such drawbacks, Magento store owners are gradually transitioning to using the One Step checkout extension to accelerate the critical step of the customer journey.

Magento 2 One Step checkout


Only one different word: Step vs. Page, and it makes you think they are the same, right? Don’t be confused!

To be honest, Magento One Step Checkout is an advanced version of the Magento default one-page checkout. Some of the latter’s weaknesses will be wiped out by Magento 2 One-step checkout extension.  

In the simplest word, Magento one step checkout is one of the brightest extensions of BSS Commerce. And it can also be considered a perfect version of the default one-page checkout thanks to its outstanding features.

one page checkout vs multi step checkout layout

Somehow, Magento One-Step doesn’t entirely oppose One-Page Checkout. Still, you can distinguish them based on the quality they bring. One Step offers a more complete and pleasant customer experience than the other.

While every action happens on a single page, the key difference is that Magento one step checkout is capable of completing the checkout process in just one step (as the name implies).

You can take a closer look when researching the salient features of our Magento One Step Checkout.

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All finished in a blink of an eye


As the photo clearly indicates, Magento one-step checkout displays all the must-have fields (3 step checkout in default) such as shipping address, shipping & payment method, comment, and order summary on one page to bring speed. This offers the fastest checkout process.

Even first-time customers shopping at a Magento store, they can easily seek their favorite items and check out quickly.

In other words, a neat appearance helps visitors know what they will fill in advance and estimate the time they will spend. A few thoughts like, “Oh, it’s quick and doesn’t waste my time at all” popped into their heads. 

You know, whenever we plan something, we can feel like we are in control of the game. Remember, never let Magento 2 1 page checkout raise your customers’ confusion!

GeoIP detection & google address suggestion 



Another prominent feature of Magento one-step checkout is the ability to automatically identify the user’s IP location and complete the address. Just by reading a few letters, your checkout page can suggest to customers the relevant address. How smart it is!

Responsive Checkout


With the explosion of information technology, the number of people shopping online on mobile devices has gradually overwhelmed those who use computers.

This entails stricter layout requirements on your checkout page. Now your worries will be alleviated because Magento 2 one-step checkout module is responsive on all devices from desktops, tablets to mobiles.

When customers visit your checkout page on their smartphone, a friendly and clean interface matching with the screen will appear in front of their eyes. This initial impression promises that they will finish their checkout process. 

Delivery customization

A shortage of the default Magento 2 is not offering delivery time and note. What if orders are sent to customers on an inconvenient day for them?



Thus, Magento 2 one-step checkout has a built-in feature that allows you to customize the delivery date and note on the page. Customers can choose when they are ready to receive their orders. As a result, your delivery success rate becomes higher.

 Multi actions support 


Plus, if you integrate our module into your checkout system, your customers will be able to perform the following actions conveniently.

  • Register right on the checkout page
  • Edit product quantity and direct to the product page by clicking the product name
  • Apply discount code in the coupon code box
  • Leave an order comment
  • Subscribe to receive newsletters

Compatible with many checkout modules


Because of the importance of the checkout step, besides our Magento one-step checkout, its cousins were also created to serve different purposes to optimize your checkout page. 

It is possible that you will need to use more than one type of checkout extension during your management process.

Therefore, we have upgraded the compatibility of our Magento 2 one-step checkout. This ensures it can work well with other extensions to deliver remarkable results. 

A wide range of payment trust badges 


Now, consumers can freely choose the payment method with Magento one-step checkout extension. In addition to the common payment ones also included in the default Magento 2 one-page checkout such as Paypal, Braintree,, Credit Card, BSS Commerce also integrates Stripeofficial into the product.

What’s more, you will now be able to build and place payment trust badges in several places on the checkout page, depending on your goals. This small bonus will help reinforce customers’ trust and encourage them to complete the checkout process.

By the way, if you’re still in the worries of configuring payment methods in Magento 2, these step-by-step guides will address your questions. Check out below:

Perhaps, the presented information could help you clearly distinguish between Magento one step and one-page checkout, right? 


In fact, the above only shows a few useful features of Magento 2 One Step Checkout. You need to experience this Magento checkout extension to feel the most significant comfort it offers.

It is no coincidence that thousands of Magento store owners prefer Magento one-step checkout.

Install right away and watch your sales skyrocket!

