Scariest Magento Custom Checkout Things Can Happen To You!


Scariest Magento Custom Checkout Things Can Happen To You!

The checkout process in ecommerce websites is crucial as it’s where customers give their decision to whether or not they would purchase the products.

In the race to win customers’ choices, business owners try to polish their checkout page and use Magento 2 custom checkout fields tools to add additional inquiries to capture customer contact information.

But if the Magento custom checkout page wasn’t customized with careful consideration, it can send your buyers straight to actually “check out” of your website.

This post will list the seven fatal flaws in Magento Custom Checkout that could kill your website conversion rate. These boners should be the last thing you want to see in your Magento Checkout section.


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1. Login To Checkout nightmare

The quickest way to scare customers out of your site before they even type down their order info is a “tiny” ‘login to checkout’ sign.

Of course, when you customize your checkout to show customers to log in first, you want to converse your site visitors to customers before making a purchase.

The downside, however, is customers love guest checkout. It gets rid of advertising emails, avoids data exploitation, and does not waste their time hanging about in the checkout page. Therefore, if they see login to checkout, they might leave and refuse to come back to your site again.


A hint to remember when working on Magento customize checkout for your site: Remember to allow your customers to checkout as guests alongside the checkout by account option. And it would be best if you customized the guest checkout option to appear first on your Magento 2 custom checkout page.

However, if you’re still afraid that your buyers would ‘bought and run’ without converting to customers, we have a solution for you:

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2. Click “Next Step” Until You Die

Trust me. Nobody wants to enter a checkout loop of endless “Next Step” clicking to finish their payment. When you custom your Magento checkout, you might include many fields and steps since you want to detail and personalize your customer journey, and it ends up causing customers frustration from having to go from one step to the next.



When doing Magento customize checkout, keep in mind to ask the most straightforward and essential questions, such as name, email address, billing address, etc.

Reducing the Magento custom checkout process into the smallest number of steps possible is also an option, which means you would be packing more information in one giant Magento custom checkout step instead of breaking them into smaller ones.

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3. Surprise Charges

Don’t let customers ghost you by discovering surprise charges hidden in your Magento custom checkout session.

It’s perfectly understandable to custom these extra fees hidden so you don’t have to break the bad news to your potential buyers until later on in the process. You hope that they would still buy the products because of the troubles they’ve been through, but this method really doesn’t benefit you in the long run.

Customers would think you’re purposely hiding your fee information and decide to not be loyal to your brand.

In this case, showing shipping and taxing fees can help. While it might move cart abandonment earlier in the process, your customers would appreciate your honesty and stick around for the next product sales.


4. Buried Discount or Coupon Section

The discount and coupons code is a two blades knife. On the one hand, it attracts customers to buy your products and thus increasing your revenue. On the other hand, it eats up the X% discount of the product you put out, plus any additional fees you paid to promote your discount.

But do not get rid of them altogether. That might save your X% discounted revenue from the product, but customers won’t be so happy when they have to pay full price, and soon you will see they ‘evaporate’ from your website for good.


What we suggest you do is collapse your coupon box section, or custom them to be on the side of the desktop’s screen, slightly out of the customer’s eye flow. Paypal, in partnership with HiConversion, tested collapsed coupon links against the open field on various ecommerce sites. There is an 8% increase in revenue per visitor when the coupon box is hidden.

5. Crammed Magento custom checkout design

This problem is more of a mobile horror than desktop. While in a desktop screen, there is enough space to cram everything into a screen, you don’t have such leisure on a mobile screen, and there are times when one element in your Magento custom checkout page would take up space of another.

One of the elements you should be careful about where to put is the live chat bubble. Live chat increases conversion rate by providing customer support with pre-sales questions. However, on a mobile screen, it can cover other information on the screen as illustrated below, and cause customers the irritation when they have to scroll or switch to their laptop screen for full details.


Therefore, you should test your checkout design on different devices screens before deciding on a custom live chat for Magento 2 custom checkout page.

6. Slow Performance & Unresponsive

A checkout page that lacks customization would be unattractive; however, if you went overboard with your customization and checkout modules installations, it might cause your Magento custom checkout to be slow and give out low performance.

Check your Magento customize checkout modules and optimize them to only what you think is necessary for improving sales and conversion rates. Your site can’t handle a bunch of Magento edit checkout page modules you throw randomly around and still keeps its performance up to expectations.


7. Phantom Error Messaging

Not everyone is a fan of ghosts, shadows, or dubious error messages on your Magento custom checkout.

If a phone number, address, or any other fields that the customer doesn’t fill in as required, you should point out the box that has the error, instead of putting them all up at the top of the page.


It would also help if you tried to provide explicitly customized descriptions of the error, leaving no room for customers to be confused about what you instruct them to do. A more specific and accurate error description will make the Magento custom checkout process happen smoothly and, thus, make customers more likely to get through it.

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Final Words

If your Magento checkout is customized well, it offers personalized journeys for customers and attracts them to be loyal to your brand. Unfortunately, the Magento customize checkout is a minefield and can mean abandoned carts if you do it wrong. We hope that the tips we shared above help you improve and look out for your site’s checkout page. If you have any inquiries, leave a comment, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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