Advantages of Magento 2 one step checkout

Clearly, not only does Magento One Step checkout bring all the good sides of the Magento Onepage checkout, but it also improves the limitations of the default.

  • Flash checkout speed

Again. Time is gold. Magento 2 one-step checkout allows customers to save dozens of time and effort to complete purchases on your site. Unexpected troubles in filling out information as in default Magento 2 3 step checkout will be eliminated.

You will be intensely impressed by the soaring conversion rates and growing customer satisfaction after a period of using this extension.

  • User-friendly interface

The checkout as a guest, IP address detection, and autocomplete effectively support customers. No more annoyances will arise. With just a few simple mouse clicks, everything appears in front of the customer invitingly.

  • Full concentration

Customers only stay on a single page to perform the entire checkout process. Specifically, various actions, such as leaving gift messages, selecting the form of gift wrapping, writing order comments, registering, applying coupon codes, and many more, will take place swiftly on one page.

Disadvantages of Magento 2 One Step checkout

  • A Little delay

Rarely, you may feel that the loading speed is a bit slow because all actions are performed on a single page. Nevertheless, compared to the enormous amount of the cut-off time as mentioned above, this is just a minor inconvenience.

Amazingly, the total time customers spend on the one-step checkout page is still much shorter than that on the Magento one-page checkout.

  • Hard analytics

Frankly, Magento one step checkout makes it hard for the admin to calculate the cart abandonment rates.

Well. Nothing is 100% perfect at all. We need to look at some of such slight drawbacks to realize how superior the strong points of Magento one-step checkout are. Almost all store owners have never clearly felt the inconvenience we mentioned above.

Magento 2 Multi-Step checkout


While the two representatives above are all the “darlings” of Magento 2, the Multi-page checkout comes from other platforms. Magento does not support this type of checkout due to its many inadequacies. 



Entirely opposite to Magento One Step Checkout, multi-step checkout scatters checkout steps across different pages. It can take from 2 to 4 -5 pages to complete this final step depending on the settings of the admin users.

Just listening to this, you can feel how bulky and inconvenient it is. That is the main reason why most e-commerce sellers don’t prefer multi-step checkout.   

Advantages of Magento 2 Multi-step checkout

  • Neat layout

Breaking the checkout into multiple pages ensures a cleaner and more organized design. Customers will not have to endure a lengthy and never-ending checkout page.

  • Accurate analysis

More or less, we will sometimes encounter shopping cart abandonment. To figure out what is missing, you need a plan to assess the situation. This becomes a little easier when you use the multi-step checkout.

Disadvantages of Magento 2 Multi-step checkout

  • Time-consuming

Not every online purchaser has enough patience to flip from this page to another over and over again just to complete their checkout. This wastes a tremendous amount of time. Unless they are insane about your exclusive product, chances are they will choose a Magento one-step checkout store.

  • Cumbersome information filling

Many pages act as a deterrent for customers to correct or change the information entered in the previous step. Sometimes the data may disappear due to reloading the page, which requires the customer to type all the information again.

Your customers are busy and demanding. They might endure time-consuming, yet they are never willing to repeat such unpleasant operations. From there, the cart abandonment rate climbs up.

Summary table of key differences

A reservoir of knowledge is provided, and you’re worried you can’t catch the major idea? Don’t panic! Here is our comparison table that briefly summarizes the main differences between the three subjects. 




It’s not tricky to distinguish between the three characters, is it? For your interest, we suggest below some secrets to enhancing the quality of your Magento 2 one-step checkout.

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Thanks to the great convenience that Magento One Step checkout brings, numerous suppliers on the market have developed and gained a reputation. At the moment, we will shortly review some trustworthy one-step checkout vendors for you in case you have any interest.

We put here the link to a roundup article of best Magento one-step checkout providers. Each brand has its unique strengths and targets. You can evaluate, consider, and choose a high-quality Magento checkout extension that suits your needs. Let’s check it out!


To make a long story short, we have gone in-depth into the comparison between 3 confusing concepts: Magento one-step checkout, Magento one-page checkout, and Multi-page checkout.

Understanding these terms plays a crucial role in helping Magento store owners assess which checkout method is appropriate and, thereby, make the best decisions. 

After all, your ultimate goal is to increase profits as much as possible. Hence, from an economic perspective, although each has its own pros and cons, Magento One Step Checkout is still an ideal option for any thoughtful business.

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